Abdullahi, a woman set to conquer all odds

Like the popular saying that, ‘what a man can do a woman can do better’. This is exactly the spirit of a female gubernatorial candidate, Action Congress of Democrats (ACD) Hajiya Baheejah Abdullahi.
As the first female to contest for governorship seat in Bauchi state has been described by some women group across the state as a woman of substances, fearless and courageous capable of defeating twenty seven men in a free and fair election.
In her support, many women group numbering in their hundreds have continually canvas for support for the governorship candidate saying that, the men have failed them in providing dividends of democracy and when it comes to issues that bother on women, only woman can do it better.
Recently, in one of their peaceful rally for support of Abdullahi, a coalition of various women group from the 20 local government areas of Bauchi State said that they were aligning with the female contestant because she had all it takes to become the governor of the state in the forth coming March, 2nd. 2019 election.
Leader of the coalition Hajiya Fatima Umar stated that considering her experience in Politics and the way she excelled in humanitarian, public service and her sacrifice to the lives of orphans and vulnerable children she is the most qualified candidate among the 27 candidates contesting for the most exalted seat in Bauchi. Umar said people of the state have severally tried male candidates who have failed them, adding that inability of the Governors to tackle issues affecting the state and their failure to address the socio economic situation in the state, clearly shows that the men have failed to do their jobs, “now it is high time for a meritorious candidate to lead the state,” the leader said.
She explained that, women and youths who are the majority voters in the state have been mobilsed to support of Abdullahi and they are ready to vote out the ruling APC government in the state for their inability to provide basic social amenities to the people.
She further appeal to all the people of state especially those with PVC, and aggrieved stake holders to join hand with them in their effort to have a meritorious female candidate to emerges victorious in the forth coming polls.
According to the leader of the coalition, her candidate stands a better chance to win this election than all the male dominated candidates, because she has been in the race from the beginning and has established all her structures on ground. “One of her qualities is that she has more votes and aged above others as she was always pursuing the interest of the state. She always performs well where ever she finds herself,” she said.
On the issue of culture and gender, Umar pointed out that before she joined the race, Abdullahi had wide consultations with many clerics and renowned Scholars on her ambition to become the governor of the State and they support her ambition and encourage her to go for the race. “We believe in free, fair and credible election and victory for Hajiya Abdullahi is not far-fetched and probably Nigeria may have its first female Governor from Bauchi State.”
Hajia Abdullahi promised that her government utmost priority’s would include special attention to the rotten educational sector system of the state, improvement of health management system, if elected governor of the state. She appeals to the National and International communities and other relevant organs to support their mission without which they may not be able to counter the massive electoral fraud that is being planned to subvert their election.
Speaking in her support, Executive Director Development Exchange Center, Bauchi, Mrs.Titi Yakubu said that women should be given more priority in election process and participation. Yakubu lamented that women were been subjugated to violence and relegated to the background, noting that 70 per cent of the total votes come from women, hence the need to address their predicament by stakeholder, especially during elections. She added that if women would vote only women, then no man would win election in Nigeria.

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