COVID-19 ‘ll be severe from January to July –Prophet Bamise

General Overseer, Mine Shall Be Possible Evangelical Ministries, Bishop Festus Bamise, speaks on his ministry , 2021 prophetic insight and other issues, in this interview with Stanley Ihedigbo


What was your upbringing?


Before, I was born, there was a market close to one Apostolic Church and my mother always went there. One of the days, she was going to the market, God sent the pastor of the church to my mother, with a message concerning my birth. Because, my mother was carrying my pregnancy then. He told my mother that he was eating when God told not to wash his hands but go to my mother, to give her the message.


That particular day three women where coming towards the market and God told the pastor, to speak with one who was in the middle. She would gave birth to a Prophet. That was how the journey started and the message came to pass in my life. When the man of God delivered the message, my mother wanted to joke with it.


The Pastor told her, he is not joking with her and she can see his hand unwashed, as he was eating food. Growing up, all my efforts to become something else, didn’t work out. I put hands in different businesses and but none work well for me. Today, I thank God, He is proving His calling, in my life.


What has been your experience as minister?


When I was born, I was sick for more than three years. One day, I woke up from sleep and called my family members together in the house. I told them, to be saying Amen to my prayer. I prayed for myself and was healed from that illness of over three years. I am talking of sickness that hindered me from walking. I didn’t work for three years.

Even when I was sick, my parent invited a white garment church Prophetess, to pray for me. When she came, without seeing me or pray for my sickness. She told my parent, that there’s a powerful man of God in the house. She requested that the man should be brought out and my parent was confused.


My mother, went inside the house and brought me out. Immediately, the rophetess saw me, she hurriedly left our compound without praying for me again. She left her Bible, hand bag and candle, which is still in our compound till today. That incident means that “power pass power.”


What are some of the remarkable events, God has used you to do?

God has used me to do a lot of things to His Glory. The records are there, in videos, both in Nigeria and outside the country. There is this man who had been breathing with the help of a machine for seven years. Also, he couldn’t speak what people would understand. God used me to heal him miraculously.


There is a high level of poverty in Nigeria and how can it be redeemed?


Poverty can’t be eradicate until, there is understanding among the people. Our leaders have failed us and when they got there, they fight for themselves, their stomachs and interest. They go there to steal money and for their tribe interest.


No country, progress in such situation.


Should Christians partake in politics and what advise do you have for them?


Why not. If the Christians leave politics for ungodly people, they would keep making bad policy and all of us, would live by it. I call on all Christians , all over of the world, not to leave politics in the hand of the ungodly. So, that a fool wouldn’t make laws for the wise.


How do you assess the performance of present government in the country?


I am not satisfy with the situation in the country, because most our leaders are selfish. They are own interested in the things that favour them and their immediate families.


What is your advice to Nigeria leaders?


Something, would happen soon in Nigeria. We are under a slavery government. Our government derive enjoy in slaving the citizens. As a minister of God, the situation wouldn’t continue this way. My advise to our leaders is to have the love of the people in their hearts.


The way out is; Christians should come together and speak with one voice. Until, we have the love of God in our hearts. Are you aware, Christians in Nigeria are playing tribe . Even in Christendom, there is huge division. But I know, the Lord, I served would save us in this country.


What is your take on the security challenge in the country?
















It is as result of insincerity. If our leaders would be sincere with the people, things will change for good. Government should create jobs for Nigeria youths and provide necessary amenities to support lives.


What is your advice to Nigeria youths?


The youth should have change of mind, so that any position they occupy, they should be sincere.


What are the benefit of your end of the year church programme?


God told me that, I should always fast and pray at the last five days of the year. That is when he talk to me about the incoming year.


What message do God have they world in 2021 and the Covid-19 pandemic ?


The Lord said the virus will be very serious in the first three months of year 2


  1. The Lord said that there is going to be an international deserter, beyond the one that is happing now and, it will last up to June or July this year. Government of President Muhammadu Buhari will have problems in year 2021, the problem he will not be able to control. The Leader of Boko-Haram will be capture and killed.


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