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Jackson Abbah takes hospitality to a whole new level in Lagos



Jackson Abbah takes hospitality to a whole new level in Lagos


ackson Agbai Abbah has taken hospitality to a whole new level in Lagos with the launch of his new luxurious hotel, Dover Hotels sitting in the heart of Lagos, precisely Ikeja. An imposing structure with grandly decorated interior, the new Dover is not undeserving of 5-star rating. But the older structure is no less impressive. Now a twin tower of sorts with combined rooms of nearly 250, the two blocks of Dover mix style and elegance.



Dover already stands out as one of the best in the country, a popular destination for lodgers and seekers of leisure in Lagos and beyond. But if elegance is the apt word for the hotel, simplicity is much more appropriate for its owner, Jackson Agbai Abbah. It is possible to walk past him and take him to be one of the numerous employees at the hotel. Indeed, the hotel and its grandiose splash of interior decorations, contrasts with its owner who wore simple, stripe shirt and a pair of plain trousers and walked briskly around to ensure that everything is in order. “I don’t really like granting interviews, I love the quiet life” he says as he sits down to talk in spite of himself.



A trained lawyer, former banker, real estate investor, now big into hospitality, Agbai says life is about doing what appeals to you and what gives you satisfaction. “I’m not sure you move from law to hospitality because once you are a lawyer, you are always a lawyer,” he says. “Yes, I run a hospitality business. In life, you do what appeals to you. The dynamism of life is such that you change your ideas about life. Part of my reason is that I felt that the easiest way I can impact on society is to create jobs for people and to ensure that I bring food to the tables of as many people as I can. I felt that the hospitality industry provides me a better opportunity to do that.” He said.

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I hope you find yourself



I hope you find yourself


dele stewed as she lay on the bed. She was back at home after the beach party. She had danced so much to weary herself so she would jump into bed and sleep off when she got home. Alas, it didn’t work. Sleep was far from her eyes though her bones were tired.


It was past 10pm. She got home around 7pm and had taken an unhealthy dose of red wine, after moping her kitchen -all to knock herself out. She was half stewed, she knew it, but the clarity of her mind that moment startled her.


She toyed with the idea of calling Jay to find out where he was, but quickly perished the thought. When would she wrap her mind around the fact that Jay didn’t care about her anymore, that he preferred his mistress? When he’d knocked the silly lady up and brought her home for marriage?


She shook her head, willing the thought and the reality to vanish. She sighed.


She had to get her man back! She had never seen herself messing around with another man, despite the fact that Jay kept pushing her in that direction. Would she start that now she was knocking on a bit?


Bolan’s face loomed in her mind’s eyes and she smiled. Bolan! So caring and understanding. He looked so much like her brother, Kerr. Kerr, married to a Caribbean beauty, died seven years ago, leaving behind three grown children in their late twenties to early thirties. He lived in Canada with his family. Karen -his widow- and his children usually visit Nigeria annually till date.


Bolan reminded her of Kerr! She was beginning to love Bolan the way she loved her brother.


She shook her head again and picked her phone, dialed a number and listened.


The phone rang out. She dialed the number again and again. She was lucky the fourth time. It was answered.


“Dear, it’s past 10pm. You should be home,” she said.


“Are you now a monitoring spirit monitoring my movement?


“No dear, I’m just concerned that you’re not home yet and it’s getting very late,” she said..


“You’re concerned? Why do you like to spoil my evenings? I’m having a swell time here. Thanks for calling. If it’s too late, I sleep where I am. No law says I must come home every night. Or, is there? I’m being taken care of very well where I am,” he spat.


Yeah, Jay was being well taken care of. In his birthday suit, he was savoring the joy of a good ride which his lady gave him a while ago.


His mistress, who had gone into the restroom, was smiling as she dabbed some odorless oil behind her ears and smothered a creamy stuff on her cave of wonder. She smiled again.


Jay was also smiling in the room. They had been daring and gone the whole hog without a sheath. It was sheer bliss. He stroked himself as he awaited his mistress, while on the phone with his wife. His mistress had been too creamy today. She had never been like this. Oh Lard! He was hooked! Hooked, hooked, hooked! He breathed into the phone and wished Adele would end the call.


Adele was taken aback. Although she didn’t know what to expect from her hubby, she certainly didn’t expect this bile.


Each time her mind dwelled on things that weren’t noble, she would try to steer it towards good thoughts. That was what she had tried to do now.


Despite her half stewed state, his words stung! Here she was, trying to stitch a marriage that was obviously in tatters and her hubby appeared bent on snapping the weak cord that was holding it loosely together.


“Look Jay, you’re evil! You have been leading me on the part of suicide. You almost succeeded. Mind you, I said almost. You have failed. I will not commit suicide and I will not allow you to kill me. You obviously want me dead but I refuse to die. Whoever wants me dead will die and I will attend the person’s funeral, you heard me? Stay wherever you like. Sleep there, if that makes you happier,” she said.

“No Addy. You can’t say that. How can I want you dead? That’s not true, you know that. Please, do not say that please,” Jay said.


His tone was a bit conciliatory but Adele was so worked up she didn’t notice.


She fired on, “I was in this house when you left home this morning. You didn’t inform me that you were going out. It’s not as if I expect you to take permission from me when you’re going out. But I’m your wife for crying out loud. Even if you don’t regard me as one, we live in this house together. If anything happens to you, I’d be the first person everybody will come to. Each time I’m going out, even to office, I tell you. But you will just get dressed and go out without informing me. When I woke up this morning, you had left home. Despite the fact that I had mentioned CeeCee’s birthday to you before, I still called you on the phone to inform you I was going for her beach party, but you didn’t answer my call. I sent you a text message, giving same information and telling you the venue and time of the party. What did you do? You showed up on same beach at same time with your bitch of a woman. You knew all my friends would be there and you came to show off your new found love. To make me a laughing stock, I guess. Huh! You’ve achieved your aim. I know you ain’t coming home tonight. You need not come up with your usual tale of taking ill. Stay with her. You’ve obviously made up your mind. You can come pack your things. Mtcheeeeeew!”


She ended the call and fumed for a while. She needed to talk to somebody. At a time like this, her children would be able to calm her down. As she made to dial her daughter’s phone number, she stopped. Talking to her could scare her from marriage. If she would talk to her children, she would tell them the truth, wart et al. She was afraid it could affect them. She decided not to talk about it, at least, not for now. Maybe when it became absolutely important.


She dialed her bestie, Blossom’s number and it rang out. She must have slept, it was close to midnight.


She found herself dialing a number she wouldn’t have called at that time of the night.


“Hello, what a surprise! Hope you’re good,” intoned the husky voice.


“You’re not yet asleep?” She asked, surprised at her question.


“I should ask you that. What is my beautiful woman doing up this late in the night? Why this late call? Hope no problem?” Bolan asked.


“There’s no problem dear. I just want to let you know we can have lunch tomorrow and on Monday, being a public holiday,” Adele said.


“Tomorrow and Monday? Double luck. Thank you so much dear. But you should have sent a text message, it’s too late for you to place a voice call to me. You’ll get into trouble with your man,” he said.


She laughed silently. She wished there was a man to get into trouble with. She could do with any trouble right now. The loneliness and heartache were killing.


“It’s okay dear. I’ll call you in the morning. Do have a good night rest,” she said..



“I appreciate this call, my woman. I have a feeling that I’m getting lucky with you. Do sleep well, bearing in mind that someone loves you,” he said.


Bolan was excited. Adele calling him this late to accept his lunch date offer, not for one day, but for two days, showed he had thawed the ice. Then, she used the word, ‘dear’ twice! This was the first time she’d said that to him. He smiled. He was really gonna have a good night rest.


Meanwhile, Adele wished she could have a good night sleep! Would she be able to sleep at all this night? She doubted it. Her mind was vexing. Jay! After all she had borne just to keep her home!


She tossed and turned on the bed. After a while, she picked her phone again and surfed the Internet. She needed to engage her mind with something else or she would run mad.


As she browsed, she came upon a quote that made her cry. Tears ran down her cheeks. She could see herself in the message. When she read to the end of the long quote, she sat up, startled. The quote attributed to Natalie Peralta was actually speaking to her…and to Jay. Yeah.


She munched it and smiled.



After reading it the third time, she copied it, changed the last sentence to upper case and sent by WhatsApp to Jay. Immediately she sent it, she felt a surprising calm and yawned. Few moments later, she was fast asleep.



Adele’s outburst shocked Jay. For once, he felt sorry. He knew he’d been treating her badly. His phone beeped. He checked. It was a WhatsApp message from his wife. He clicked on it and read:


“I hope you find someone who smiles at you every time you walk in the door. Who finds beauty in your scars. I hope you find someone who never leaves you guessing. Someone who lets you know for certain how they always feel about you. I hope you find someone who never hesitates to love you. Who doesn’t just give you pieces of their time but it’s entirety. I hope you find someone who knows just how special you really are. How your soul needs to be loved. I hope you find someone who is your biggest supporter. Who doesn’t just seek attention, but gives it in return. But mostly, I HOPE YOU FIND ALL OF THESE THINGS IN YOURSELF, FIRST, SO THAT YOU CAN BE READY FOR THIS TYPE OF LOVE!”



As he got to the last sentence, he felt really bad, like a demon. How could he have been so insensitive to his wife’s feelings. He must find a way to make up with her!


As he was thinking of the best way to start patching up with his wife, the restroom door opened and his mistress walked out in her birthday suit. Her eyes were shiny, her face wore a strange smile. All thoughts of his wife vanished. She was smiling at him. Jay stared at her, pleasant watts of electricity sparked in his whole being and his man unfurled slowly like a snake slithering languidly in the sun. She seemed to be sucking him in. He waited with bated breath as she literally glided into bed, rolled over and fastened her lips on his ‘man.’ He arched forward and she gently pushed him back. Having sent him insane with her tongue on delicate part of his V section, she slowly ran her tongue up, over his belly to his chest, up his neck to his chin. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. When their lips met, he felt something akin to electric shock and an animal sound escaped his mouth. With mouths locked in that electrifying poise, she gently raised herself a bit and slipped the turgid him into her abnormally slippery wet cave of wonder. Jay bleated as they made that contact and she smiled. Jay bleated, and bleated, and bleated….






Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!


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I haven’t stopped producing movies –Felix Duker



I haven’t stopped producing movies  –Felix Duker

Top Nollywood producer, director and Abuja International Film Festival founder, Fidelis Duker, has been in the industry for over two decades. In this interview with ABIOLA ALABA PETERS, the ace producer recounts how he met wife and why he vowed to marry any woman he impregnates out of wedlock



What’s your take on the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality show?


It was an entertaining and engaging reality show with a few outstanding talents.  It’s a huge platform for the participants.  However it also revealed the huge gap in the level of IQ of this generation as it pertains to current affairs and history.


From your posts on your Facebook wall, you sided Tacha, why was that despite Nigerians reactions about the character she exhibited while she was in the house?

One of our biggest challenges is hypocrisy of Nigerians!  I read even how adults who I know had worse behavioural attitudes condemn her. It’s also important to mention that BBNaja is a game and her character could be a strategy.


What is your view on the current state of the economy and how is it affecting the entertainment industry?



The Nigerian economy has never been this bad and in any down turn on the economy.  The worst affected is entertainment as it comes last or does not even appear on Maslow’s theory on the needs of man.

As a veteran producer, what’s your take on the present Nollywood?


Nollywood is not doing too badly and I reckon there are more vistas of opportunities for the industry.  However practitioners must up their ante and begin to grow an industry.

How’s is your radio station doing in Calabar and what was your vision in establishing it?


FAD FM is doing well and there are huge opportunities in broadcast.  We are working on continuing to build our network of opportunities for the station. In just two years of operations we are considered a major player in the state as per broadcasting and we hope to launch the TV channel called FAD 360tv soon.


Why did you stop producing movies for some time now?


I haven’t stopped producing movies.  I made a movie that was released this year for broadcast called ‘Vacation Blues’. I was the director.  I am working on a new project with my wife which we hope to release next year. I haven’t stopped making films so you know. However, I won’t just make films randomly without any direction. My films now must be focused based with target. A filmmaker never retires.



Can you talk about your Abuja International Film Festival?



The ABUJA International Film Festival is still on and in its 16th edition. We have blazed the trail as the longest running film festival in Anglophone West Africa.  So this year, as I mentioned two years ago, Temitope Duker is the festival director and according to the team, we have received over two thousand entries of which we will screen 145 films over 5 days in Abuja.



Tell us how and where you met your wife?



I met my wife, Temitope, close to 20 years now while running a professional programme at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) and married her few years later.

Would you say it was love at first sight?



It was love at first sight when I saw her in the school hall. She was initially pessimistic about dating me but my insistence and show of affection drew her closer and I think she liked me but pretended.


What would you say has helped to sustain your marriage?


I will say my wife’s patience, tolerance, love, support and determination to see me succeed against all odds has been the motivating factor. I have also loved and respected the sanctity of marriage which has been the reason several marriages have collapsed. There must be mutual respect for each other. She is also a go-getter who, when she sets her mind on something, she goes all out to get it.



Was she ready for marriage then?


Not exactly as marriage was not my priority then as we were still dating, but I had made up my mind as a teenager that any lady that got pregnant for me was the person I would marry. As fate would have it, at that time my wife took in, I was already a successful film producer. So wedding wasn’t an issue and, moreover, of all those I was dating then, she was the most humble and very accommodating of me. I could be intolerant but she was and is still a very patient woman. Today, that child we did not abort, even though some friends wanted us to do so, is in the university.



Can you boldly state that she’s your dream woman?



I don’t think I would have lasted with any other woman because we have had our turbulent times like you will find in any marriage, but we have used mutual respect and maturity to surmount them.



How old is your marriage?

Our marriage is over 16 years and we are blessed with three lovely children, two girls and a boy and, like I said, it has not been all rosy. God has kept us going, but I can assure you that the last  years has been the most eventful in my life as I have been with a woman who truly loves me and believes in me as her partner.


Do you think sex improves intimacy in marriage?


Of course, couples must have sex or rather make love because I don’t seem to like the statement ‘have sex’. To me, having sex is casual while making love is intimate and cherished.  And to a large extent, it has worked for us as we have it as often as any normal couple will have it. It improves intimacy and I see it as spiritual.


So you shower your wife with love and affection?


Any man who doesn’t love his wife is not a man. Every woman, not necessarily a wife, wants to be loved; so I see no reason any man will deprive his woman, not to mention his wife, of love. So it is an obligation or rather a responsibility for a man or husband to love his wife and vice versa. Anything short of that is not a marriage or relationship. So I show my wife love 24/7.

What can you say marriage has taught you?


Marriage as an institution has taught me to be responsible, more loving, detailed, and careful and a very good planner. As a bachelor, I hardly plan but with marriage comes responsibility and you are compelled to plan.

Before you got married, did you ever break any ladies heart?



I don’t think I broke anybody’s heart because I am still very good friends with my former lovers. I parted with them on good note and they are married too. So what it says is that you must be able to prioritize and define how you intend to end a relationship on a cordial note. I tell people that one of my ex then attended my bachelor’s eve, another was at my wedding; so it depends on your approach.



What is that fond memories you can reflect back?



There are several fond memories, like the difficult times after my first daughter when we were homeless. The times we had all our children as each of them had its different fond memories. The trying times when things were so difficult after our second child and we slept on bare floor with the baby as there was no mattress and the day we bought a mattress was like buying a Bentley car for the family.  It was all the bad I remember. When the entire family went on a vacation; it was a beautiful moment seeing the ecstatic children happy.



How many kids do you have?



We have three kids. The first, Fidelia, is in the university, the second, Frances, and the last, for now, is Fredrick, the only boy. Don’t ask me for now because we don’t know what God can do. We got married on May 23, 1998.

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Kizz Daniel’s‘ Pak n Go’ issues quit notice to emotionally abusive lovers



Kizz Daniel’s‘ Pak n Go’ issues quit notice to emotionally abusive lovers

Following his successful UK and USA NBS tour, music superstar, Kizz Daniel has once again dropped a new smash hit single, ‘Pak N Go’. The song which is gradually becoming a national anthem and blowing up social media and the cyberspace at large was produced by DJ Coublon, who also crafted Kizz’s breakout debut ‘Woju’ and numerous classics of the FlyBoy INC. pilot.



On ‘Pak N Go’, Kizz Daniel empowers abused and underappreciated lovers urging them to leave unhealthy relationships as he sings the ear-warm melody. Speaking about the song during the trending Nigerian radio premiere with celebrated media personality, Olisa Adibua and Osi Suave, Kizz Daniel commented that the song speaks for both male and female who give their best in any form of relationship but are abused and underappreciated. ‘Pak N Go’, which is already ruling the radio airwaves has been played on BBC 1xtra Radio, The Beat FM, SoundCity Radio, Naija FM to name a few, is a massive liberation Afro-pop anthem and dubbed a potential ‘song of the year’ by music critics and industry experts.



Meanwhile, Kizz Daniel while explaining the inspiration behind the hit song also revealed that the song was inspired by a veteran musician, named Life Oyima who lives in Enugu. Kizz located him and gifted him one million naira (N1million) and appreciated him for being an inspiration to many. He declared he was a super fan of Life Oyima on Instagram.



Recall that Kizz Daniel broke into the competitive Nigerian music industry years back with his ‘Woju’, ever since, he has continued to whet the appetite of music loves with good songs, most of which are hits, including collaborations with other Nigerian music stars.

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Felabration: Nigerian artistes inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti



Felabration: Nigerian artistes inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti


very year, all around the world, the life and works of Nigeria’s foremost music icon, late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, are commemorated with music, arts and fanfare at the weeklong Felabration.



Felabration is an annual festival of music and arts commemorating the life and times of the late great Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. It was founded 21 years ago by Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti to honour the memory of her late father, Fela Kuti.


Felabration Festival kicks off tomorrow, 14th of October, 2019. The week-long event, with the theme, ‘From Lagos With Love’ is inspired by Fela’s ‘Eko Ile’ single but also acknowledging the international relevance of the festival.


Between the 14th and 20th of October, concerts, a symposium, a dance competition, art competitions and debates among selected secondary schools in Lagos was held in honour of the Afrobeat legend and the ideals he believed in. There will be a ‘Dress Like Fela Day’ on the 19th of October with the winner earning a cash prize.



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bobi Wine, Professor Akin Oyebode and London based Black African musician, poet and political activist; Akala will speak at a symposium on the opening day, 14th of October, at Neca Hall. But the secondary school debate on ‘Persons above 70 should not be allowed to contest for political position’ was held last week Wednesday, on the 9th of October at Freedom Park.



Femi Kuti, WizKid, Davido, Burna Boy, Simi, Seun Kuti, Mr. Eazi and other A-list Nigerian artists have graced the New Africa Shrine stage in the past. This year promises to have these A-lists and their international colleges perform on the Felabration’s stage. The Pan African Orchestra from Ghana has already been confirmed.



Felabration presents an opportunity to acknowledge Fela Kuti’s contribution through Afrobeat, the genre of music he pioneered. His jazz-inspired, robust sound continues to spark a creative flame in the hearts of Nigerians.



That creative flame continues to burn in contemporary Nigeria even amongst artistes who were not born or were mere children when Fela became an ancestor. These artistes have made the Afrobeat genre a foundation upon which to speak about their fears, their frustrations, and their joys.


Afro beat legend Fela, came, saw and conquered the music industry. Though he is dead, he left a great impact in the Nigerian music industry such that contemporary musicians are still influenced by his style of music. VANESSA OKWARA and EDWIN USOBOH report



Burna Boy – ‘Ye’



The African Giant, Burna Boy, has never hidden his love and admiration for Fela Kuti. Boasting an upbringing rooted in a myriad of musical influences, Burna Boy has always spoken highly of the older singer (his grandfather Benson Idonije was Fela’s first band manager) and it is no surprise why a trip through Burna’s discography would reveal footprints of Abami Eda.


From ‘Soke’ to ‘Another Story’, Burna Boy has channeled Fela Kuti: the charisma, the fearlessness to speak to power while still retaining enough grooves for the listener’s body to gyrate to.



But it’s ‘Ye’, Burna Boy’s breakout single in the diaspora that packs the most punch. The song highlights the average Nigerian’s love for life when protest should suffice. Powered by a stroke of luck, ‘Ye’ has gone on become a fan favourite that even Rihanna jams to.


Oritse Femi – ‘Double Wahala’



Prior to 2013, Oritse Femi had a string of hit singles in ‘Flog Politician’ and ‘Mercies of the Lord’ but the man would admit that it was ‘Double Wahala’, his remake of (and dedication to) Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s ‘Confusion Break Bone’ that brought him out from the dark alleys of the underground.




Oritse Femi’s ‘Double Wahala’ is a masterful take on the every-day-ness of the Nigerian life and the hope of every Nigerian that she grows to enjoy an affluent lifestyle.



‘Double Wahala’ earned Oritse Femi two nominations at the 2014 City People Entertainment Awards, Video of the Year and Most Popular Song of the Year, winning the latter. He also won the Indigenous Artist of the Year award at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.



Wizkid – ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ ft Femi Kuti



Released as the lead single from his sophomore studio album Ayo (2014), ‘Jaiye Jaiye’ had the right dollop of oomph that Wizkid needed to, in Nigerian parlance, ginger his fans who had been clamouring for a project since his 2011 debut Superstar.



‘Jaiye Jaiye’, an upbeat sample of Fela’s ‘Lady’, featured the late singer’s eldest son and Grammy-nominated artiste Femi Kuti who blessed the song with sunny blasts of his saxophone. On the song, Wizkid borrows lines from Fela about a woman’s displeasure at being called Woman instead of Lady.



‘Jaiye Jaiye’ kicked off for Wizkid what would later become a massive surge in his career.


Tiwa Savage – ‘49-99’



What better ways to kick start a post-Mavin era in your career than invoking the aura and swagger of Abami Eda?


Newly signed to Universal Music Group, the singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage titled her latest offering ‘49-99’, a reference to “49 sitting, 99 standing” taken from Fela Kuti’s‘ ‘Suffering and Smiling’.



Tiwa Savage, unarguably the leading lady of Nigeria’s music industry, sampled Fela’s ‘Lady’ on her skit, ‘Fela Interlude’. ‘Fela Interlude’ was on her 2013 studio album, ‘Once Upon a Time’.



  Skales – Temper (Remix) ft Burna Boy



The original version of Skales’ ‘Temper’ was an okay song. It possessed an infectious beat on which the singer layered the ubiquitous ‘Baby let’s have a good time’ line; a safe yet effective approach after all.



Whatever prompted Skales to tap Burna Boy for the remix deserves a hat tip. Not only did Burna Boy enrich the song, he took control of the wheel and steered the song in a new direction from romantic to aspirational. He sampled lines from Fela Kuti’s ‘Sorrow, Tears and Blood’. Unlike the original version, the remix became an opportunity for both artistes to reminisce on their humble beginnings and acknowledge how far they have come in their career.



Sound Sultan- ‘Jagbajantis’



Sound Sultan has hit songs just like those of Fela that passes conscience messages. The conscientious singer’s songs like ‘Jagbajantis’, ‘Craze World’ are few of his songs that has Fela’s signature. During the 2014 AFRIMA awards, Sound Sultan dressed like Fela and mimicked his songs.



2face Idibia-‘Jeje’



Nigerian music icon, 2face Idibia has explored and experimented with series of sounds. The singer-songwriter sought and got inspiration from Fela while recording his sixth studio album, “The Ascension”. 2face, who now wishes to be addressed as 2Baba, sampled Fela’s ‘Army Arrangement’ on ‘Jeje’.


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Billionaire businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, bids late mum farewell



Billionaire businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim, bids late mum farewell


rontline businessman, Jimoh Ibrahim returned to the news several weeks back when news of his mother’s demise hit town. The passage of the mother was no doubt painful to the Igbotako, Ondo State-born lawyer cum politician, however, he took solace in the fact that the deceased didn’t just live to old age before passing to the great beyond but equally lived a good life and left behind a good legacy.


When it was time for Jimoh to commit his mother to mother earth and bid her farewell, the money bag went all out to ensure he did this to the best of his ability and eventually, the whole affair ended in a very commendable way which will no doubt put smiles on the face of the deceased wherever she was as her son gave her a most befitting burial. 


The journey of Mrs. Theresa Omofemiwa Jimoh to eternal glory kicked off with a service of songs at her residence in Victoria Garden City, Lagos. The solemn ceremony was attended by very close family and friends. This was followed next day by the funeral service and interment which both took place at the Victoria Garden Cemetery, Ajah, also in Lagos.


During his message at the funeral service, the officiating minister urged the congregation to emulate the departed soul who was faithful till the end. He emphasized on the need to lay up treasures in heaven. He added that in the likes of the famous Mother Theresa, Mrs. Jimoh was a very caring mother who guided her children well and also impacted her community.


The train later moved to Balmoral Events Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island where guests were hosted to a reception. Dignitaries at the event included: Traditional ruler of Igbotako and Rebuja of Osooro Kingdom, Ondo State, Oba Gbadebo Bajowa, Oniju of Ijuodo Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Festus Oyedele Olumoyeku, Chief Pius Akinyelure, Former Osun State Governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola  and wife, Mrs. Omolola Olagunsoye, Former Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir Lawal, Chief Amos Akingba, Barr. Adeniyi Akintola (SAN), ACP Bode Ojajuni, Prince Adedamola Aderemi and Former Cross Rivers State Governor, Mr. Donald Duke.

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99% of women fake orgasm during sex –Actress Beverly Osu



99% of women fake orgasm during sex –Actress Beverly Osu

Nigerian actress and model, Beverly Osu has offered a bit of piece advice to her fellow women.


According to the former Big Brother Nigeria star, ladies should desist from faking orgasm to make their partners feel good.


She indicated that ladies should be blunt with their partners and teach them how to explore their body in order to reach ‘real’ orgasm during sex.


Beverly Osu also advised men to learn how to explore the body of their partners because sex is supposed to be a pleasure for both parties.



“99% of women have faked an orgasm and still fake an orgasm. I think it’s high time we start telling our partners that, ‘baby, this is how you explore my body. These are the dos and don’ts for this body’. There is no need to fake it. Men, learn how to understand your woman’s body. Sex is not only meant to be enjoyed by men and endured by women.” Beverly Osu said.

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High society on standby as Tayo Ayeni plans bash for wife at 50



High society on standby as Tayo Ayeni plans bash for wife at 50


pon meeting his wife Adetutu at 17, as an undergraduate student of Law at the Lagos State University, Chairman of frontline auto company, Skymit Motors, Tayo Ayeni had vowed to make everything that concerns Adetutu paramount to him. In turn, Adetutu for many years she’s been married to Tayo has played a significant role in what her husband has become as a highly successful man in his endeavors.



Without a doubt, if Tayo were to launch a book on his success story, one name that will keep reoccurring is ‘Adetutu’, his delectable ravishing soul mate. Debonair Tayo is grateful to his creator, for making him cross path with a ‘Jewel of Inestimable Value’ like Adetutu. And for such a woman, nothing will ever be too much to make her happy or to celebrate her.



Sometime this month, Adetutu, a lawyer and Managing Director of Space Property Limited, will slide into the Golden Age of 50. On this heel, Tayo is said to be planning to throw a mega 50th birthday Soiree for her. Details are still sketchy though but the high-octane birthday party is expected to play host to business associates, friends and family.


Tayo is known never to compromise when it comes to putting high octane events together, he is a professional extraordinaire. In 2013, when Tayo hit the golden age of 50, his birthday Soiree was indeed a talk of the town. Memories from the day linger in the minds of those who attended.

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DJ Bobbi plans to shut down Lagos with ‘red alert’ concert



DJ Bobbi plans to shut down Lagos with ‘red alert’ concert

Visual disc jockey, DJ Bobbi popularly known as the Party Machine, will be thrilling music lovers with his outstanding kind of mix come November 3 at the Bay Lounge Waterfront, Lekki, Lagos. The concert tagged, DJ Bobbi Red Alert Concert is a maiden edition which according to him will be the talk of the town.



The prolific DJ said it is going to be an infinitely and compelling show featuring – a live band, DJs competition as well as scholarships for 15 lucky attendees. “Our themed for this year is: ‘Dem go hear word’ because it is more than just a traditional DJ show. It is going to be a mind-blowing and electrifying visual musical concert. The most unique feature of the night will be awarding of full scholarships to 15 lucky participants to DJ Bobbi’s Scratch Academy as there will be a raffle draw. This is part of my Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an entertainer; I want to use the platform life offered me to make positive impact to society because I believe the essence of life is to give support.” He said.



Artistes billed to perform include Jamaican dancehall singer, Nyanda of Brick and Lace, Niniola, Reekado Banks, Rema, YCee, Soft, T-Classic, Yung L, Jaywon, Dice Ailes, Crayon, Idahams, Emex, Magnito, Dija, Mr 2kay, Ajura, Okiemute, Idyl, DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Neptune, DJ Humility, DJ Kaywise, DJ Sose, DJ Consequence, DJ Moonlight, Dj Switch, DJ Nana.

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Polka dot vintage trend



Polka dot vintage trend

Last year saw the revival of many retro prints. First up, it was gingham, and then polka dots invaded all of our wardrobes and they are still going strong this year.



The once old-fashioned spotty print has been given a makeover that is trendy even in today’s fashion. The dots found the revival they deserved, and not too ‘retro’ for the 21st century.



A polka dot outfit requires little-to-no styling. However, there are many more adventurous ways you can incorporate the print into your wardrobe in 2019. Many designers are joining two or more spotty prints together to create a mismatch that is classy. Also, a dreamy polka-dot blouse is one of those pieces you can throw on and at the same time look like you’ve made a huge effort.



The best way to sport polka looks is to break away from the stereotype and look at them differently. You can pair them with plaids, floral, and prints, and play around with colours. Red, blue, white, pink, black…there are so much you can do. Scroll through our look book and get started

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Tokunbo Edun sustains worthy legacy



Tokunbo Edun sustains worthy legacy


yiola Olatokunbo Edun is the Executive Director, Grace Schools, Lagos and she has left no one in doubt that she is capable to uphold the heritage left behind by her mother. The educationist has sustained a worthy legacy bequeathed by her mother, Late Deaconess Grace Osinowo.


Not a few people are impressed with the superlative performance of Grace Schools-Primary and Secondary arms in academic attainments and other extracurricular programmes. The Secondary arm, Grace High School clocked 25 years a week ago and it was a beautiful moment to roll out the drums for several milestones of Grace. Several people reckon with her as potent force of innovation and creativity.


Tokinbo Edun remains the proficient manager who has brought her innate potentials and global academic training to bear on the successes of those schools. Grace Schools recently bagged the British Council, UK International School award amongst several awards for laudable feats in the education sector.


Today, Tokunbo Edun who has forged a partnership with Loyalty College of Arts in Canada as the Nigeria’s representative is raising the bar and setting the pace for others to follow. She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN). Grace Schools remain top class institutions with the strong managerial acumen of Olatokunbo.

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