‘Crypto Accessories’ – the top 7 things you can buy to help you with your dealings

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a bigger part of daily life. A recent Statista report claimed that there are now over 50 million users worldwide, and this number is likely to increase further as more currencies are introduced on a regular basis.


As crypto’s popularity grows, so does the need for accessories to make our dealings just that bit easier. Whether it be a place to store your passwords, or a hackproof wallet, there’s a whole host of things for you to buy to get you crypto-ready. And thanks to businesses trying to stay afloat in the current market situation, now may be the best time to buy them.


Tixie – the digital money clock


Timing is crucial in the crypto world. You need to know when to invest and when to move your investments around.

This is where Tixie steps in. A type of smart clock, it gives you real-time info about crypto values in your local currency, and you can even check your account balances on it. Perhaps most impressively, you can instantly switch money between accounts via the clock’s internal technology.

Of course, it comes with normal clock features, including the time and outside temperatures. Plus, its USB ports are a handy way to keep your devices juiced up.

A perfect device for those of us who are sticklers for time!


Phrasekeeper Crypto Passphrase Backup


One of the main attractions of the Phrasekeeper is its almost indestructible façade. It’s like an action-movie-style safe: being completely waterproof and having a melting point of over 1900 fahrenheit.

Depending on the edition you buy, the device can hold up to 24 words for an entry code, or 126 digits, but perhaps the best thing about it is just how old-fashioned it is. It’s a non-digital piece of hardware, containing a piece of copper which allows you to punch in your passcode. This makes it virtually unhackable, and you can store it safely out of harm’s way.

So, if you’re prone to losing vital passwords, the Phrasekeeper is one of the most secure ways of guarding your credentials.


Hoofoo Hackproof Bitcoin Wallet


We all know that cryptocurrencies are one of the safest ways to move money around online. Their encrypted nature makes them a great choice for sites such as crypto-friendly casinos, where users can transfer money without disclosing any of their financial information.

The Hoofoo wallet goes one step further, however with its ultra-secure Bluetooth 4.0 connection that helps to make the device pretty much hack-proof, hence the name. Compatible with both iOS and Android, it also serves as a backup solution that you can use with a range of cryptocurrencies.

While many wallets often complicate things, the Hoofoo benefits from a simple design and straightforward process. For crypto beginners, it’s a great place to start.


Trezor One Hardware Bitcoin Wallet


With wallets being so important to the crypto process, it’s worth mentioning another one, only this time targeted at the Bitcoin market. The Trezor One Hardware Bitcoin Wallet is great for beginners and experts alike, and it also allows them to support up to ten other types of coin, such as Litecoin and Ethereum. You can connect it to both your computer or smartphone with a micro USB, and it weighs just 12 grams, so you won’t even feel it as you carry it around.

Another key feature is its security. Trezor One is completely resistant to viruses and keyloggers, and it’s hackproof – you don’t need regular backups and you don’t need to store anything offline. All-in-all, it’s one of the best value-for-money wallet options around.


Shark Mini 4 GPU Mining Rig


The Shark Mini Rig is a fast, secure way to mine a variety of different coins. Available options include Ethereum and Zcash, as well as over 50 more mineable coins. It’s designed to save you time and money by allowing you to perform actions remotely, such as reboots and setting core clocks, while its range of coins gives you a great choice to pick and choose from.

It’s a significant departure from other mining rigs that have suffered from slowness and security issues in the past, and it has generated a lot of consumer trust since its release.


HODL Sweater


It doesn’t all have to be about serious gadgets, however. It could be that you just need something simple to demonstrate your love for crypto.

If you’re looking for this, then a great option is the HODL Sweater: Hold on for dear life has become a buzz phrase on the crypto scene and this garment lets you have the logo emblazoned on your latest chest.

With Christmas on the horizon, it makes the ideal gift for the crypto-obsessed friend or family member, even if it’s just to warn other people of their tendence to talk endlessly about Bitcoin!


Layer Trove Wearable Cryptocurrency Wallet


We’ve already mentioned hackproof and indestructible wallets, but how about 0ne you can wear?

The Layer Trove is one of the most stylish wallets around with its exclusive design by Ben Hubert. It includes a wearable option, a built-in app and a charger/stand hybrid. Its super-high accessibility means you can jump online and make a trade at a moment’s notice, and it also stores your crypto system offline, improving its security.

For the extra safety conscious among us, it also offers an ECG biometric verification signature – literally something that recognises your own heartbeat pattern.


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