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COVID-19: How we can boost immune system of elderly people – Adetiloye

Philip Omoniyi Adetiloye is a Professor and scholar in Systems Design and Systems Agronomy at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. The Ise Ekiti born academician, in this interview with ADEWUMI ADEMIJU, explained how he researched into the discovery of a new technology called Bio-energy also known as cold plasmas



Adetiloye explained that he unraveled the Technology in 1979 during his PhD research at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. the research according to him was conducted with a Ford Foundation PhD Fellowship Award at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, Ibadan.


Professor Adetiloye disclosed his plan to collaborate on clinical trials for the use of his bioenergizer for treating chronic diseases such as sickle cell disorder, diabetes, cancer hepatitis, immune deficiency, tuberculosis, HIV, and healing of diabetics wounds, accidents wounds and surgery wounds.


He explained that cold plasma research and its applications which started in the last decade in Western Countries where the environment is conducive to research as well as incubation and development of research inventions is now ready for mass adoption.


Production of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas, (CAP) engendered the exponential rise of cold plasma applications in biomedicine and food technology. According to him, the successful application of cold plasma has made significant impact in plastic surgery, treatment of cancers and tumours, treatment of chronic wounds, skin diseases, sterilization of medical and laboratory equipment. He added that Researches are ongoing in advanced countries in various disciplines to expand the applications of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas.


The university don noted that before long, the developing countries would be spending billions of dollars on importation of the products of cold plasma technology because the universities, government, well-to-do individuals, philanthropists and corporate bodies refused to grant the necessary support on the Technology valuable to human health most especially at this pandemic.


He lamented that talented people like himself in Nigeria have remained in the backwaters because the necessary assistance expected from different quarters is not forthcoming.


What do you intend to achieve with the new technology product, bio-energizer?


Bio-energizer as the name suggests is the energy that is capable of energizing or invigorating living things or biological organisms.


This bio-energizer will invigorate human beings, enhance the immune system and help the body to fight many debilitating diseases.


The caveat is that the energy is strong enough to destroy all harmful microbes or pathogens because pathogens have simple molecular structures that are not stable to the bio-energizer energy regimes.


The energy is however adequate for enhancing the vigour of higher or multi-cellular organisms exposed to the bioenergizer.


The antibiotic effect on microbial pathogens and the immune boosting ability of bioenergizer give my bio-energizer a double advantage in promoting good health.


The bio-energizer is also effective in improving the productivity of livestock and increasing the physiological efficiency, growth and yield of crops by 40-50 percent.


Can you highlight some of the projects you intend to execute and the objective of each?


Specifically the project is ready to:


• Conduct formal clinical trials on the use of bio-energizer to eliminate debilitating diseases such as; sickle cell anemia, various types of cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, skin diseases, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, tuberculosis, healing of various types of wounds and immune deficiency related diseases.


The ability of my bio-energizers to boost the immune system in livestock and humans can be exploited to boost the immune level and resistance of elderly people to COVID-19 in a mariner comparable to the immune resistance of young people.


• Scale up the bio-energizer facility to meet the potential large demand for our bio-energizer for promoting human health and alleviating chronic diseases and enhancing the productivity of crops and livestock.


What are you doing on NAFDAC registration and patent for your product?


Patent yes, if there is enough fund to do that. In terms of NAFDAC registration, that may not be necessary because we are not getting involved in production of the energizing medium or media. All that is needed is to enter into agreement with NAFDAC registered bottling or sachet water company to supply us tons of packaged water regularly. The packages water can be stored in our bio-energizer for a period of time and label the water as energized. We do not open the packs before and after energizing. The device can be equated to your refrigerator. When you buy your bottled or sachet water and put it in your refrigerator to cool down the water, you do not need NAFDAC permission to sell cold bottled or sachet water. Do you? Scale up models of my device can be built as recovery chamber for people who have undergone surgery and as University Library to enhance memory of students.


How have you been funding the project?


That is the big question. I have been funding this project with my salaries for the past decades. And my family has been giving me a lot of pressure for spending my earnings on this project rather than moving out to a developed country to implement this project. And which I could have done easily.


But must we all migrate out because of the unfavourable research environment in which we find ourselves? Now that I can boast of a great technological invention with a wide range of technological applications, I decided to set up the Foundation For Advancement of Culture and Science to gather public support for this invention and several other inventions that I have made that can positively enhance long term future of humanity.


What makes your bio-energizer unique or different from cold plasmas?


The device I developed for generating my bio-energy is quite different from the device used in developed countries such as Germany and UK for generating cold plasmas.


They use electricity and some gasses injected into their devices to generate cold plasmas. I use sunlight and a different engineering architecture to generate my bio-energy.


You said bio-energy is the same as cold plasma. What is bio-energy; scientifically speaking?


My bio-energy is produced by ionization of atmospheric gases that get naturally sucked into my devices. Bio-energy is the fourth state of matter.


When you transform solids by heat you get liquid, add more heat, you get gas, add more heat you get bio-energy or cold plasma as the fourth state of matter.


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