Bonded terminal operators lose 90% workforce


About 20 bonded terminals in Lagos have sacked 90 per cent of their staff due to lack of job, Bonded Terminal Operators of Nigeria (BTON) has said.


It was learnt that each terminal employs up to 500 staff aside the 10,000 auxiliary workers.


Executive Secretary of BTON, Mr Haruna Omolajomo, said in Lagos that bonded terminals were operating below three per cent.


He noted that facilities worth about N3trillion in the terminals were wasting.


Omolajomo noted that bonded terminals in Lagos were not allowed to function very well due to lack of cargoes from the main port.


The executive secretary urged the National Assembly to enact a law to recognise bonded terminal as an extension of ports in Nigeria in order to remain in business.


Omolajomo explained that the legislation was necessary to reduce unemployment and to save their N3trillion investments.


Omolajomo explained that lack of cargoes had demoralised some of the bonded terminal operators in the country, saying some of them were indebted to banks.




He said salaries of workers had not been paid for a year in some terminals.

According to him, “some terminals have sacked about 95per cent of their staff. Where they are supposed to have about 500 staff, they have only seven and the seven are just overseeing the property on ground so that people will not steal them.”


Omolajomo said that certain percentage of cargoes should automatically be assigned to bonded terminals as the extension of ports.


He said: “We have about 20 bonded terminals and each of them have sacked 90 per cent of their staff. Today, no bonded terminal operates more than three per cent, they operate below three per cent.”

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