Avoid being liabilities to Islam, prophet, group warn clerics

group, National Council of Muslim Missioners (NACOMM) has warned clerics in Islam to avoid being liabilities to Islam with their behavious.

President of NACOMM, Alhaji Rasheed Bakere, who made the plea at a special programme organised by Mushin Ajina/Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye branch of the body to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Eid-al Maulud), urged all Muslims to be good ambassadors of Islam if indeed they want to be seen and respected as followers of Prophet Muhammad.

Bakere also described true Muslims as those who promote peace and love in the land and not those whose behaviours have become liabilities to Islam and its prophet.

He called on Nigerians to live in peace and promote love for the greatness of the country.

“Peace and love are important to build a great nation. We cannot claim to be good Muslims if we don’t love our neighbours. Throughout his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad lived in peace and love with people around him and that is why the world is celebrating him today.

“He is the best of human beings and he was integrity-personified. He didn’t lie; he didn’t steal; he didn’t gang up against another man; he was transparent and he was accountable. In fact, he warns in one of his sayings that whoever does not like for his neigbour what he wants for himself is not a Muslim,” the NACOMM president stated.

Bakere noted that the formation of NACOMM had deepened the propagation and understanding of Islam, particularly in the Mushin area of Lagos, called on Muslim leaders and politicians to promote peaceful coexistence and use their positions to better the lot of the society.

Earlier, the chairman on the occasion, Alhaji Yusuf Ayinla, popularly known as Anobi Mushin, urged Muslims to emulate Prophet Muhammad and try to be best versions of themselves anywhere they find themselves.

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