Christians must let love guide their actions – Pastor Akinyemi

Christians have been charged to bring love into all situations they find themselves in life no matter the pains, brokenness and disappointments they may experience in their day-to-day dealings with men.

Giving the admonition on Sunday in a special Valentine’s message titled ‘Finding God in Your Weaknesses’, Pastor Tunde Akinyemi, Director of Operations for Africa, Kingsword Ministries International, also said the three-dimensional of love is God loving us, we loving him back and then on our part, demonstrating the love to others.

The cleric, who based his teachings on 1 Peter 4 verses 8-1, also gave the examples of Bible patriarchs such as Joseph and King David who showed love to others despite being betrayed.

“A lot of teachings in the Bible, apart from revealing God’s love to us by Christ dying for us, a lot of the teaching is you loving other people.  What the Bible is trying to show there is for you to express it, letting love flow in that direction by you loving other people.

“In the first service, somebody said her Valentine was boring. I am sure that person is speaking from the context of nobody gave me flowers or gifts.  That is not primarily what the Bible teaches when it talks about love. A lot of the teachings are not about people giving you flowers or gifts; it is about you loving other people.

“We must be grounded in the dimension of God loving us; we must also be grounded in the dimension of loving God back as well as the dimension of us loving other people. It is also important that we understand the context of ‘full spectrum love’.  In the English language, you just have one language for love. In Greek, there are five different words used to describe love and it is for a specific purpose because when we talk about love, we are not just talking about a context of a man loving a woman in a relationship. That is the broad spectrum but it is not all that is to it.

“There is the concept of unconditional love which is the one God shows to us (Agape). We need to learn to walk in that love. There is a love that is shared between a man and woman in a relationship (Eros).

“There is also love among siblings, parents, family members. The Greek word for this kind of love is Storge. There is also Phillia, which is love among friends who can be your colleagues at work or church members. These are people you relate with or share common interests with but you are not romantically involved or connected by blood.

“There is also a love for things and that is Mania which includes love for swimming, traveling and so on.  The reason why the Greeks assigned these meanings is because they understood that in expressing love, it must be contextual and you must know the kind of love you are walking in.

“As a Christian, it is very easy to say I love God but you are now fighting with your sibling. So, the Greek person will tell you ‘sir, you only have agape love; you need to work on your stodge love’.  Let love cover the pain. Let love deal with the pain and disappointments,” he said.

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