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Campaigners urged Middle East enthusiasts to explore local regions, support stay cations

Bavaria-based Outdooractive, Europe’s largest outdoor portal for hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and skiing, has unveiled a new social media campaign to help tourism providers around the world address the chal- lenges of COVID-19. As part of the www.exploremyregion.comcampaign, over 100 tourism companies and destinations from across Europe, the USA and beyond, will raise aware- ness of the tourism oering in their respective towns and regions in a bid to attract visitors. Several global brands have also committed their support to the campaign with Intersport, Wandert, and Scarpa, among others, helping locals under- stand exactly what they have available on their doorstep while showcasing a new destination to potential visitors.

The Founder, and Chief Executive Ocer of Outdooractive, Hartmut Wimmer, which connects tourism stakeholders with a global outdoorcommu- nity of over 7.3 million enthusiasts, said: “We wanted to develop a campaign that created a platform empowering local tourism as well as our partners around the world. ‘‘We have adopted a collaborative approach, because it is only by working together that we can coordinate and then amplify the noise surrounding this campaign to oset the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The campaign also provides a helping hand to shop owners, crasmen, and restaurant owners, who guided, wowed, and inspired visitors with their local knowledge, handicras, and unique culinary skills. The platform is designed to give back to the people who have helped to make travel experiences so rewarding and to help them get up and running once again.”

It is expected there will be a rise in the number of domestic tourists participating in adventure tour- ism, which includes desert safaris, climbing, surng, hunting, caving, diving, cycling, raing, and hiking, as the appeal of local destinations and healthy outdoor pursuits gather momentum in the wake of COVID-19.

“Now is the time to step up, support the tourism industry and enjoy the many fantastic opportunities we have available to us, now that restrictions have been lied and we are more able to experience the great outdoors,” added Wimmer.


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