Deregistration: Don’t waste time in court, COP3 advises deregistered parties

A group, which calls itself a Coalition of Progressive Political Parties (COP3), has advised the 74 deregistered political parties in the country not to challenge their deregistration in court as such could be “long, tortuous, expensive, uncertain and not necessarily worth the effort.”

The coalition, in a statement after its recent meeting, rather advised the former parties that want to embark on the struggle for a better Nigeria to come together to work out strategies so as to make a lasting impact in the nation’s electoral system.

A statement by its Chairman, Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim, the coalition, which is made up of 18 political parties, described the deregistration of the 74 political parties as “an opportunity to rethink our strategy and reposition our collective assets towards the search for a better Nigeria beyond the pursuit of public office and the current administration.”

It noted that politics is not just about power but about public service and empowering the people.

The COP3 further stated that it was thinking beyond the current dispensation but to dismantle the existing patronage system, which existed in the past, and replace it with merit-based system.

“As coalition, we see ourselves as multi-partisan. We take the opinion of each and every member of the coalition into consideration before arriving at a decision,” the group added.

It said its mission was to change the thinking of Nigerians from considering politics as a vehicle for self-fulfilment to one of collective fulfilment.

“No Nigerian should fulfil his or her aspirations at the expense of the aspirations of other Nigerians.

“It is this attitude of the self above the nation that has brought us to this state of helplessness.

“We cannot get out of it without changing our foundational ideas about politics and service,” the statement noted.

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