Amid thrills Susan Memorial School celebrates cultural value

Nigeria’s rich culture and values were penultimate week on display at Susan Memorial School, Aguda, Ogba, Lagos, when pupils of the school, joined by their parents and other well-wishers showcased their cultural values and lifestyle through their attires, food, languages and dialects.

Welcoming guests to the event, students who represent the country’s three major languages: Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, spoke the languages fluently to the admiration of the audience.

This was even as they displayed respect and the various greeting styles of the various ethnic groupings.

In his address, the Head Teacher, Mr. Foluso Olugbe, said the essence of the cultural day celebration was not only to expose the pupils to their culture and roots, but also to promote the country’s rich culture. He expressed worry that the influence of foreign culture and ways of life on the younger generation of the country was already eroding the nation’s cultural value and significantly its future.

Olugbe said: “Every nation has its identity and our identity as a country should not be lost to these foreign values and cultural practices. Our music, foods, dresses and languages, among others, must be promoted at all levels of national development.

That is the reason we have set aside this day to showcase Nigeria’s rich culture and value system.”

He, therefore, thanked the parents for their support and advised them to always encourage their children to identify with their roots by exposing them to their culture, language and value system.

As part of activities lined up to mark the event, the chicken and freeze dance competition among the pupils, was anchored by Mr. Francis Mark, in which one of the contestants, Eniola Adebayo, emerged as the winner.

In the other category, Derin Oyelade was the lead dancer for both Igbo and Yoruba dance, while Fisayo Oshifoluke led the Hausa dance. Michael Ejiaku, Oladele Jeffery and Awote Samuel were the notable drummers, who spiced the event with their melodious beats to the admiration of the guests. For cultural delicacies, Osehom Rochelle, a native of Edo State, opened the floor with well-prepared pounded yam and vegetable soup, which is called “Amabionyebe” in Edo Language.

Nifemi Ajayi from Abeokuta in Ogun State showcased white yam flour, known as “Amala Lafun” in the local parlance and vegetable soup. Fufu, otherwise known as Akpu a delicacy among the Igbo people, with “ofeolugbo” was presented by the Igbo group, while Afang Soup with periwinkles and pounded yam was on display by the Akwa Ibom group.

The Yoruba group prepared Amala and Ewedu with Gbegiri Soup, while the Hausa community presented ‘Kuli Kuli’ and Zobo drinks.

However, the pupils expressed their happiness about the freedom and knowledge the event offered them. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Bernard Grace from Delta State in Agbor language, while the prayer was said by one of the parents in Akwa Ibom dialects.

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