Ankara duster jacket for modern chic

Using the Ankara fabric to make clothes has taken a huge turn to imbibe modern styles of today and we definitely love the creative ideas.


The trend we love right now is the Ankara duster jacket. The name has been wrongly called Ankara kimono but it’s known as a duster jacket. For every stylish woman in the know, a duster jacket is a must-have piece.


The Ankara duster jacket is a statement trend everyone needs in their wardrobe this season. It’s versatile, very handy and forever coming back in different styles.


Ankara duster jacket style has elevated from the classic secretary jacket into a more fashionable style such as kimono, knee length or floor length style which comes in both long sleeve and sleeveless version.


If you are looking for that edgy and trendy look, then an Ankara duster jacket is your go to. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and definitely stylish. It’s time to switch up your style to something interesting, fun and chic.



Remember that paying attention to details is everything you need to give that extra ‘oomph’ to your outfit. Turn that casual slay into a boss chic glam with the duster jacket.

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