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Between oil based and alcohol based perfumes

Smelling good is one of the great qualities of beauty. Perfumes
have been very essential in beauty cosmetics for centuries.


There is a subtle war going on among people that love oil
based perfumes and those that prefer alcohol based perfumes.


The debut of oil based perfumes have given alcohol based perfumes
a run for its money.


According to perfume addicts, their insatiable goal of finding
the fragrance that last longer has made them explore both options.


Though many still prefer alcohol based perfumes, others have no
love lost between the two. Rather than deny themselves the sweet
fragrances because they want to be loyal to one, they use both.


Below are some of the strong points of both alcohol based perfumes
and oil based perfumes.


Alcohol Based Perfume are the type of perfumes we are all well
acquainted with courtesy of advancement in perfumery through
the first perfume distillation process by an Arabian Chemist.


Alcohol based perfumes are generally delivered via spray and
because alcohol evaporates quite fast when it meets your body
heat, they give the impression that they are much stronger than
they actually are.


For longer wear, they are better applied to clothe and fabrics to
give them something to cling to.


Another advantage of alcohol also lies in its ability to quite easily
dissolve heavy, resinous botanicals. This is why a lot of natural
perfumers choose to use alcohol as the carrier for their perfumes.
Alcohol-based perfumes when created are tough to replicate as
they come with the uniqueness of scents.


The natural perfumer can make tinctures and then use these tinctures
as a base for their perfumes, thereby creating unique perfumes
that no one else will be able to replicate.


Oil Based Perfume are generally chosen with respect to a low
odor profile.


Some oils have quite a strong odor and as such cannot be used
as a carrier.


The art of perfume is all about the skillful blending of the aromatic
component. Therefore, you don’t want this aromatic component to
be overpowered by some strong smelling carrier oil.


Typically, jojoba or fractionated coconut oil is often chosen as the
carrier for natural perfumes.


Oil based perfumes are generally applied to the skin given that
they have little or no outright irritating effects.


Oil fragrances are typically packaged to take the form of roller
balls, which you then apply to warm areas like your wrists, inside
of your elbow, behind your ears, and the back of your neck.


One of the key advantages of an oil based perfume is that they
are non-drying to the skin making it a preferred perfume of choice
for people with dry skin.


Typically, oil-based perfumes have a softer, more natural scent
and tend to “stick” to the skin and linger.


They nourish and replenish moisture given their effects and suitability
for any skin type.




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