Carrot could prevent kidney, gallbladder stones

Carrot, daucus carota, is a wellknown household vegetable. Carrot is native to Eurasia and northern Africa. It belongs to the umbelliferae family of plants, and grows up to 80cm high, with tiny leaves.

How to apply carrot therapy Grated carrot:

Simply cut some carrots into shreds and add to salad or add to your meal. Alternatively, you can simply chew the carrot. This is the most convenient way as it does not require any preparation. Beauty cream: To make carrot beauty cream blend five carrots with a bottle of honey. Rub it on the face or body at night and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning. Do this every night for at least two months. You will be amazed at the transformation it will bring to your skin. You want a youthful and healthy skin? You want your skin to take on a youthful glow and radiate beauty and health? Then make friend with carrot.

It is not an accident that carrot is so easily available everywhere in our society. It is true, and I agree, that one’s state of mind matters a lot when it comes to physical appearance. Nevertheless, it is also true, as scientific evidence testifies, that carrot makes the skin healthy and youthful. Do you suffer from skin dryness, wrinkles, atrophy or acne? Then make friend with carrot and you will see the difference. Carrot not only helps the skin but also strengthens the nails and hair and gives them a natural look.

Such is the beauty enhancing qualities of carrot Carrot helps to prevent kidney stones and gall bladder stones This it does by helping to balance mucosas, that is, the membranes that cover theinterior of ductsand organcavities. By strengtheningtheimmunesystem, carrot helps to prevent sinusitis, cough and catarrh. Carrot also gives a quick relieve in casesof gastritis, ulcersandexcessacidity.

Mothers should train their children to love carrot rather than coke or chocolate. As from six months onward, let your baby take carrot and watch to see the effect. It prevents diarrhoea and anaemia, stimulates growth, help tooth growth and beautiful skin. Sickle cell anaemia is still common in our society. But carrot is there to offer hope and solace. A sickle cell sufferer who takes carrot regularly can live a crisis-free life and grow up to ripe old-age. Carrot takes care of the complications associated with sickle-cell anaemia. Children who suffer from growth retardation and are so deficient that they can’t walk, or talk or play, will benefit from carrot. Carrot helps to expel worms or parasites due to its essential oil.

For this, it is recommended that you eat fresh, raw carrot or grated. Two carrots on empty stomach for a week is effective. Note, however, that carrot is very sensitive to light. Carotene, which is the main active component of carrot, loses a lot of its potency when exposed to light for long. It is therefore recommended that you eat your grated carrot as soon as possible or better still, immediately. For diarrhoea and colitis, boiled or grated carrot will be beneficial due to the pres-ence of pectin. Boiling does not harm carotene, its major ingredient, but exposure to light does.

So feel free to boil carrot with your yam or rice and enjoy yourself naturally. Carrot is invaluable in treating infertility. Drinking carrot juice is excellent for treating dysmenorhea [painful menstruation], ammernohea [premature menopause], annovulation [inability to ovulate] and hormonal imbalance.

Research has confirmed that carrot is one of the natural vegetables with anti- cancer properties. Carotene is said to react against cancer tumours and modulate the spread as well as strengthen the immune system to battle and overpower the cancer cells. I want you, dear reader, to spread this good news to your fellow brothers and sisters.

Isn’t it great that God gave us an overabundance of carrot to strengthen our immunity? Yet, how many of us avail of these wonderful blessings? For those who suffer from cancer, I want to suggest that you blend some carrot and tomato together, as described in method 1 above. The only difference is that you add five tomatoes and blend all together. Take half a glass thrice daily for at least five months. Remember that cancer is not malaria. So, don’t expect a cure overnight. Allow nature to take its course.




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