Coronavirus: Young Nigerian volunteers in China

λAs Cameroon student survivor recounts experience




24-year-old Nigerian studying in China, Olatoye Babatunde, has volunteered to assist medical workers as they treat patients of Coronavirus.


According to, the official English-language website of China News Service, Babatunde was touched by the workers, who fight against Coronavirus at the frontline and decided to contribute his quota.

The Nigerian student takes the temperature of residents in the community where he lives in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu province.


He started the volunteer work on February 6 and helped to document travel information of residents of the community and take their temperatures.

The virus, named COVID-19, broke out in China and has spread to 28 other countries.

Meanwhile, a Cameroonian student has shared his experience of recovering from novel coronavirus in China.


As the first African to contract the novel coronavirus in China, Kem Senou Pavel Daryl, a 20-year-old Cameroonian student living in Jingzhou, central China’s Hubei Province, had an unforgettable experience after he was hospitalized on January 30. After 12 days of treatment in a local hospital, he recovered from the virus and was discharged on February 10.

“So long as we make joint efforts, the Chinese and foreigners, we can defeat any disease in the world,” he told People’s Daily.


Daryl speaks fluent Chinese and has a Chinese name, Dong Qichen. He is now a student in the College of Agriculture of Yangtze University in Jingzhou. He went to Wuhan with his friends in January and was infected with the novel coronavirus.


“I got a fever of about 38 degrees Celsius. My teacher was worried about me and phoned me every two hours to know about my condition. I was deeply moved,” he noted.


After he was confirmed to have been infected with the virus, Daryl actively cooperated with the medical workers during the treatment. “The treatment process was orderly and full of care. Doctors and nurses were professional and diligent. They disinfected the wards, took our temperatures and did medical checks on us regularly. We were offered three meals a day and could watch TV,” recalled Daryl.


“My doctor told me that I had a quick recovery. My teachers and classmates phoned me every day, asking about my progress. I could feel I was getting better day by day,” he said.


After he was tested negative on February 10, Daryl was discharged by the hospital. “Only when I stayed in the hospital did I realize how hard the doctors and nurses worked every day. They were working under great pressure. I know their friends and relatives are also worried about their safety, but they are brave, determined and strong. I must give them a thumbs up,” he said.

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