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Change, it’s all about you

Book Title: One Principal Agent of Change
Author: Jamie Pajoel
Publisher: Karios Communication
Year of Publication: 2013
Number of Pages: 56
Reviewer: Oladipo Kehinde


Every change in life requires an action and a conscious effort. A fish needs water to survive. We need faith and work to survive in life. Our thoughts are the vehicle for that change. The whole purpose of life is expression and expansion.


Time forces us to grow. But we are all afraid of change. Our inner world must be in harmony with our outer world. Our external world is a reflection of our inner world. Change start from within. All the good things of life are from within.


The principal agent of change is belief in one self. Nothing can change a man who does not believe in himself. The cover design of this book evokes thoughts of hope; a beautiful cloud that makes one’s day totally and heavenly. A golden fish has nowhere to hide. A bright star has nowhere to hide. This dream book has three chapters. The movements are: it’s all about you, it’s all about your belief and it’s all about your action.

The artistic whole makes 56 pages. Voluntary and involuntary thoughts affect our belief system. One should surround oneself with positive people who will influence one’s dreams. Our mind and other minds can influence our life positively or negatively.


This book is packed with a theory that no philosophy can change a person who does not believe in himself. What will make an elephant great is within. For one to be a great man of wealth, one must look within for the riches at one’s reach. There is a seed of greatness in us. If you belief you can see it and you will do it. Take a leap of faith like the fish of the book cover design. A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step.


For a man to be the master of his own earthly destiny he must possess an enquiring mind. The questioners are inventors. There is a giant within us sleeping. It will only yield to the call of the one who sincerely desire it help. Jamie writes “Everyone is unique but has equal opportunities to experience life to the fullest. Every individual has the ability to change virtually anything in their lives. The power remains    latent, waiting for us to activate them.”


page 11.


Life is not static. Change is the only constant thing in life. We either move forward or backward in life. One cannot seat on the fence. Nature only cares if we can prove we are willing to survive. Let belief be you creed and in not a distance future you will live in your dreams.


God has put you in care of you. Heaven helps those who first help themselves. You must make the    first move for a wind of change to come in. It is the mind that nourishes the body. It is all about you because the seed of greatness is in you. Why you are the master of your destiny or captain of your ship is because no one is responsible for your destiny. You are the principal agent to change your world.


Your mind uses your body as engine. Mind is the creator and thought is the energy. The mind speaks and a good body listens to the mind. Man and woman have dominion over everything on earth and God blessed them.


Why do we still use only 10 % of the dominion power? He states “There is not a single person in the world that is powerless! There are only people who are unable to unlock their wealth because they despise their potentials.”


page 14.


All what we need to survive are available in abundance like the air we breathe.


The knowledge of your potentials is real power. What is my purpose on earth? Why am I here? Who am I? Always bears in mind that the questioners are the inventors. This dream book makes us to understand that the ray is part of the sun. We are part of the mind that created the universe. We are the second creator.


The allegories in this book are sweet and refreshing. The Bible verses are glimmer of gold and diamond to the eyes. Nature is intelligence and we are in search of knowledge to master our environment.


The author articulates “The spider simply uses what it has inside-its web, release it from inside, it begins to network and finds its way into the king’s palace.”


page 17.


This brings inference to the little Ants and Turtle. The little ants hold one another during heavy down pour. They labour in summer and gather food for winter. A turtle tumbles on it shell and struggles to turn over but to no avail.


But after it has rested for a while, it exacted it energy on one side and turn over. Jamie opines “Identity is the key to transformation. Until you know who      you are, you won’t know the power at work in you.”


(page 18)


There is unending power of God inside of us. You can have anything you desire if you put your mind and your heart into it. No one can stop you except you. You are the only person that can help and limit yourself. The key to every close door is in your hands. The author writes “Within you is all you need for your miracle. In you is your true story untold. No one can tell who you are or what you can do except you. The solution you seek elsewhere is in you. You are not incomplete.”


page 21.


God created us for a purpose. He has put the tools in our hands that will help us fulfill our destiny. He has blessed our hands and prospers it. The author articulates “One of the greatest tragedies of our religion system is that almost everyone is brought up to think of himself as a consumer rather than a producer. This attitude that most people accept unquestioningly is the major cause of unhappiness and underachievement in life.”


page 22.


Many people are afraid to discover who they really are. They really doubt what they can easily do. It is only love that can overcome fear. God has deposited treasures in you.


The situational irony is that only few people from the trace of history tap from this indescribable power. How can one convince oneself that there are treasures in ones body? The author advices “You can use those amazing treasures in you to change your life for good.”


page 23.


It is one’s potential that will bring out ideas and wisdom not one’s credentials. We need talents and gifts. Jamie writes “Somehow, we have swallowed the idea that education is the key to success. Our society has reinforced this idea, but we will have to change our perspective if we are to be truly successful.”


page 25.


We need God’s blessing. If education is the key to success those with degrees should be financially secure. Those who don’t activate the power inside them will serve those who have. One needs to ask question and when one ask, one will receive the answer. We need an enquiring mind to tap from that store house. What will it cost a man to belief in himself?


We have everything to gain if we believe in ourselves. The difference between can and cannot is not. Belief you can and you will accomplish it. Belief is a natural law just like law of habit. The author depicts “The real life is in your mind, you can’t get an output different from the kind of input you have made. It will always reproduce what you put inside it. Every man is what he is because of the dominating belief which he permits to occupy his mind.”


page 36.


Greatness in life is in the quality of your spirit. The author put across to us that belief is not a thing but a feeling of certainty about something. He writes “Belief is the only agency through which you can acquire the desire you aspire.”


page 45. We have to stand on the shoulder of the past to gaze into the future. Our action will propel us to the change we desire. Changes respond to action. We should act now as old age makes action a burden. The author is a creator of possibility, an impactful incredible youth speaker, an instigator of joy and a catalyst for change. Change is what we need and this book will do just that for Nigerians.







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