Actor who stabbed neighbour to death’ll face the law –Police


30-year-old Nigerian actor identified as Temitayo Ogunbusola has got into trouble for allegedly stabbing a co-tenant, Osho Oladotun Johnson, to death after they were both involved in a heated exchange over the payment of electricity bill.

According to reports, the incident happened at No 4 Sebil Kazeem street, in the Ikotun area of Lagos state.

It was gathered that after the act had been carried out by an enraged Ogunbusola, he was beaten to a pulp by an angry mob before police officers from the Ikotun police station arrived the scene and whisked him away.

Some occupants of the house claimed that the actor had earlier been taken to the police station in the morning of the day of the incident for causing chaos in the house. However, after signing an undertaking not to cause any more trouble he was released.

On getting back to the house, the actor reportedly picked up a knife and threatened to harm fellow residents. When he laid hands on Johnson, he allegedly stabbed Johnson on the chest and did not let co-neighbors intercede by quickly rushing the injured individual to the hospital.

More details revealed that the family of the deceased and co-tenants claimed that the police have attempted to sweep the issue under the rug as the actor is from a well-to-do family. They also made claims that Ogunbusola had been reported to the police twice but regained freedom due to his parent’s affluence.

Confirming the arrest of the actor on Wednesday, police spokesperson, Bala Elkana, said that the actor was beaten to a pulp by a mob and as such he has to be fit for trial before being charged. He said Oguntoyinbo would be made to face the law when he recovers fully.

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