Ansar-ud-deen underscores religious tolerance, peace ful coexistence

Ansar-ud-deen society of Nigeria has called on Muslims in Nigeria to be tolerant of adherents of other religions as this forms the crux of the teaching of the holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Lagos state area council of the society, which said this during the 1439 AH Islamic New Year celebration, added that Hijrah is all about promoting religious tolerant and peaceful coexistence.

Chief Imam, Ansar-u-deen Society of Nigeria, Ikorodu branch, Alhaji Abdul-Fatah Odunayo, who was the Guest Lecturer at the occasion, maintained that Hijrah was significant as it is a turning point for Muslims around the world.

Alhaji Abdul-Fatah however advised on Muslims to imbibe the teachings of Hijrah in their daily activities. He said; “Muslims should imbibe and strive to emulate the characters of Prophet Muhammad as he was a man of excellent character and above all, a unifying factor for the world. Prophet Muhammad not only brought together Muslims but through his honesty and good neighbourliness, he brought many non-Muslims to Islam.

However, on the occasion of hijrah celebration, We should not only celebrate hijrah as just another new Islamic year, we should also see it as a new phase in our lives when putting aside our religious differences as Allah has said in the glorious Qur’an that there is no compulsion in religion.

We need to uphold the constitution prophet Muhammad has brought for us which is the Qur’an with the world we live in will be peaceful and our existence will be meaningful”. Chairman, Ansar-ud-deen society of Nigeria, Lagos state area council, Alhaji Nurudeen Okunleye, added that Hijrah is a walk away from destructive acts.

He said, “One of the lessons of prophet’s hijrah is for Muslims to be tolerant of non-Muslims. We should learn to tolerate one another as Muslims and particularly, we must learn to live as one with people of other faiths.”

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