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Djinn’s Day Out 11

Ujay peeped through the window and saw no one. She went back to his waiting arms.


“I love you my baby. Nothing gonna change my love for you,” he whispered into her ears. Her body tingled all over. Valentine’s Day couldn’t be better than this. He promised her it would be a month-long celebration of love. He would have taken her for honeymoon.


He was still considering it. The postponed presidential and NASS elections affected his plan. “Let wait till after the elections. We’ll definitely go somewhere and rest for a few weeks,” he said.


She smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. He pulled her tightly to him and squeezed her butt. She melted in his arms and he lifted her off the ground. Another gentle tap on the window distracted him and he put her down gently near the bed. She glided to the window and looked out the second time.


There was no one there but she could feel a presence out there. She stretched her neck and looked as far as her eyes could go. Whoever was knocking had moved to the door. She swore under her breath. This distraction was certainly not welcomed at this time. “Baby let’s ignore whoever it is.


We don’t need a guest right now,” she said and turned. She froze for she was alone in the room. He was gone… vanished! She looked wildly around her, shouted his name and stopped dead in her track.


How did he get into her room? She couldn’t remember opening the door to let him in. He just appeared in her room and they got mushy. She shivered as fear gripped her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she looked wildly around the room.


Then, the knocks came again and she panicked and made for the door. Her legs got caught in the heap of clothes meant for the laundry man.


She kicked them out of her way and murmured, “Dave…Dave…” and sat up. She was in bed! So, it was all a dream? She placed her head back on the pillow.


She heaved a sigh of relief and took some deep breaths to steady her nerves. Someone was knocking softly on the door. Her eyes flew to the wall clock. It was past 6am.


“Come in,” she said softly, wondering what her sister wanted that early in the morning. The door opened slowly and in came a masculine figure. She batted her eyelids a number of times and sat up. He was still there staring at her. “What do you want?


Why are you here? Who let you in?” She stuttered. “I’m here to take my wife home,” Dave said, walking towards her and pulling her up and embraced her warmly. Ujay couldn’t believe what was happening. It was exactly what she dreamt about.


She lay supple in his arms, her heart going pitter patter. He ran his fingers all over her and hesitated when he got to her swollen tummy.


Confused, he pulled away from, looked at her tummy, tracing the outline and then looked deeply into her eyes. “You’re pregnant?”


He asked, as fear gripped him. His heart thumped loudly. She looked into his eyes and nodded. Could she have been seeing another man since she left his house?


Could she have gotten pregnant for another man? Could it be the reason why she didn’t want to see him? “For who? Why didn’t you tell me? Who is responsible for your pregnancy?”


He asked, barely audible. He was crying inside him. She took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t tell you so you don’t think I want to tie you down,” she said. “You haven’t answered my question. Who is responsible for your pregnancy?”


He asked again. “I didn’t know I was pregnant. It was when I fell ill and did a test that the doctor told me,” she said. “I asked who got you pregnant,” Dave said.


He was sure he wasn’t responsible. That would be the only reason she was hedging his questions. She sighed again, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “You’re responsible for my pregnancy.”


Dave stared at her as her response sank into his brain. “Oh my God! You mean I’m going to be a father?” He asked. She nodded and knelt down. “Why are you kneeling? How old is my baby in your womb?”


He asked, trying to pull her up. “Five months old,” said, adding, “My love, I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you. I’m really sorry.”


“No baby, it wasn’t entirely your fault. I have to bear the blame. I pushed you too far. I didn’t show you the love I have for you. I’m sorry,” he said, pulling her up into his arms. “Oh my Gawd!


I’m going to be a father…I’m going to be a father,” he said, kissing her all over. What a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. Happy Valentine’s Day my love,” he told her, kissing her all over. Ujay was surprised. She wasn’t aware that it was Valentine’s Day. Dave knelt down and kissed her swollen tummy. That very moment, the life growing in Ujay’s womb moved. She felt it.


Dave felt it too and knew instantly that his unborn baby was acknowledging him as his father…yes, him! Ujay would give him a son. He felt his son reaching out to him and his heart burst into a song.


He pulled her into his arms, kissed her all over and felt a kind of peace wash over him as she rested her head on his chest.


He smiled and his lips parted… he sang: “If I had to live my life without you near me The days would all be empty The nights would seem so long


With you I see forever oh so clearly I might have been in love before But it never felt this strong Our dreams are young and we both know

They’ll take us where we want to go Hold me now Touch me now I don’t want to live without you Nothing’s gonna change my love for you You ought to know by now how much I love you One thing you can be sure of I’ll never ask for more than your love Nothing’s gonna change my love for you You ought to know by now how much I love you…”


When she heard nothing after a while, Ujay’s sister tiptoed to the door. She heard the song before she saw them. She was pleasantly surprised.


Dave and Ujay were in a warm embrace. She pulled back immediately. She didn’t want to distract them. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tiptoed back to her living room…tears of joy!


One week later, all arrangements had been made for their traditional marriage. Ujay and Dave had their bags packed, ready to travel to Dubai for shopping. They would move on Tuesday.


Ujay was back in her matrimonial home. She felt like a queen. Dave made her feel so. “I love you dearly. I’ll always make you happy,” she whispered into his ear. “I love you more.


Nothing is gonna change my love for you,” he whispered back. They were seated on the ottoman in their living room, watching the television. The whole nation was on edge.


Everyone was waiting for the result of the presidential election held the previous day




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