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An independence day with Bauchi orphans



It was a moment of joy and happiness at the Motherless Babies Home Bauchi. Mothers Hangout, Ubuntu International, a none governmental organisation, (NGO) decided to put smiles on the faces of orphans and vulnerable children by celebrating the 60th Independence Day with the children at orphanage home.


To the NGO, it was a time they needed mother’s comfort, relaxation and socialisation amongst peer group. The celebration was full of fun, laughter and emotions when the DJ played music for the children to dance.


They were indeed happy. Speaking to the orphans in a voice, full of emotions on why Ubuntu mothers decided to celebrate the Day with the children.


The Coordinator of the ‘Mothers Hangout Ubuntu’, Mrs. Helen Musa said some of her members have decided to celebrate the Independence Day with their families at various recreation centres across the state but as an organisation, especially as they agreed that the children need the presence of their parents.


According to her, Ubuntu Mothers is a non religion group including mothers, grandmothers and young girls who are aspiring to be mothers. Their main focus is on children, girls and less privilege in the society. Musa said, Ubuntu, a tribe in Zulu, means so many things such as, love, humanity, and unity.


“So as mothers, we feel  we should also celebrate these ones who lack or have less motherly care. We have come to show them love and let them feel that some people outside there also love them and have affection for them,” she said.


She added that as mothers, they have been doing a lot of activities especially in the area of training girl-child in knitting, pomade making, liquid soap making, tailoring, balm, hand sanitizer, air freshener and head gear tieying. Other activities include, free distribution of sanitary materials to girls in secondary schools, also giving free lecture on sex education both in schools and at home, first aid and family planning among women.


While cutting the symbolic cake baked to mark the 60th Independence Day, Musa said all the gifts brought to the orphanage home were made possible through their personal efforts without donation from any donor or individual to support their memorable initiative.


The coordinator also hinted that, “We chose to be here because they are orphans and our group mothers ‘Hangout Ubuntu’ stands for love and we know that this children need love, that is why we have came today to show them that love which is motherly love The Mothers Hangout were received at the orphanage home by the Chairperson Bauchi State Orphans and Vulnerable Children Agency (BASOCA) Mrs. Hassana Arkila who described the visit of Ubuntu mothers as the most happiest movement in her life.


“I am happy today because these  Nawomen have demonstrated the true Agape love to us which is unconditional. They left their comfort zone to be with us. I am aware that some people have taken their children to Yankari Game Reserve, fine restaurant and eatery in town while some have travelled out with their families to catch fun but Mothers Hangout have decided to celebrate with us.


It has rekindle our hope for humanity,” she said. Mrs. Arkila said, what Mothers Hangout have done, was a complete service to God and humanity and surely a positive reward awaits them.


She said, “today is the best day I have ever seen because this women have chosen the best day, first of October when Nigeria is celebrating her 60th birthday.


Instead of them to go to their comfort zones and enjoy with their children, they rather left them and came to celebrate with the orphans who have no mothers and never feel the warmness of parents but today they have shown us that love, and the children now know that they have mothers in Bauchi.”


The BASOCA Chairperson said even the Bauchi State Governor Senator Bala Mohammed would be impress with what Mothers Hangout have demonstrated at the orphanage home while calling on other people to emulate same


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