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Dele Momodu: APC not an option for Nigerians in 2023

  • Dele Momodu: No billionaire has become Nigeria’s President


Aare Dele Momodu is a man who typifies the grassto- grace story. Born to an Edo man and Ife woman, not many Nigerians know that Bob Dee as he is known is from Edo State. He is more popular with his Ovation Magazine, which has taken him all round the world. Momodu is currently a presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He is set to slug it out with others in the May 28 event in Abuja. Momodu, in this interview with GEOFFREY EKENNA, WALE ALEGBEDE and ANAYO EZEUGWU, explains why he believes the South and the young can win the battle in 2023


Your party did what we have known that they want to do by throwing the ticket open to every part of the country. As an aspirant of the party from the South, how does that decision make you feel? Were you surprised by it?


I wasn’t surprised in any way because if you have followed my interviews, I have spoken boldly and openly about it.


From day one, I set out to be a Nigerian candidate and not a candidate of the north or south. In all honesty, I would have preferred it to be zoned to the South but I understand the thinking of many members of my party, the PDP.


The sentiments and their fears is that if you don’t throw it open, some powerful forces may disagree because they have lifelong ambitions to be president of Nigeria and I’m a very practical and bold politician because politics for me is a part-time vocation. It should not be a full-time vocation for anybody and that is why there is so much corruption in Nigeria.


People should be gainfully employed and then use their experience and their exposure to help the country and not to become parasites on the country. I knew PDP would find it difficult to uphold zoning as it exists in our constitution, more so, after selling forms to everybody.


So, how can you sell form to me and suddenly, you tell me that I’m no longer qualified to run? It is going to generate bad blood. That is what I think happened and I have seen it and I was the one who commented on it. As a democrat, I accept it. I would have wanted it to be in the South but if the South truly wants it, then let the South pick their best. I’m not one of those aspirants who would just say anybody should be president.


No! Show me your antecedents, show me what business you have ever managed in your life successfully; show me your cumulative experience in life and show me your global network because a Nigerian president cannot be  a local champion. Show me these things and that is why I’m in the race. If I didn’t feel that I have want it takes to be a president, why would I waste my time?


I know what I went through to be able to even buy the N40 million form. But we have to do it because, first, you must fulfil all righteousness and without it, you are automatically disqualified.


It is not convenient for people like us, who don’t have access to government resources to spend money the way people are spending money now. So, I wish my party the best of luck and I hope the best candidate would emerge.


Doesn’t that decision show that your party is working towards an already made answer….


It is not possible and that is why I keep saying that a lot of people don’t know politics. Politics and elections are two different things. Some people in PDP will tell you that without a northern candidate we cannot win, but it is a lie and a big fallacy.


I wrote a piece sometimes ago and you can Google, ‘Dele Momodu, in Search of a Mathematician.’ I was the first person to write that Buhari would win in 2015 election. You can go and read it. I think it was around September of 2014 and that was my first day of speaking to Hadi Sirika.


They called me and I was in Ghana that day when the article came out on the back page of ThisDay Newspaper. So, he and Hon. Faruk called me and said they were reading my column and they couldn’t believe that analysis, the mathematical analysis and I told them why Buhari would win.


Today, PDP does not have anybody half as popular as Buhari was. Buhari had fanatical supporters, yet on three occasions, he lost elections and on two out of the three occasions, he lost to Southerners. People don’t know what they are talking about.


Again, who are the people who control the delegates? Usually, they are the governors. PDP has 13 governors while APC has 23 governors and out of the 13 that we have, eight are from the South- Oyo, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa states. That is eight and they have five, which means it already weighs in favour of the South.


The other thing you have to consider in politics is the impact and the power of money. The richest states in Nigeria outside Lagos are all in the South-South.


Today, if we do elections and it would be determined by money, those who have the resources in PDP are mostly in the south and that is why you can hear so much noise about Governor Wike, about Governor Udom because they control humongous wealth and resources.


In the north, of course, who are the biggest names? Of course, it is usually the people who have had access to government resources. Atiku, Tambuwal, Bala Mohammed, Bukola Saraki.


But there is a new wind of change that Nigerians are trying to overlook or ignore. If all these people are as good as they claim to be, how come Nigeria is in a mess? So, the PDP having lost power in 2015 and now struggling to come back against a ruling political party like APC, would have to do something out of the box.


If they field or recycle an old politician, we are doomed. I’m not threatening but I’m talking about empirical facts. For PDP to beat APC, they would need  to convince Nigerians that, one, we have learnt from our past mistakes, and number two, we are ready to give Nigeria a fresh air. If they don’t bring that fresh candidate like Dele Momodu, for me to be specific, it is going to be difficult for them.


People are going to speak flawlessly but we need somebody who has managed business, who has managed people and resources and sustained it. You need someone who is going to come like an MKO Abiola, Donald Trump and Barrack Obama, who has not been tainted by power.


The longer you stay in power, the more tainted you are likely to become. If you go and check, many of them already in power have one corrupt case or the other but you can’t say that of Dele Momodu. If the security people investigate me, they would be very shocked that I hardly do anything with the government. Ovation is a public enterprise that I have sustained for 26 years from a take-off grant of £20,000.


We needed £150,000 but we managed to raise only £20,000 and today, we have turned it into a multi-million dollar empire operating in over 60 countries on five continents, in my private capacity, interacting with world leaders, presidents and everybody. All over Africa, you will see our imprint and footprint and that is what Nigerians need.


The Republicans would not have defeated Hillary Clinton if they didn’t bring a fresh person. In an election cycle, the voters always want something new. If we don’t offer them something new, they are going to turn against us and say, so this is the best you can offer; we might better remain with the devil we know. That  is what will happen.


Although you don’t want to mention names, it sounds as if, if PDP brings an Atiku for instance, they should just forget about the election?


I don’t have to disparage anyone because I have tremendous regard for all of them. I supported Atiku in 2019 and I wasn’t a member of PDP. Having given up on APC because the lesson I learned in 2011 was that for you to capture power at the national level, you must be in a national party and my party wasn’t national.


So, I didn’t have the structure to work with and the only alternative was to go to Atiku in 2019. And the only alternative now that I have given up on finally on APC is for me to be in PDP.

That is why I’m in PDP. After all the battle pre-2015 general elections and between 2015 and now you just turned your back on APC …?


I was never a member of APC.


But you supported Buhari. What changed?

I supported Buhari simply on principle. I’m going to give you my book, so that you will look at it.


When I supported Buhari, it was because PDP had become irredeemable and when I started noticing that Buhari was derailing, I didn’t just turn my back, I started writing letters and memos and there was one I called ‘Desperate Memo to President Buhari,’ and that touched him and he called me that he wanted to see me. I went there- only two of us-there was no Femi Adesina or Garba Shehu, just the President and I in the room.


And he asked me what the problem was and I told him frankly since I didn’t go there to beg him for an appointment or anything. I was able to speak to him. I have some most fantastic pictures of me and him and everywhere he saw me but I haven’t seen him for a couple of years now but we always bonded very well. He is a very likeable character when you meet him.


Very jovial but his performance, I don’t know if it was his ill-health or whatever, I won’t give excuses for him but the truth is that his government has failed spectacularly especially in the areas of insecurity and in the areas of fighting corruption because those were the two major reasons we supported him.


In the area of economy, we expected that Osinbajo would be in charge. I do not expect Buhari to know all that. What changed was that I realized that everything we were telling him he was not listening.


If you say the entire security architecture is controlled by the north, tomorrow, he has a chance to redress and address it, he won’t and he would put another one as if to provoke the country that there is nothing the people can do. So, I gave up and I publicly apologized to Nigerians.

When you sat with the President and told him your feelings, what was his response like?

You know the President is a very taciturn character and a man of few words and he hardly speaks. He just spoke like okay I heard you and we will look into it. Even if you speak to his ministers, they will tell you that you cannot engage him for five minutes. It is unfortunate but that is his nature.


He hardly talks to people. In fact, the few times he granted media    interview is when he is abroad or he is speaking to a foreign media organization. How many times has he called your organization to come and interview him?


So, you said you wanted to interview me and within a few hours, I approved it. So, that is the kind of leader we need. Look, I can’t be the president of Nigeria and I will be sitting in Aso Rock, receiving visitors. It is not possible. That is why we need someone younger, vibrant, more outgoing and more cosmopolitan. Not an emperor.


The people, who are supposed to be at the forefront today, are emperors and they can’t change. I don’t want to mention names. They are already living even in their private lives like emperors. Mention any governor you know today who is not already an emperor. Nigeria will work into that trap if we don’t think quickly and act decisively.


But some people said maybe President Buhari’s style of leadership and personality …?

I agree that it is his style but it didn’t work and it failed.


A Dele Momodu as president, what is the difference we are going to see? Specifically, what are you thinking of? Nigeria is massively disunited; the economy is in trouble, insecurity everywhere; we are massively into debt. How are you going to cope with those?


You see, a businessman, if his business is suffering, what a businessman does is to do an overhaul of the system. A Dele Momodu presidency would be business-like. You are going to have a man as I said who has operated globally and seen that people don’t have two heads. That is why I brought this book out. This is about the leader of Dubai and I was part of those who marketed Dubai 20 years ago.


Dubai was just a tiny little place 20 years ago. This book is like a Bible to me. The man dreams it and the man acts it. The first is the issue of disunity and it is one of the reasons I gave up on Buhari. I told you when you complain to Buhari, how come most of the positions are held only by a particular tribe, it doesn’t move him and he will act nonchalantly and even do worse most of the time. I will not be such a leader. I will be a leader that will be for every Nigerian.


A Ghanaian lady called Farida Bedwei, saw me on Twitter distributing N5,000 palliatives during COVID-19. So, she reached out to me and said don’t you think you are throwing money away? Let me help you design an App and with this App, you can capture every money you are spending. I did this to show that you can be a president before becoming a president. I have to persuade myself that it is doable.


This lady has never been to Nigeria and she was able to design the App. The world has changed but our leaders have refused to change with it. We have the details of everybody that apply on the App; we have their phone numbers, bank details and the reasons why they needed the money.


There is no governor in Nigeria who has this kind of App. Total applications on the App are 66,000 people and it means that I have the data of 66,000 people at every local governments in Nigeria.


Those are my foot soldiers. I have their phone numbers; I have their emails, and I have their  bank details. So, let’s even say I want to bribe them which I would never do.


People say delegates and that people are going to bribe delegates but I’m not going to give any delegate one kobo. You can quote me. If they want Nigeria to change, let them take money from those who stole their money and then come back to somebody who will rescue Nigeria. That is my mantra. I’m a practical politician. Some people definitely took the money and they know those who took their money and I’m not one of them. Let them go and collect it back from them and then vote for me.


That is what happened at my party in the last primaries. I gave each delegate two copies of Ovation and they were happy and they voted for me. How much they collected from others, I didn’t bother myself about that and that is still my principle today. I met Chief Olu Falae because I supported him in 1999.


I met him in Akure and he told me how much he was able to raise publicly for his election in 1999 and he never gave one kobo to any delegate or anybody. I’m not going to encourage corruption but I’m going to encourage people to collect their money back from those who took it from them.


How do you see the makeup of aspirants in your party when you look at the number from the north and the number from the south and the entrenched forces within the aspirants? There are people who are modern as you, the Peter Obis, moneybags like Wike and the rest of them. The party said it believes in consensus. Do you think that is achievable within PDP?


When they talk about consensus, I don’t know what they mean but I know that Wike has said that nobody can force him not to contest. I know Atiku said the same thing that they won’t step down for anybody.


And I’m saying the same thing that Dele Momodu is not ready to step down for anybody. I don’t start what I cannot finish. If I could finish in 2011 and I have gone back to prepare now for almost 12 years, it tells you that I’m very serious about what I’m doing and I’m not going to step down for anybody.


It is my right to contest. I was teasing Alhaji Hayatudeen and I said ‘Oga, what happened to consensus?’ How can you do consensus when people have all bought forms? Why didn’t you agree among yourselves and field only one candidate? Atiku would not agree, Saraki would not agree.


So, why are you doing consensus? It is even worse in the south. The southern leaders don’t even talk to one another. I’m the only one promoting everybody. If you come on my page on Instagram or Facebook, you will see me promoting them. I spent last weekend with Tambuwal in Sokoto. I write about Wike, I write about Pius Anyim; he has been my friend for over two decades. I write about Peter Obi. I love him and he lives five minutes away from me in Ikoyi and I respect him. He is a man of modesty and humility.


So, we share that in common. I featured Dr Ohuabunwa on my page. My politics is politics without bitterness. But the big people are going to cancel themselves out and I call it the elimination series. No billionaire has ever ruled Nigeria or governed Nigeria, none.


The nearest to it was Abiola and they didn’t let him. We    will see that an underdog will come from nowhere to win the election.


How do you feel confident that the PDP can beat APC in 2023?


I have just told you that if they field a fresh candidate with a global appeal. There is no family today that does not have people everywhere in the world.


In your family, don’t you have families or friends living abroad? So, we need that person that when you mention his name, they are not going to struggle to know who he is.


They are going to know about the business he does. They are going to know about his personal accomplishment and not how long he has spent in politics. That is the only hope PDP can bring to the table. You have mentioned some of the names and what people are going to say is, is that all you can give us? Look, the PDP must be ready to take that risk.


Everywhere in the world, how was the Republican Party able to beat Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family? Because they brought someone they did not understand. They brought a Donald Trump.


If you bring Dele Momodu today, immediately, the youths of Nigeria who would not bother to vote or who would not bother to register, will say so we will have a fresh person that we know.


In entertainment today, I have probably invested more than any soul in the last nearly three decades in those young people. There is none of them from Wizkid to Davido to Burna Boy from 1999 to date; we have spent millions of dollars promoting them.


There is none among the aspirants who can say he is closer to any of those youths whether in comedy, fashion industry, music or movies. As far back as 2004, Ovation spent $12,000 in Ghana to promote Genevieve Nnaji.


I have been interacting with our soldiers in difficult places in Liberia and Sierra Leone since 2000. I’m a global brand. Let’s forget all these ideas that you must have been a governor or senate president to qualify to be president. What did they do with it? I’m one of the people who promote the Igbo Nation more than even the Igbo leaders.


And that is why last year, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu publicly mentioned that Dele Momodu is the only one making sense to him in Nigeria. Today, I’m a child of diversity. My father is from Edo State. So, I’m from South- South. My mother is from Osun State, so I’m from the South-West. There is no other aspirant who can immediately give PDP two zones instantly and a third zone.


You know today that the followers of Nnamdi Kanu control a chunk of the voting population in the South-East. If they say there will be no election in the South-East, it will take a war for you to hold an election in the region.


In Anambra, I was one of those speaking to the people not to boycott the election because if you boycott, you are working for APC because they will bring out their guns to protect their own voters. What I’m trying to say is that already, you have a southerner, who has one leg everywhere.


So, I have the three legs in the south. And in the north, I have had endless relationships with most of them. I’m the only one who has gone out to see Sheik Gumi in Kaduna, so that we can find a solution in advance to the problems of insecurity. I have gone to see Sunday Igboho and I’m the only one who crossed the border to Cotonou to


go and see him. I’m talking to Gani Adams, the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland. I’m talking to people in different parts. There are people agitating for Yoruba Nation and Biafra Nation. If a leader is not equipped to reach out to all those people and bring them together under one umbrella, everything else you plan would evaporate.


Do you see Nigeria running into trouble if we don’t get it right in 2023 either from PDP or APC and again, is APC an option in 2023?


APC is not an option. APC must be punished. There are a few good people I can identify in APC but they failed with APC. If water is totally polluted, a fish cannot be good in such water.


That is my best analogy. When people tell me about Osinbajo and others; yes, they are brilliant and men of accomplishment but they remained in that place just because they want to protect their jobs. They got enmeshed in the failure. That is the problem I see in Nigeria.


Once you have leaders who are not ready to risk everything for their country, that is why I’m different. All these people are my friends but Nigeria is more important to me than friendship.


Ordinarily, I would not sit down and look at Osinbajo because he is my big brother but I hold it against him that when Buhari was failing, they did not do anything visible to arrest the drift. When they were killing their people in Yorubaland, they did nothing to arrest the situation.


Did you raise this issue when you recently visited Bola Tinubu?


I didn’t recently visit Asiwaju. The last time I visited was two years ago.


What about the pictures we saw recently?


It is my picture of two years ago with him. I visited him, I think around April of 2020.


Asiwaju is a billionaire. Asiwaju is a successful politician and he is in the presidential race and he is someone you have associated with for a very long time …?


I have associated with Orji Kalu even before I met Asiwaju and he is a billionaire. Though, he told me that he has pulled out of the presidential race but I was the first to write about Orji Kalu in 1996 in Ovation.


I used to call him ‘Aba trader eyes the government house’ and there was no day he would enter London and he would not call me. People call me Bob Dee but he is the only person who calls me Don Dee and we have been friends and I’m always in his house. When he was governor for eight years, I never went to Abia State.


You said no billionaire becomes Nigeria’s president?


But Asiwaju has he governed Nigeria as president?


No, he is aspiring to be …?


Has he made it? Are people he helped to power not going against him? Fortunately, I’m not in his party, so I would oppose him.


By extension what you mean is that he cannot be president?


I don’t think so. That is my opinion. If I thought he would be the one, then maybe, I wouldn’t go against him. Whether you are Asiwaju or otherwise, I’m telling you that this is not going to be determined by money.


I’m not going to say that you cannot use money to buy delegates, maybe they will win but they cannot use money to buy the whole of Nigeria. So, any party that sells to the highest bidder cannot guarantee that they can win the general elections. So, why are you wasting that opportunity?


There is a school of thought in the street that some of the Southern aspirants are actually eyeing the vice-presidential position more like than the presidency?


Those who are saying that are suffering from inferiority complex. With all due respect to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who is the most senior person in the race, he is in his 70s; so, I would always look at him as a father figure, who among the others can say he is better than brand Dele Momodu.


I’m not being immodest or being arrogant about it; spending donkey years in government does not make you a super brand. I attained a super brand internationally almost 15 years or so.


Akinwumi Adesina, who was rumoured as wanting to contest, has never been president of Nigeria but is he not controlling presidents of Africa? Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, one of my favourite aunties, I love her so much; has never been president; Oby Ezekwesili has never been president. She was vice president of Africa for the World Bank.


We need men and women of accomplishment not people who because they have access to government money, we worship. Bala Mohammed, because he has been minister, senator and governor, means that he is better than me? No! I disagree. When you go through my book, I’m not boosting, you would be finally convinced because sometimes, the closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to look down on him. It is called familiarity.


You are my colleagues, so you can’t see any big deal but trust me, if Dele Momodu cannot be president after all I have accomplished globally, then, there is no hope for any journalist in Nigeria of becoming anything. That is why my appeal to you and why I’m talking to journalists today is to begin to uplift yourselves. If I were a lawyer, I would have qualified to be a SAN more than 20 years ago.


But in Nigeria, we don’t have such convenience and that is one of the things journalists must begin to work for where you have a force. My presidency would encourage journalists to have force where we can have a Senior Journalist of Nigeria (SJN) and it would be a globally recognized title.


SJN, Senior Journalist of Nigeria or whatever name you would call it, because that is why people look down on us. The other day, I said something about Yahaya Bello and people were angry but the year Yahaya Bello was born was the year I entered for school certificate in 1975.


Some of his boys were abusing me but that it’s the fact. If you don’t respect me, I respect myself. If journalists don’t respect their own, so be it. In 1992 Nduka Obaigbena started Readers and Company- what became ThisDay Newspaper. The first two vehicles bought for that company, Nduka had one and I had one in 1992.


We disregard ourselves too much. I was with His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, throughout last weekend, not as a politician but he said Dele is here as my son. We were sitting on the floor, eating together every evening.

A governor would only go there and they will receive him because he is a governor but he would receive me as a son. He took me out for a function. When we got to the function and this is a function he said was so important to him, they gave him 10 minutes to speak. He stopped in the middle of his speech and said he would give Dele Momodu two minutes out of his own before he continues.


The Emir of Kano that is there now, I have known his family as far back as when I was 26 years old; when I was working for the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse II. I was 26. I knew his father Ado Bayero. I know him and his brother who is now the Emir of Bichi. I have known them since I was in my 20s. You think it is about politics?


When Chief Ojukwu got married to Lady Bianca, we had exclusive access to everything. I have had relation all over Nigeria. When I went to Maiduguri, Alhaji Kashim Ibrahim-Imam, I slept in his house. That is the chairman of TETFund. He is an APC man and one of the close friends of Tinubu. He left his bedroom for me to sleep on just three months ago in Maiduguri. I’m PDP and he is APC. That is what Chief Abiola did for SDP.


That is what I want to do for PDP. A man who cuts across ethnic, religious and political divides. It would be difficult to have anyone better than Dele Momodu. Forget when people say it is only Alhaji Atiku who can unite Nigeria. He can unite Nigeria but I can do it better with the younger people. I can do it better and with younger people.


You said much about how you believe in Igbo people, why are you not supporting Igbo presidency?


You heard me. I won’t support people blindly. The south must first of all work together. The moment you work individually, Igbo would not get it. And I just told you the arithmetic of winning election. You have in Dele Momodu someone who is from South- South and South-West.


Do you know why Buhari did not win election on the three occasions he lost elections? Because he couldn’t cross into the South-West and South-South? Until Tinubu, Amaechi and rest of them supported him. So, that is what happened. So, if the Igbo must get it, how many Igbo aspirants have supported one another to say let’s field only one candidate?

Will Pius Anyim pull out for Peter Obi? Will Peter Obi pull out for Ohuabunwa? Will Ohuabunwa pull out for Ogbonnaya Onu? You said you want power and you cannot even agree among yourselves, who you should field as a single candidate. Why is the north talking consensus?


Because they are hoping that they can have one of them and unite all their forces behind that person but nobody is agreeing to step down for the other? Saraki announced that he and Bala Mohammed have been picked as consensus. Tambuwal kicked and Atiku said he wasn’t going to be part of it.


So, ultimately, the south must look for somebody who can win the election for them. Who is he who can get first time voters to come out and galvanize the young ones, who can speak their language? If PDP relies only on their political members to vote, they cannot win.


The only way for us to win is to get first time voters, get the youths and get out the market women. In Dele Momodu, I have provided employment for more Nigerians than any of those people. Just look at the number of vendors who are making money and still making money from Ovation International alone. Those vendors, out of N2,000 we give them N1,000.

There is no business better than that. If you sell five copies of Ovation in a day, that is N5,000. What is the minimum wage in Nigeria and the government is struggling to pay it but we are already providing that to Nigerians nationwide.


The brand Dele Momodu is a grass to grace story. Let us into a bit of your life. We know you schooled in Ife …?

I did all my education in Ife. As I said earlier on, my father migrated from the old Mid-West to Ile-Ife like many fathers. Dele Giwa was born in Ile-Ife. We grew up in the same compound although we never met. My mother was a petty trader opposite the Palace.

We had Dele Adekiye, who used to be in Newswatch. Unfortunately, he has passed on and we were schoolmate at St John Grammar School Ile-Ife. In Modakeke nearby, we had Dele Olojode.


So, Ife has produced so many Deles, Dele Momodu, Dele Giwa, Dele Olojode and Dele Adekiye, four of us. I would say I lost my father when I was 14 years old and I was left with poor illiterate mother to look after me. I was a village boy, errand boy, village teacher and library attendant.


That was where my love for literature developed from. I met Wole Soyinka and all of them at the university level. So, I wanted to be a teacher and I love education and that is why education would be my priority after tackling the problem of insecurity because without education, no country can make it.


Until recently, I was a visiting scholar at Oxford University. That is another aspect of me that people don’t know. I still have my interest in educating myself and upgrading myself. A lot of politicians are not interested in that because they don’t have the time.

And then, I couldn’t get a teaching appointment because there was an embargo on appointments and promotions by the military regimes in those days. It was act of frustration that I started writing for the Guardian, taking N25 per article. I was writing for Sunday Tribune free of charge and that prepared me eventually.


I needed a job and came to Lagos. I tried the Guardian because that was my first love but couldn’t get a job.


Then, my late friend introduced me to Mr Louis Obi at the African Concord, who on the spot employed me. He said he has been reading me and loves my style. It was through Mr Louis Obi that I eventually got a job.

And then, because I was desperate not to go back to Ife, I was working so hard and then my MD noticed me and then my chairman also noticed me. That is how I got close to Chief Abiola and I became his adopted son.


So that is my story in a nutshell. God has been very kind to me and I always like to say it, fame and fortune came my way early in life and I have never been tempted to say I want political appointment.

I could have had one especially when we came back from exile. I was close to Tinubu in exile and I was virtually staying in his house. We did a lot of things together fighting for democracy in Nigeria but he was governor for eight years and I never asked for political appointment. I was close to Fashola for eight years.




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