Author offers panacea to economic recession


As the country wriggles out of the effect of economic recession which bit hard last year and dovetails to this year, an author, Mr. Nelson Oruh, proffers solution to global economic crises in his book, “Heavens Economy” (The Last Hope for Global Economic Reforms), which he recently launched in Lagos.
He said that it is not by accident that the world is going through recession because God has plans for this present economic era.
According to him, he has the assurance that economic recession is not heaven’s culture because heaven’s economy is built on divine royalty and it does not suffer deficiencies around the world economy.
He also noted that so many factors are coming together to make this happen. “The quest for economic rebirth may prove a little bit difficult because most of our political leaders don’t know why the economy is in its present state because what is happening is beyond them. For example our foreign reserves are in Dollars and the Dollar is at the edge of crashing, there are many entities involved that are working hard to crash Dollars,” Oruh said,
He also advised the church to know that it is their era of wealth and should be ready to take the bull by the horn.
“Christians are being taken back to the wilderness experience where God will feed them with Manna, this is spiritual and that is what is happening to churches now that is why you see churches going into the forests to buy expanse of land to develop because that is where they can serve God better,” he said, stressing that Psalm 23 and Isaiah 42:5 is coming to play.
He also noted that democracy in Nigeria is still being tested, milatarised and being taken off the context.

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