Attempting to paint Obiano dark is a waste of time

I read the piece penned by Mr Valentine Obienyem  earlier title Odogwu Awka before he changed it to Ulaga Awka at it again.
All his labour to paint Governor Obiano black is a waste of precious time because ndi Anambra and Nigerians now knows the truth. 
They know the difference between Governor Obiano and his predecessor.
 Obienyem’s attempt to twist a story that is well known to people can be described as funny and ridiculous.
Governor Obiano is not a character that witch hunts people and he is also not a push over. He is a free minded human being that does not harbour grudges.
If you offend him, he will tell you immediately and move on with his life. 
It’s a well known fact that Obiano as a contented man was busy enjoying his retirement in US and God found him worthy to return to Anambra for a missionary work that he is about to complete now. 
In a bid to twist facts and portray Obiano in bad light, Val Obienyem forgot his old story that Victor Umeh tricked Obi into bringing back Obiano to come and run for Governor.
 His old story is that Victor Umeh connived with Obiano for that purpose but as at today, he is telling a different story. 
Ndi Anambra and Nigerians are wiser. Everything concerning Governor Obiano’s emergence as Governor has divine connection because it was not Peter Obi’s will albinitio for Obiano to succeed him in office. 
Another lie of  Obienyem is the claim that Obiano was unable to pay for his Air fare when he was invited to return to Nigeria to contest the 2013 election.
He shot himself on the foot when he claimed that Obiano used his retirement benefit from Fidelity bank to buy a house in America.
 For Obiano to be the owner of a mansion in US has clearly proved that he was not a pauper before emerging Anambra Governor but  Obienyem want the general public to believe otherwise hence the reason why he concocted the lies that Okey Ezeibe paid his Air fare to Nigeria that time. 
His claim that Obiano wrote 25petitions to EFCC against Peter Obi is also another  lie from the pit of hell. 
I challenge Val to provide evidence showing that Obiano was behind any petition written against  Obi to EFCC. 
If Obiano wants to deal with Peter Obi, he will set up a commission of inquiry to do a thorough investigation of  Obi’s administration and after that, he will send their findings to EFCC for necessary action. 
Whatever that is happening to Rochas Okorocha is a product of the findings of a commission of inquiry established to investigate his administration. 
The former  Anambra governor handed over huge liabilities to Governor Obiano and the only way Obiano was able to surmount the challenges was using his expertise in financial management. 
If not that he is a prudent manager of resources, we will not be hearing of regular payment of salaries even during recession, Covid19 pandemic period and other crisis period. He has remained the undisputed alert Governor. 
Governors from other States used such crisis as excuse for owing salary but Governor Obiano did not do that.
 He pays salary as at when due from the inception of his administration to date. It’s bad for Obienyem to tell childish lies against Egbuna Amuta that died last year.
 Obienyem claimed that Obiano paid Egbuna Amuta a whopping sum of 500million naira to produce a video against Peter Obi and be circulating against him. 
My question is, did the 500million naira develop wings and flew away because anybody that knew Egbuna Amuta of blessed memory will agree with me that he did not see that type of money before he died. 
In Governor Obiano, I can boldly say that the biblical quote of blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God was fulfilled. 
It’s an undisputed fact that the numerous projects his predecessor awarded at the twilight of his administration was for the purpose of tying Obiano’s hands but to God be the glory that Obiano ensured that 70percent of those projects have been completed as at today and the remaining 30percent will be completed before the end of his tenure.
 As Obiano sticked to his continuity promise, he also awarded many projects and some of the newly awarded projects have been completed while others are still ongoing. 
Most importantly, the Governor is committed to fulfilling his promise of completing the three legacy projects of his administration before the commencement of campaign for the 2021 governorship election. 
If you put Governor Obiano’s administration achievements and the lean resources accruing to the State coffers under his watch into consideration, you will refer to him as a magician. 
There is nothing like abandoned projects in Anambra.
 Obienyem  also goofed again for accusing Governor Obiano of constituting Caretaker Committee  in Agulu community   for the purpose of witch hunting  Obi. 
The issue of Agulu town Union is in public domain and  Obiano did the right thing in respect of Agulu town Union. 
My happiness and that of the lovers of Governor Obiano is that he did not borrow a penny to do all things he is doing in Anambra State. Any debts traced to Anambra State government currently in DMO should be inherited debts. 
Governor Obiano did not lobby reputable organisation to  give him awards rather he got those awards on merit. Obiano came at a period Nigeria stopped enjoying oil boom and went into recession. 
 It was difficult for many States to survive but he was busy performing magic in Anambra to the extent that President Buhari directed Governors that were coming to him to beg for assistance to go and learn Obiano’s magic and replicate it in their own States.
Let’s not forget that Obiano turned Anambra to the safest State in Nigeria within 3months and till date, Anambra is still the safest State in our Country. 
One thing that I’m confident of is that posterity will definitely be kind to Governor Obiano as a man that came to govern Anambra State, passed through a lot and conquered.
 I repeat without fear of contradiction, Obi should thank God in the morning, afternoon and night that a man that is pure in heart like Governor Obiano succeeded him in office. 
Daalu nu. 
 I remain your truth advocate,
 Evang Chinedu Obigwe
 (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)
National coordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.


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