AFN crisis: Gusau challenges impeachment in court

The crisis rocking the Athletic Federation of Nigeria continues to get messier as both parties are still claiming right to the leadership of the AFN.



It would be recalled that nine members of the board announced the impeachment of the president, Ibrahim Gusau, with the vice president, Olamide George, continuing in his position as the president of the Federation.


However, the embattled Gusau has said he remained the bonafide president of AFN and all that happened are all child’s play.



In a statement, Gusau said he would approach the court to reclaim his position.


“It is on record that the alleged board meetings held in Abuja on December 3, 2019 and January 23, 2020 were illegal, unconstitutional and all decisions taken at both meetings are null and void. Consequently, they are of no effect.”


“Board meetings can only be convened on the directive of the President. The Constitution of the AFN provides that only the Congress can exercise the powers which the illegal Board meetings sought to exercise.




“However, I have approached a court of competent jurisdiction for the interpretation of various provisions of our Constitution and I remain the duly elected President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria AFN,” Gusau said.



Meanwhile, speaking with New Telegraph, George said: “We need to be reasonable where is his locus standing? Does he have any standing to go to court? He already declared autonomy, so if he is now autonomous, then we that are working with the government, because the government conducted our election with NOC also part of it, and the NOC also ruled that the autonomy his group declared was out of order so what are we now saying?



“These are process we need to look into; from there we’ll look at how to do the needful. I am also aware that the legal department of the Ministry of Sports is already looking at the documents that they have to move to court if the need arises.”

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