60 years after: A new head for Oshodi lineage


shodi is a popular name among the Yorubas, considering the spread in almost all the states in the South West. It was gathered that Oshodi family exists in almost all the states in the South West-Ondo, Osun, Ogun, to be precise coupled  with the firm existence of Oshodi community in Lagos.



To the people of Egboro land, in Ijebujesa, Oriade local government area of Osun state, Oshodi lineage is the home of warriors whose roles and efforts at ensuring peaceful and conducive atmosphere for the people of their communities cannot be overemphasised.

The burden in effectiveness and performance of the significant roles according to the people of Ijebujesa lies in the hand of the Head of Oshodi lineage known as Oshodi of Egboro land. He traditionally works in accord with Elegboro of Ijebujesa, the traditional monarch of the town for security of lives and properties of the people and its environ.



For over 60 years, the position of Oshodi of Egboro land has been vacant leaving the traditional roles abated. Realising the implication of this, the traditional monarch of the community, His Royal Majesty Oba (Engr) Moses Oluwafemi Agunsoye 11, the Elegboro of Ijebujesa went down the memory lane and revive the old history from sinking into extinction.



It was gathered that Oba Agunsoye, made traditional consultation with the elders to deliberate on installation and occupant of the position. Friday 25th of October, history was said to be brought back to limelight in the community with emergence of Aare (Dr)Adekunle Ishola Oluwatise as the 3rd- Oshodi of Egboro land. The event came up at Elegboro palace Ijebujesa, Osun state. At the installation ceremony, Oba Agunsoye charged the new Head of Oshodi to be up and doing in discharging his traditional duties in the community. Oluwatise, the new Head of Oshodi is also the president of Agbekoya Reformed Society (ARS) in the South West. Oba Agunsoye urged the new 3rd-Oshodi Egboro land to use his prestigious influence for the benefit of Ijebujesa land. “Oshodi is one big family in the entire South West, spread across the six states.



“In Egboro land, they are  historical warriors, I urged the new Head of the lineage to consolidate on the traditional achievements of his predecessors,” he said.

Congratulating the new family Head, Oba Agunsoye advised the 3rd-Oshodi to use his influence to develop and uplift Oshodi family like the one in Lagos and also develop his alma matter -St  Matthew primary school in Ijebujesa.


The 3rd-Oshodi received the traditional title and the Chieftaincy crown  from His Royal Majesty Oba  Ademuyiwa Adedeji Areola ,Arije Lori Agbara 3rd, Aringbajo of Igbajo Ijesha Erinmo of Oriade local government of Osun state .

The title and Chieftaincy crown was bestowed on the 3rd-Oshodi under the supervision of Oba Agunsoye. In his speech, the 3rd-Oshodi gave the assurance that his time would be of immense benefit to the development of Oshodi family and the community in general.



Recounting the historical vacant of the position, Oluwatise said; “The position had been vacant for the past 60 years. The history is almost going into extinction; Ijebujesa monarch discovered this and rose to action, put heads together with the elders in the community in order not to jeorpadise the traditional heritage of Egboro land. “The coronation today has restored and reawakened the important historical tradition there by bringing the historical title into the limelight. Oshodi lineage is highly significant among Yorubas in the South West. “We are everywhere in Yorubaland, Lagos, Osun, Ondo. We are from a single lineage; this coronation has brought back vividness in to the lineage.


While chatting with newsmen during his visit in Ado Ekiti, capital city of Ekiti state, the 3rd-Oshodi of Egboro land stated that; “When leadership position of a lineage became vacant for six decades the implications fall on the existence and activities of the family members wherever they might be on earth, the historical lineage has almost gone into extinction to the extent that forefathers /elders who really know about the historical background of the lineage are passing away.

“Considering this implications, the revered monarch, swung into action to ensure that the coronation of 3rd-Oshodi of Egboro land comes into reality .


“Nevertheless, Ijebu Jesha under the headship of Oba Agunsoye is working seriously on the recovery of historical past of the lineage for record purpose and benefit of the next generation



The new 3rd Oshodi appreciated the Ijebujesa monarch on his doggedness in reactivating the activities and coronation of the Head of the lineage in the community

“Oba Agunsoye is worthy of applaud with what he has done in the installation of the 3rd Oshodi  in Ijebu Jesha.  I commend the monarch and all meaningful traditional stakeholders in this regard  for figured me out as the most qualified to hold the position of the Head of Oshodi Lineage in Egboroland, Ijebu Jesha.



“The traditional title is an important and significant one considering the prominent roles it plays especially on security in the community.

“Oshodi of Egboro land is a warrior, dutifully bound to the protection of peoples’ lives and properties. He’s a traditionalist to the core. The role is enormous, it lies on protection of customs and tradition, ensuring peaceful and conducive atmosphere for residents, mediator between his people and the ancestor with the full support of the monarch.”



The 3rd-Oshodi also described the monarch as a lover of culture and tradition who places the well being of his subjects at heart. “We appreciate God and the efforts of the monarch for the development and historical upliftment being witnessed in Ijebu Jesha, with the installation of the Head of Oshodi lineage again after several  years, tremendous developments await the community,” he believed.

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