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Christmas Treat: Afang soup

Chef Maria Brendant of Soup and Sauce delights our weekend with her special pick for Christmas celebration, Afang soup, which is an Efik traditional delicacy. Afang soup is one of the top rated Nigerian soups; this delicious soup is a native to the Efiks whom are major occupant of Cross River and Akwa Ibom states. Efik is another popular ethnic group in Nigeria after Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.

Apart from Afang soup, they have other popular delicacies that are native to them, the list include: Edikang-Ikong, Atama, and Editan. It does not matter your language or ethnic background, you can go ahead and try this delicious Afang soup. Afang soup is made with Afang leaves also known as (Okazi) in Igbo language and water leaves combine seamlessly to make a delicious afang soup.

The Efik Afang soup should not be confused with the Okazi soup native to the people of Imo and Abia states of Nigeria. While Afang soup is prepared with basically vegetables, Okazi soup is simply the Nigerian Egusi soup cooked with thinly sliced Okazi leaves.

The Afang leaves are usually sliced and then grinded with mortar or a hand grinding machine, you can also use blender while the water leaves is sliced with a kitchen knife. This soup is made with vegetables and it is very nutritious and medicinal as it contains fibers that help the body cell to grow and function properly.

Afang leaves are rich in folic acid and vitamin A. it is, therefore, healthy and nutritious for men and women of all ages, including pregnant women and their unborn babies. Ingredients 400g of grinded fresh Afang/Okazi leaves; about four handfuls 250g sliced water leaves 20 to 25cl red palm oil (about one drink glass) 2kg assorted meat 2 tablespoons grinded crayfish 3 seasoning cubes 1 cup of periwinkles 1 stockfish head 2 medium dry of roasted fish Salt to taste 6 red pepper Preparation Grind the Afang/Okazi leaves.

It acts as the thickener for the soup. Season the meat with hail cup of onions, salt to taste, 2 seasoning cubes and other spices of choice. Slice the water leaves, rinse and set aside in a sieve so excess water can drain away. Wash the stockfish, dried fish and add them to the cooking meat. Let them cook till they are soft and the pot is almost dry. Add the palm oil, crayfish and stir all together. Add one seasoning cube, grinded pepper, periwinkle and salt to taste, allow cooking for about five minute. Add water leaves and allow all to simmer for four minute while you stir continuously. Add the grinded Afang leaves then stir all together. Cover the pot and allow another four minute, stir every two minute and you are done with a delicious Afang soup. Serve with garri (Eba), Cassava(Fufu), semolina or pounded yam and accompanied with chilled wine or fruit juice. * Contact:




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