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I check my Daughter’s virginity every year – Rapper, T.I.



Popular American Rapper, T.I., has revealed that he takes his daughter, 18, to the gynaecologist to check her hymen and confirm she’s still a virgin every year. T.I made the shocking revelation while on the ‘ ‘Ladies Like Us’podcast. He, however, admitted that he is not that strict with his 15-year-old son who he said is sexually active and he doesn’t have a problem with that.


According to him, it is very important to him that his teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has not had sex yet. He added that he accompanies her on her annual checkup to the gynaecologist and insists on her signing a waiver to allow the doctor to share confidential status about her virginity with him.


He told the hosts: “Not only have we had the conversation about keeping her virginity, we have yearly trips to the gynaecologist to check her hymen. Yes, I go with her.


This is what we do usually, like the day after the [birthday] party, she’s enjoying her gifts. I put a sticky note on the door: ‘Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30. So we’ll go and sit down and the doctor will come and talk and the doctor’s maintaining a high level of professionalism.


He’s like, ‘Well, you know sir, I have to, in order to share information’ — I’m like, ‘Deyjah, they want you to sign this paper so we can share information. Is there anything you would not want me to know?’


‘See doc! No problem. So then they come and say, ‘Well, I just want you to know that there are other ways besides sex that the hymen can be broken, like bike riding, athletics, horseback riding, and just other forms of athletic physical activity.’


So I say, ‘Look doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Just check the hymen please and give me back my results expeditiously.’ But I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.”


T.I. defended his actions by saying he thinks a lot of people wish their parents had been more protective of them. I think that most kids in hindsight, looking back, they always thank their parents for not allowing them to damage themselves as much as they could have. I don’t want guys to woo my daughter even though she’s now an adult.

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  1. Cristopher Ticas

    November 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    very cool

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I look up to Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme –Small Daddy



I look up to Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme  –Small Daddy

A talented Nigerian actor, dancer and model, Chinedu Mitchel Chizoba, is popularly known in the Nigerian entertainment scene as Small Daddy. Having been featured in various Nigerian movies including Ariri, Agatha, Onikede, Asunder  and as well in commercials like MTN Xtra Value Bundle (2016),  Divine Intervention, Glo Wishbones among others, the actor spoke to ROSEMARY NWOSU in this interview. 




What year did you decide to join Nollywood?

True I had been around but I finally got the opportunity to join the movie industry in 2015 which is 4 years ago looking back now.

Which is the first movie you took part in and what role did you play in it?

The first movie I was cast in is titled Ariri and it is an Igbo glamour movie. The title translates to ‘’Secret Pains’’ in English and I played the role of the son of the lead character in the movie.

Since you started getting famous, have you ever felt intimidated about your height as a celebrity?

Never have I been intimidated or felt like it. I saw it as an opportunity and my selling point. An old man with a young look. I can be featured as either a child or any younger man in any movie role given to me. 

Knowing that challenges would come in every situation, how do you deal with them?

I just think about it and pray to God about the challenges at hand.

Is it right to say Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme are your models due to the mutual characteristics you share with them?

There is no mincing words about the fact that my role models are Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme. Just imagine how they started and where they are now in their respective careers. They give me the inspiration and zeal to move forward and never to look back on any situation.

If you had to choose a movie star, you will love to act with, who will it be and why?

I would still mention Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme. They are unique in their acting and they take it with all seriousness and passion, no matter the movie they are working on or the role they are playing in it.

Do you see yourself as the next Aki and Pawpaw in this 21st century?

No because as much as I hope for the level of grace and fame they enjoyed with the ground-breaking movie, I want to come up with my own trend and likeness.

Aside from being an actor, what other talent do you hope to explore?

I dance, I model and I love cooking. These are things that I love doing most and I’m very good at them.

Have you anything professionally with any of these other talents?

Not much yet but I have plans concerning them. However, I have danced in a music video.

Which music video is that?

I was featured in the video of MC Galaxy’s song titled ‘OHAA’ and the added detail about that is that I even won the dance challenge he held on Instagram in 2018 after releasing the song.

Why do you refer to yourself or you are referred to as ‘Small Daddy’?

I just wanted to create something different and outside the box and also what people should know me as, which is funny. And when I thought about it for a while, that’s what came to my head and I adopted it as my stage name.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I wish to see myself in high places owning different businesses and media firms and married too.

Which talent of yours would you say is looking to aid your major breakthrough?

I would say dancing and acting. I am looking at either of them, especially acting because it has brought me to limelight and where I am today.

What advice do you have to give to youths that also want to make it in the entertainment industry?

They should put all their best in what they do and they should be consistent. Never let anyone pull you down or make you feel less of a person.

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I don’t care what Davido, my ex, does with his life –Sophia Momodu



I don’t care what Davido, my ex, does with his life  –Sophia Momodu

Yesterday, Sophia Momodu, was dragged by a follower who deemed it fit to task her to acquaint herself with a deserving attention from Davido.

The concerned fan had stated that Davido neither like Sophia Momodu’s photos on social media, nor comment on her posts despite that they have a child together.

The Instagram user who commented on a photo Sophia Momodu shared, wrote;

“What are you doing about Davido and Choima? Are you not going to do anything you this girl , after all you have a child with him, when you upload pix Davido won’t like it or comment and you are his Babymama. That is unfair o, do something to it……. Sophia”

Reacting to the comment, Davido’s baby mama wrote:

“Wow lol, I don’t care about whatever my ex is doing with his personal life, he’s a great dad and we’re co-parenting just fine that’s all that matters. We’ve moved on dear and you should try to as well. Nothing good comes from holding on to the past.”

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Omotola Jalade slammed for insulting Eniola Badmus



Omotola Jalade slammed for insulting Eniola Badmus

Nollywood superstar, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, made a not so appropriate statement on the red carpet at the just concluded premiere of Your Excellency movie by Mo Abudu.

When asked to give a shout out to Eniola Badmus TV, the mother of four asked…“Oh Eniola Badmus, that’s an actress, isn’t she?”

Well, the response did not go down well with Eniola Badmus and she reacted by posting the video on her Instagram page with the caption:

“I will work harder to the point that I will need no introduction thank you for reminding me to put in more work.”

Omotola’s statement about Eniola has since sparked mixed reactions from her colleagues.

Yvonne Jegede wrote; “Honey you are doing fine. Your hustle is pure. You have gone places, your name opens doors, keep your head up.”

Actor Femi Brainard on the other hand wrote; “Knowing what I know, did not just watch this………my lafta is not of a happy one.”

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Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley, Teni, others to perform at BAFEST 2019



Burna Boy,  Tiwa Savage,  Naira Marley, Teni, others to perform  at BAFEST 2019

The biggest names in Africa’s creative and entertainment industry like: Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley, Patoranking, Teni, David Tlale, Tokyo James, Odio Mimonet, Wisdom Franklin, Maria Borges, Adesuwa Aighewi and Millen Magese among others, will be showcasing the immense beauty of Africa and its talents at the second edition of the Born in Africa Festival (BAFEST) on December 15, 2019 at Eko Atlantic City, Lagos.

BAFEST is a fusion of music, art, film and fashion and a celebration of the distinct dynamism of the African spirit.

Grammy nominated artiste, Burna Boy, who will be joined on stage by some of Africa’s biggest acts at BAFEST 2019 recently, performed alongside Grammy Award, winning rapper, Cardi B, in Lagos.

The day-long event will see these artistes feature in a concert after a showcase of arts, music and African film highlighting and rewriting Africa’s negative narrative.

Speaking about BAFEST, Group Head, Communications & External Affairs at Access Bank Plc, Amaechi Okobi, said: “For us Africans, music, art, films and fashion are much more than the lyrics, paint, stories and fabrics, they’re all forms of showcasing our culture, its richness, as well as its diversity. They are depictions of our style and identity.

Last year, at BAFEST 2018, we had a fantastic time bringing together some of the most talented human beings on the continent. It was an opportunity to showcase these superb minds to the world and this year’s edition will be no exception.

“We, at Access Bank, have over the past few years continued to highlight the best Africa has to offer with our string of event partnerships such as the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, Art X Lagos and the African International Film Festival. With these events and with BAFEST we’re aiming at rewriting the African narrative of negativity while positioning the best the continent has to offer.”

BAFEST, which is free for Access Bank account owners, is powered by Access Bank and produced by creative collective, Livespot360.

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Ebuka Eze emerges the people’s hero after 13 weeks of stiff contest



Ebuka Eze emerges the people’s hero after 13 weeks of stiff contest

The search for The People’s Hero, a talent hunt show sponsored by Hero Lager Beer, a brand of International Breweries Plc and produced by MTV Base, ended last weekend. The show, aimed at celebrating the richness and the beauty of the Igbo culture through singing, dancing, spoken word and acting, had a jaw-dropping conclusion with beautiful solo performances from each of the eight finalists who gave it their all to win the grand prize.

The only actor among the eight finalists, Ebuka Eze, emerged the winner of the N7 million grand prize and the bragging right to the title of “The People’s Hero”. Justice Alili, a spoken word artiste saved by a wild card last weekend is the first runner up, winning N2 million, while Joel Uzoigwe, a dancer also saved by a wild card is the second runner up, also winning N1 million. The last woman standing, Favour Onyemaechi got a consolation prize of N500,000.

The grand finale was a festival of arts and culture that richly expressed the Igbo tradition. The night began with a dance performance by the energetic Angel Nkwo who did not fail to show passion and creativity in her craft. Toby Okonta, a spoken word artiste, whose performance remarkably improved through the show, followed this. Okonta’s piece on the need for a peaceful co-existence in Nigeria and Africa had the audience screaming for more. And in what became her trademark, Favour Onyemaechi, serenaded the audience and the judges with her melodious voice once again.

All the eight finalists proved their worth, as none of them performed below expectation, and gave the judges a hard time deciding the winners. The show host, Nedu, said it would have been nice to crown all the finalists because they were all Hero-es in their own rights. As the announcements of the winners beckoned, Nedu asked all the finalists to return to the stage. Favour Onyemaechi, was announced as the last woman standing and rewarded with a N500,000 cash prize. There was palpable anxiety in the air as Nedu announced the top three contestants, namely Ebuka Eze, Joel Uzoigwe and Justice Alili. While Joel Uzoigwe was announced as the second runner up, the audience went agog when Ebuka Eze was declared as the winner and the first People’s Hero.

Pleased with the outcome of the show, the Marketing Director, International Breweries Plc, Mrs. Tolulope Adedeji said: “The show has been absolutely phenomenal as it has uncovered talents that never had a platform to showcase their talents to the world”. She added that the show has also celebrated the Igbo culture in a contemporary manner. The Marketing Director also said that the People’s Hero and other contestants would be given further platforms to rise by featuring them in the company’s events henceforth.

For the winner Ebuka Eze, it is a dream come true. He said he had longed for such an opportunity for many years and winning on the first of its kind means a whole lot to him. He commended Hero Lager Beer for showing commitment to its people through creative platforms that help the youth to find their voices, not only in their immediate community, but also all over the world.

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Nigerians blast Peter Okoye on twitter, hail half-brother



Nigerians blast Peter Okoye on twitter, hail half-brother

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to drag Peter Okoye, blatantly telling him he has no business in music.

Peter Okoye, the Nigerian music star and former member of the defunct group, Psquare, who is also known as Mr P has said that his decision to become a solo artiste is the best thing that had happened to him.

Okoye took to his Twitter page on Wednesday and tweeted about aging backward since becoming a solo artiste.

“By the way! Did y’all notice since I went solo and became Mr. P I started aging backward…it’s called PEACE OF MIND and drinking more water and minding my business. Can you beat that? More of it biko. Mr. P still trending on Twitter,” he wrote.

He, however, took down the post a few minutes after a twitter user replied him that he is in competition with his half-brother who he’s supposed to learn from.

Reacting to a troll, Peter pointed out that the troll is a broke individual with opinions on other people’s lives.

Paul and Peter Okoye were Nigeria’s biggest musical group up until they fought and went their separate ways. However, that split didn’t transite easily as they called each other out for months.

Here are some reactions to Mr P’s tweets:

@MrOdanz said: “When a Nigerian celebrity has no meaningful response to give after saying something stupid, they proceed to call you broke. And they forget that they became rich because broke fans buy their music, buy tickets for their shows. Btw, Peter (Mr P) is an insecure, childish egghead.”

@ChuksNoble4 said: “Rudeboy was the heart of that duo. His lyrics kept P-Square relevant. Mr P is a dancer, has no business with music.”

@RealMrKay said: “No need to settle anything, we already know. Rude Boy is a singer (He got the musical vibes) while Mr P is Usher Reload – (A Dancer/Choreographer)!”

@EzraelAni; “Rude boy biko. Mr P is still thinking he’s Usher reloaded.”

@Tinniebouncer; Please who is Mr. P and Rudeboy? They both look like Psquare.”

@lemmySong; “Rudeboy is better..Rudeboy is more successful as a solo artist than Mr. P. Rudeboy is the one carrying PSquare all these years. But Rudeboy has no award thus far. Mr. P has with his “Ebano” Just admit you don’t like Mr. P… For me, both are doing well for themselves.”

@TheGeniusJaj; “Rudeboy is focused on his hit songs, releasing an album next year and using his platform to promote his songs, while Mr. P is still talking about their separation, since he can’t release hit songs, the separation issue should help him trend. Lesson: Rudeboy has moved on, Mr. P hasn’t.”

@__Imam: “Those comparing Rudeboy and Mr P, there’s actually no comparison. Rudeboy has always been the better half and he’s still till today. Very humble, mature and less dramatic too.”

@bayonuels; “Two will always be better than one. Imagine if the songs Mr. P and RudeBoy produced individually this year were jointly produced as PSquare, what a year 2019 it would have been for them.”

@ChuksNoble4: “Don’t get me wrong Mr P is a legend. But with a mic? Not so much”

@iam_zim; Rudeboy will always be better. Mr P is forcing the whole shit on himself.”

@sinful_lola: “I remember seeing a music video on Youtube titled Mr P featuring Rudeboy. I just scrolled past lol, two upcoming artistes deceiving themselves. We need Psquare back.”

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Zlatan, Mayorkun, Oritsefemi to Light Up GOtv Boxing Night 20



Zlatan, Mayorkun, Oritsefemi to Light Up GOtv Boxing Night 20

Three high-profile musical artistes, Zlatan Ibile, Mayorkun and Oritsefemi are billed to perform live at the 20th edition of GOtv Boxing Night, tagged “GOtv Boxing Night Musical Festival”. This was announced by the organisers at a press conference in Lagos on Thursday. The event is slated to hold on 28 December at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos.

Addressing journalists, Jenkins Alumona, CEO of Flykite Productions, explained that the artistes have been contracted to perform as a way of sustaining the tradition of giving fans a total entertainment package for the support they continue to give to the event. He noted that the artistes have been carefully selected to meet various musical tastes.

“We have a tradition of making the year-end edition of GOtv Boxing Night a confluence of music and boxing. Two years ago, we had had Falz, Reekado Banks and Small Doctor. Last year, we had Burna Boy, Teni da Entertainer, Wande Coal and Daddy Showkey. This year, we are happy to have Zlatan, Mayorkun and Oritsefemi, who are on top of their game, agree to light up the show. We are fusing music with boxing as a gesture of appreciation to the fans, who have been the pillars of support for this event since it debuted in November 2014. What they deserve is enormous fun and that is what we will give them. It will be a cracking show,” promised Alumona.

GOtv Boxing Night 20 will feature nine bouts, including a World Boxing Federation heavyweight title clash between US-based Nigerian, Onoriode “King Kong” Ehwariemi and Argentina’s Ariel Baracamonte. It will also stage two international title defences featuring top Nigerian boxers, Rilwan “Real One” Oladosu, who fights Ghana’s Ezekiel Annan; and Rilwan “Baby Face” Babatunde, who stakes his title against another Ghanaian, Sanitor Agbenyo; as well as an all-female fight between Cynthia “Bobby Girl” Ogunsemilore and Aminat Yusuf.

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2Baba, Crayon thrill at Teen Africa TV Launch



2Baba, Crayon thrill at Teen Africa TV Launch

Legendary musician, Innocent Idibia widely known as 2baba and Mavin Records’ artiste, Crayon last Sunday December 1 thrilled guests at the Teen Africa TV Launch which was held at the Balmoral Hall, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. It was a night of excitement for the hundreds of teenagers and parents at the event as they danced on and on to the hit songs of the visibly excited 2baba

Speaking at the launch, the founder of Teen Africa and film maker, Charles Novia, noted that the idea was to have a channel where young people could make themselves relevant.

“The young people have been given too much of the background position. So, with Teen Africa we are trying to bring them to the fore. The young talented 13 to 19years old now have their own station where they can express themselves, they can be who they want to be on the channel”, Novia said.

“It has never been done before in Africa. There is no station on the world that has dedicated to teenagers in the way that we are doing our own. So it is a self belief push for the teenagers in Africa, the Teenagers in Nigeria, because we are going to be all over the world. It hasn’t been easy but we thank God for partners who came in”. He thanked Mr Ifie Sekibo of Heritage Bank 2baba, Crayon thrill at Teen Africa TV launch

Legendary musician, Innocent Idibia widely known as 2baba and Mavin Records artiste, Crayon last Sunday December 1 thrilled guests at the Teen Africa TV Launch which was held at the Balmoral Hall, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Speaking at the launch, the founder of Teen Africa and a Film Maker, Charles Novia, noted that the idea is to have a channel where young people could make  be themselves relevant.

“The young people have been given too much of the background position so with Teen Africa we are trying to bring them to the fore. The young talent 13 to 19years old have their own station where they can express themselves, they can be who they want to be on the channel”, Novia said.

“It has never been done before in Africa. There is no station in the world that has dedicated to teenagers in the way that we are doing our own. So it is a self belief push for the teenagers in Africa, the teenagers in Nigeria, because we are going to be all over the world. It hasn’t been easy but we thank God for partners who came in.”

Novia however said that the youth must be invested on;  ” this is the generation of the youths, anybody who is wise should know that they should invest in the youth. If we don’t invest our money, time and resources in them, we will not have a country in few years. The younger people need to be given direction, which is what the older generation has not done over the years and I think that has to change.

“What we are doing with this is to give the young people a sense of belonging and give you the identity you need to get into the world space and be who you are on a creative platform.”

After his electrifying performance, the Mavin Records’ artiste has this to say “this is colorful and amazing because was once a teenager. It feels good seeing young people vibing to your song, I feel blessed.

“I am out here to inspire as much people as I can”, Crayon noted.

One of the attendees of the launch Efe Oweibu, expressed happiness concerning launch of the channel. The teenager said its a good sign that shows that the teenagers are not totally wiped out.

“I feel happy because at least they are noticing teenagers in Nigeria. It’s a really good opportunity for talented teenagers to come out and show their talent”.

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New crime TV series, paper boat, enters episode 5 on StarTimes



New crime TV series, paper boat, enters episode 5 on StarTimes

Subscribers of Digital Pay TV Company, StarTimes, have expressed delight in the new action crime TV series, Paper Bolt, currently enjoying massive viewership on ST Nollywood Plus.

The first and biggest crime series on TV currently on Season 1 Episode 5 airs every Monday – Friday on ST Nollywood plus by 7:30 pm and features a host of Nollywood actors and actress; Ali Nuhu, Fakunle Olarotimi, and Waziri Wash. The movie series centres on notorious bandits that terrorise a community while the police officers need an intelligence-gathering to trail them on their next plan of action.

The leader of the notorious robbers, Oscar, who led the gang to the operation lost one of his members in the process and vowed to make the detective pays for it with the blood of his family members.

The new series is a must-watch as it throws emphasis on love, understanding, family, betrayal, jealousy, politics and current happenings in society.

StarTimes is the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving nearly 20 million users through DTT, DTH, and online streaming platforms with 480 authorised channels.

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My ex-husband beat me to coma one week after wedding –Blessing Okoro



Instagram Sensation, Blessing Okoro, has reacted to what led to the end of her first marriage.

The marriage, which produced one son, packed up after a few years. The BOM founder has previously said the marriage ended due to domestic violence. Now she is claiming the violence nearly claimed her life.

She said in a video shared to her Instagram account: “One week after our wedding, he beat me to coma.” Blessing, who got married at the age of 19, added that she is lucky to have had witnesses the times her ex allegedly beat her. She said the first time it happened, her siblings had come over for holidays and they witnessed it.

Sharing the video, she wrote: “He beat me to coma and his mum said he will hit me again. Fourth reason my previous marriage failed.”

Followers sympathised with her, but some refused to be sympathetic and they brought up the mansion scandal she had with Onye Eze earlier this year.

She also said in another video that he beat her “to the altar” on their wedding day because she refused to pack plates. She wrote: “Third reason my marriage failed- he beat me to the altar.

Why my previous marriage failed.”

One of her bridesmaids also corroborated the story, writing: “Memories…, I remember your words that night when you were crying, “my father warned me.”

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