Can America prevent the Third World War? (3)

It is clear that the United States of America and other supporting cast of western world powers as in Britain and France are in decline as their cultural rampart, which is Christianity upon which their ascendancy was hoisted since 1900 is in decay and obviously in decline. The family is the bedrock of society and Christianity was founded and patterned on the family unit.

But that bedrock which is society is broken in the western world as the means of reproduction of society which is anchored on the family and its cohesiveness and efficacy is broken as lesbianism and homosexuality which are antithetical to the essence of family are accepted as legal rights thereby entitling those that indulge in them to demand the same-sex marriage and that has been largely granted in much of America and Europe, even in the mainstream societies such as the Church of England and now statutorily and constitutionally sanctioned in many American States.

This has ensured, taken together with the socio-economic selfishness which capitalism in its decay is unfurled and manifesting in most marriages by eschewing human reproduction or pegging it to no more than one or two children. The result of this socio-cultural decay culminates in demographic ascendancy of Islamic societies in the world over European and American societies with its Christian cultural rampart in disintegration. Against the background of the Islamic culture which maintains and entrenches strong family unit and even encourages polygamy, the overthrow of the West (Europe and America) is but a question of time.

As argued in preceding paragraphs of this part and other parts of this essay, much of Europe and America will have many of their towns and cities submerged by demographic changes that have Moslems in clear demographic majority which majority will matter of course demand change in the constitutional framework and socio-cultural practice in consonance with the requirements of Sharia which is obligatory in all Muslim-States.

But where the drama of this impending change will be fierce and dramatic would be in Asia, Africa and South America where Christianity has more or less taken root as a mass religion. It is already at work in African countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and so on where Christianity is clashing with Islam on daily basis on the basis of supremacist war.

If there is no new international legal order to reorder the world after the failed attempt in 1945 under the United Nations Organisation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the various protocols that followed thereafter there will be no hope for the world in forestalling the Third World War which as we said before would not be between any defined territorial boundary but between the world religions sparked off between Christianity and Islam.

But it can be avoided if only the United States can pull itself up and relying on the remainder of its moral technological and political authority flowing from the international legal order it helped to institute after World War II the world may be salvaged and saved the horror of nuclear holocaust. The United States can do this by lowering down its military belligerence in favour of diplomatic power which it has in abundance.

The use of military forces has not served its best interests since 1950 to date and being a knowledgeable nation that has a national institutional memory it can refer back to Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Congo/Zaire, Nigeria/Biafra, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Egypt, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc and rethink its position and role in international peace and justice. Military force has not solved humanity’s problem and will never do. For the Biblical prophecy of a new Heaven and a new Earth shall come not on the strength of armour but on the strength of love, truth and justice which are the core values of Christianity.

The United States of America was founded on Freedom, Equality, Love, Truth and Justice for the Pilgrim-fathers who settled America were running away from the decadent British, French and other European powers’ autocracy and feudalism and trusting the immense power of God to rescue those that trusted him, granted these founding fathers grace and love and they prospered inspite of difficulties encountered in the New worlds.

Even though the germ of capitalism was sprouting from British and French political economies of that 17th century and as a result of the turmoil that engulfed these major European powers in 17th century, the capitalist companies (East India Company, etc) planted settlements in the West Coast of America and God prospered the endeavours, the settlers designed a society governed by law portrayed in the various charters and constitutional frameworks such as the First Charter of Virginia (1606), The Mayflower Compact (1620), The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) and these constitutional background gave birth to the greatest invention of constitutional framework so far known to man and that was the 1787 United States Constitution, the bedrock of which is freedom with justice and rule of law as the operating system.

At birth, America eschewed colonialism but unfortunately embraced imperialism after World War II. This is wrong because American constitutional framework and the norms undergirding it do not admit of imperialism. It is contrary to it. America would not have fought the First and Second World Wars which were majorly British and other European powers-instigated wars for colonisation and subjugation and domination of the world and rescued the world from those disastrous pastimes only to fall back to repeat the same mistake which Europe made.

Imperialism is what is quaking the world and convulsing it to inexorable march to perdition. If America had insisted on the strict implementation of the fundamental freedoms especially of Religion/Conscience that followed the end of World War II in 1945 known as Universal Declaration of Human Rights and strengthened that world government under the United Nations Organisation the world would not have been plunged into turmoil since 1945 when Germany was divided and occupied by USA and defunct USSR or allowed the debacle of Korea in 1950, Biafra and Congo in Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam in 1960s, or Iran/Iraq in the 1970s, the terrors of the 1970s/80s through organised terrorism of 1990s/2001 September II attack on USA culminating in the Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia down to Nigeria again in the 2000s.

The best decision ever taken by recent United States’ government is the President Biden’s pulling out of Afghanistan. Imposed peace like the British’s formula in Nigeria between 1967-1970 which USA acquiesced to and supported has only created more troubles for the world as Nigeria is now more of a failed state with terror dogging every moment of daily life of every inhabitant. The United States should not take its military Industrial-complex obsession with war as a solution to world problems. The world’s problem is not posed by China or Russia. The problem lies in the quest for supremacy which as has been seen through history from Roman to Ottoman to British/French/German empires never endured. The United States should not take its military-industrial complex obsession with war as an article of faith with war as the lodestar of solution to world problems.

Let USA know that Russia and China do not pose more problem than the Islamic fundamentalist structure and organisation that have risen in the world. This time around the supremacy war will not be economic or political. It will be religious. The quest for supremacy through world history as seen in Roman Empire, Ottoman, Mongol Empire, and British/French Empires never endured.

Therefore, let USA chart a new course for world peace and tranquility through its Independence Revolution battle cry hoisted on the eternal truth that all men are created equal and imbued with certain inalienable Rights among which are freedoms (rights to life, property, conscience and religious and justice) and above all universal brotherhood as articulated by the French revolutionaries of 1789. America’s greatness can only endure on the template of these truths not on military might. Military might and unconscionable use of it will destroy America and the world.

Let USA institute freedoms in the world legal order which must singularly grant to the world the freedom of religion and global economic freedom to all men to explore the world resources through free trade based on equality, freedom, truth and love. In this way, the United States would have achieved its God-given power to restore international peace, justice, cooperation and solidarity and stop all wars especially the Third World War that is at the doorstep of humanity through the instrumentality of supremacy war between Christianity and Islam.


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