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Benefits of flossing

The teeth are one of the most important bones in our body
needed for our survival.


Your teeth’s main job is to break down food into a manageable
size so that it can be ingested and digested properly in your


Aside breaking down food, the teeth play a part in enhancing
beauty features when they are clean.


It is very important to look after your teeth by keeping your
mouth clean and healthy.


Flossing is an important oral hygiene habit. It cleans and dislodges
food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria
and plaque in your mouth. Plaque is a sticky film that builds
up on teeth and contributes to cavities and gum disease.
Although many people brush their teeth daily, not everyone
flosses their teeth as regularly as they brush.
The ratio of people that floss their teeth is very small. In fact it is
often seen as habit for the rich.
Regular use of dental floss removes plaque, helping to prevent
the buildup of plaque, which can lead to tartar.
Simply flossing your teeth can make them look brighter by removing
plaque and excess food particles that you may not see in the
mirror or in areas that your toothbrush doesn’t reach.
Daily flossing doesn’t just keep your teeth healthy—practicing
good oral hygiene contributes to your health in other ways, too.
Flossing promote cleaner teeth making them whiter. Whiter set
of teeth promotes better smile.
In a report online stated that there is an increasing amount of
evidence linking periodontal disease to an increased risk of heart
disease, although more studies are needed to confirm this link.
Some researchers think that mouth infections, like any infections,
can increase the levels of inflammatory substances in the blood,
which can promote blood clots and slow blood flow to the heart.
Another theory is that bacteria from a mouth infection can easily
enter the bloodstream and impact your cardiovascular system.
Flossing can also helps prevent tooth decay and can reduce risk
of developing gum disease by removing plaque.
Pairing flossing routine with twice daily tooth brushing with an
electric toothbrush can further promote healthy gums and teeth.
Recent studies have shown that regularly brushing with an electric
toothbrush can actually prevent tooth loss.


In addition, flossing gives you the opportunity to regularly examine
your mouth for any swelling or redness. Flossing gives you an
opportunity to take a good look at your teeth, tongue, and gums.


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