Ankara shift dress wardrobe must-haves

Ankara is easily the most versatile print still trending and they can be designed to give you class and sophistication.



The Ankara shift dress is a timeline dress every fashionista should have. Shift dresses are clothing style that hangs loose on the body from the shoulders to the hem. They are usually short or long in length and are a great way to de-emphasize the waist.


They are free, fun and easy to wear especially for those times you just don’t want anything so fitted on your body and shift dresses are a super alternative.


An Ankara shift dress is sown using the Ankara fabric and it’s partly a short dress and a dressshirt. It combines the quality of both to give you a super-comfy outfit that is very easy to style.



The bubbly print works perfectly for shift dress style that flatters almost any shape and size.


Whether pairing them with opaque tights, accessorizing them with intricate pieces, wearing them in super short or midi lengths, they are sure to turn heads despite how minimal.


They also come in very simple designs that you can glam up with accessories and your choice of shoes or simply rock a laid back look with sneakers.



Ankara shift dresses are a timeless style with clean lines and a simple silhouette, which flatters different body types and makes you look classy.

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