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Be versatile, prolific like Mista Styles

There is a reason, recording and performing music artist, Mfon Bassey Essien, is popularly known and called Mista Styles. First, he earned the title, Mista Styles because of how versatile and prolific he flows with different music genres, Afro beat, Hip-hop, Amapiano, or Highlife. The second reason is that he has an exceptional fashion sense.

He has the good looks and the physic that fits almost all kinds of fashion. Styles hails from Akwa-Ibom State but has dual citizenship, being a citizen of the United States of America. Some have referred to his personality as kind and good natured but he will readily tell you that fashion to him is an outward expression of inward perception of himself and how one would love to be seen by others. It is not news that women are drawn to men who dress exceptionally well.

Styles says that in his case, women sometimes drool and make it obvious they want to get his attention. Like his nickname implies, Mista Styles is all about the best fashion items out there. Hoods, blazer jackets, tuxedos, designer shoes, wristwatches and great sunshades are his favourite things.

Here are some of the tips, the graduate from the University of Lagos shared on how men can look glammed up for any red carpet. “When a man wants to look Glam for the red carpet, definitely, the accessories to never overlook would be your wristwatch and necklace. That comes second only to your shoes! Most ladies notice your shoes. So, you can never pay too much attention to your shoes on the red carpet. “Also, I believe in making fashion statements through eyewear. Bold and striking eyewear pieces are never out of season,” he said.

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