Amotekun has come to stay despite threats by FG –Primate Ayodele

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, insists that the South West security project, Amotekun has come to stay despite the bashing it is currently receiving.



According to the servant of God, who recently came out with fresh prophesies concerning things that will happen not only in Nigeria but Africa and the world at large: “The Amotekun crisis going on in the South West will cause more trouble in the future; but it has come to stay despite threats by the Federal Government. Government of the day will threaten them more and there will be more troubles for the originators of Amotekun as they will be betrayed.”



Speaking further he said: “In Nigeria also, there will be so many problems that might cause a breakup in the country if prayers are not offered to God to avert it. I have said it before and I’m saying it again, Buhari’s second term will not benefit Nigerians and I am still standing by it.



“Concerning Boko Haram, the service chiefs will be confused and this will not help Nigerians. I am seeing IPOB agitation become fiercer. F ulani Herdsmen will still cause more troubles. There will be political assignations in the coming months and not all local government chairmen will finish their terms.



“A religion will fight another religion and this might cause breakage as there is no longer unity in the country. Nigeria is at the verge of breaking. I see death among politicians and journalists as well. So they should also pray against death.


“We should watch out for more fire outbreaks in the country as their will be gas explosions, and pipeline vandalism which will cost the lives of many.”


Primate Ayodele continued with his prophecies saying: “A one-time governor will die. A governor will not finish his term; how that will happen I don’t know. There will be major deaths in the Police as many will die in incessant killings.


“Some live ammunition will be found in the ports by Customs officials; while there will be serious problems in the Senate. Miyeti Allah will still cause more problems in the country.



“There will be landslides and slight earthquake in Nigeria. Also there will be earthquakes in USA, Taiwan and China.”


Still gazing into his crystal ball, Primate Ayodele said: “There will be a new terrorist group that will spring up from Burundi that will spread across Africa while the Ugandan President will be re-elected in 2021, his Ghanaian counterpart will also win re-election.



“However, in Cote d’Ivoire, there will be a terrible unrest because of the election. The ruling party and opposition will clash. In Togo, there will also be unrest as the incumbent president will not want to give up power. In Benin   Republic, there will be so much trouble because the president will want to become a life president by changing the constitution”



Already some of his predictions have come to pass as was the case of the Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 that was shot down over Iran. A few weeks before this the Primate in one of his traditional New Year prophecies, had urged people to pray so as not to have a plane crash that will shake the world.



Ayodele also predicted the removal Governor Emeka Ihedioha Imo State governor by the Supreme Court.

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