Can America prevent the Third World War?(2)

The Second World War was sparked off principally by the British and French attitude to a defeated Germany. Britain under the League of Nations exacted war reparation from Germany running into millions of pound sterling. France on the other hand seized Alsace-Lorraine which had been historically in dispute between them since 1648 when France seized Alsace and a further seizure in 1666 of Lorraine. During the Otto Von Bismarch unification of German States, Alsace Lorraine were taken from France 1871.

The Second World War was a decisive war and of great significance to world history. During this war, science and technology came to decisive prominence as weapons of mass destruction were deployed and virtual war became a possibility with the USA detonating an atomic bomb on Japan in 1945.

With that bombing the war came to an abrupt end and the world acknowledged the undisputed leadership of the United States of America. The destructive implications of the atomic bomb has made a war of that magnitude difficult to stage because the prospect assures mutually assured destruction of not just the principal parties but the entire humanity.

This reality in the restraining factor against sparking off a Third World War. But Third World War remains a possibility. The Third World War will neither be between USA and Russia nor between USA and China as many would guess. That war will be between the forces championed by ascendant fundamentalist Islamic states that in line with Islamic tenet that stipulates forcible conversion of infidels and imposition of sharia over the communities the religion have gained control.

That would be the beginning of Third World War and it will not necessarily be between the USA and that putative Islamic state(s) but between the world-wide Islamic nationalism and fundamentalism not confined to any territorial borders but rather operating on a universal scale beginning from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe especially in France, Britain, Spain and parts of former Soviet republics. It has been predicted that France will become an Islamic state in the next 50 years followed by Britain.

The new demographic changes in the world especially in those two European states of France and Britain will spark off religious turmoil that will engulf the world and lead to the Third World War. The decay of the Western civilisation’s culture, especially the social system centred on family will ensure that the essential demographic factors favour Islamic resurgence and transformation of major European societies from Christian to Islamic.

The socio-economic and cultural system that discourages human reproduction in favour of static nuclear family visa-vis the Islamic culture of large nuclear family system of not just large families but polygamous ones will ensure the ascendancy of Islam over Christianity in Europe and even in America. And within the predicted 50 years most social demographic composition of most European States especially France and Britain will unalterably be Islamic.

This transformation will alter the socioeconomic and political values of Europe and starting with the political system, the new Islamic society will demand a change in the constitutional framework to reflect the new demographic majority. And in line with the pulsating world-wide religious ferment quaking the world from Middle East (Asia), Europe, Africa and America, the new Islamic fundamentalist State armed with the ‘Islamic Atomic Bomb’ will demand the re-ordering of the world legal order and its cultural foundation and this new religious paradigm having a hegemonic template, it could be Islamic State of Syria and the Levant or any other emergent Islamic state that would spearhead this world transformation.

It has happened before and it will happen again as the current world leaders have failed to learn from history or allow history to be its chief guide. Another factor outside the demographic factor that may aid the transformation of the world into an Islamic order is the increasing secularization of the West (Europe and America) Christianity is often said to be a religion of the West (Europe and its satellite societies in America and Australia).

True, Christianity originated from Palestine springing forth from the teaching of Jesus Christ who was suppressed, persecuted and finally tried, convicted and executed under the Roman colonial government in the Province of Judea in about AD 33. Local colonial authorities tried to suppress the new religion springing out of Judaism founded by Jewish ancestors particularly Abraham and Moses but the more the new religion was suppressed the more it gained adherents.

This religious movement defied persecution especially after the sacking of Jerusalem in AD 70 and with the conversion of a young, intellectually sound, Pharisee and Lawyer, Saul renamed Paul after his aborted trip to Damascus in about AD 37 and his subsequent missionary evangelisation of much of Asia Minor, Greece and Cyprus Christianity got a strong foothold in Asia Minor and Eastern Europe.

Paul’s trial in a Jerusalem Court and his appeal to Caesar which resulted in transferring him to Rome in AD 60 where he was detained in solitary prison for two years before he was released. On his release, Paul preached the new Christian gospel in Rome until his execution in AD 65. The new Christian religion suffered serious persecutions in Roman Empire until AD 312 when Emperor Constantine got converted and passed the law tolerating Christianity known as the Edict of Milan. From Constantine, Christianity was adopted as state religion and with the expansion of the Roman Empire, Christianity became the cultural arm of the empire.

Christianity enjoyed world-wide acceptance in Asia Minor, Europe and North Africa until the founding of Islam in 7th century during which the founder Prophet Mohammed conquered Arabia. In the century after the death of Prophet Mohammed in 632AD, Muslim armies had conquered and converted much of Christendom of East Asia from Syria, Egypt, Persia, Iraq, North Africa (Tunis, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, etc) Spain up to India and Eastern Europe threatening up to Danube and Vienna.

Islam gained ascendancy over Christianity during the Ottoman Turks expansionism led by Osman I that culminated in the conquered Asia Minor in the late 13th century and crossing to the Balkans Peninsula in 1345 while Constantinople the second spiritual centre after Rome was conquered in 1453AD. Ottoman Empire reached its zenith under Suleiman I under whose reign the Empire controlled much of the world stretching from the Black Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, the Balkans and threatened Budapest and Vienna, which he attacked but failed to conquer.

The serious incursion into Eastern, Asia, Europe, especially the attack against Hungary, Austria, etc sent shockwave across Europe forcing the European States to form the Holy Alliance of 1571 which alliance united the Papal States of Spain, Venice, Genoa, Savoy, Tuscany, Parma, Urbino and Malta.

In the ensuring war against the Ottoman’s expansionist plans, the Holy League defeated them in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 but this alliance disintegrated almost immediately after the war. The disunity among the Christian and consequent disintegration states after the defeat of the Ottomans in 1571 made the Ottoman Empire to endure and continue its expansionist scheme much into Europe, Asia and Africa until the 18th and 19th centuries when the empire was clearly in decay and disintegrating as it fought against Russia and lost while Greece got its independence. What finally killed Ottoman Empire was its disastrous alliance with Germany in World War I which they lost consequent upon which the nationalists led by Kemal Ataturk deposed and exiled Sultan Mohammed VI and proclaimed a Turkish Republic in 1922.

Meanwhile, Europe which was clearly in ascendancy by 1900 and in control of the world by 1919 do not have as a religion, a Christianity with forcible conversion as a tenet and capitalism the economic and political ideology of the West do not interfere with their dominions and conquered territories’ religious beliefs quite unlike Islamic conquerors that force conversion to Islam on their conquered territories.

If the West had an ideology that admits of forcible conversion of religious adherents to the conqueror’s own religion, then much of the lost lands stretching from Asia Minor to Africa and the Balkans to South Asia would have been converted back to Christianity. Instead Europeans preserve their conquered territories religious culture as was the case in Nigeria where Britain protected Islam and advanced the Sokoto Caliphate’s interests in the new country it formed




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