Djinn’s Day Out 9



Phew! 2019 seemed to be in a hurry. It was just like yesterday that Ujay rushed into a church a few minutes before midnight to ensure she prayed herself into the new year. Now the new year had entered the second month!



Ujay was happy though. She had achieved something good so early in the year.



She had succeeded in reuniting Muyi and his wife. Each time she remembered the day she brought Muyi’s wife back to the house, her face would spread out in a broad smile. Her children were so happy to see their mother. They screamed and jumped on their mother with joy. Ujay was moved to tears. Muyi waited at the balcony, looking so sober and contrite. When his wife saw him, she hesitated and turned her face away from him. Muyi walked slowly towards them, his eyes pleading with Ujay to do something. Ujay took his wife’s right hand and placed it in her husband’s hand. Muyi grabbed her palm with both hands and drew her to his chest. As he wrapped his arms around her, their children looked at them, laughed and clapped. They were very happy.



“See daddy is holding mummy. See daddy holding mummy,” their little son screamed, laughing.



Ujay could feel the joy in the little boy’s voice. She was also happy. She knew everybody was happy, she felt it. She noticed the ambience of contentment in the children and smiled. No one would take the place of a mother in her children’s lives! There’s something about mothers! She smiled again, knowing that she was on her way to being a mother.



Muyi and wife were looking at her. She saw the gratitude in their eyes. She knew it wasn’t by her power she was able to reunite them. It was by God’s grace.



Muyi held on to his wife tightly. Gawd! He had missed her so much. He loved her so much! He wondered how he had been able to raise his hands to beat her. What if he had beaten her to death? What if he had disfigured her? He knew he had inflicted emotional injuries on her. He knew it would take a while for it to heal, but he would do everything to wipe away every ache in her heart.



“I love you, my wife. I’m sorry for everything that happened. I was frustrated. I was drunk also. I didn’t do it intentionally,” he whispered into her ears.


Ujay knew he was saying something to her but didn’t hear what it was. Muyi’s wife suddenly knelt down in front of her husband.



“I’m sorry my dear husband. I’m sorry to have caused you so much anger and frustration. I really love you and want you to be happy. It’s just that when there’s nothing in the house for our children and I to eat, I get frustrated. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll not nag you again. Forgive me my husband,” she told her husband.



Her little son ran to her and held her.



“Mummy stand up. Daddy won’t kill you again. Daddy will you kill mummy again?” The little boy asked his father who was looking so remorseful.

Muyi shook his head, crestfallen.


“You see, daddy will not kill you again. He said he would not kill you again,” the little boy said.



Muyi pulled his wife up and held her tightly to his chest.



“I love you my wife. I can never kill you. I’ll never raise my fingers against you again. Together, we’ll weather the storms of life,” Muyi told his wife.



“Mommy are you going back to your home,” Junior asked.


“My home? Which home? This is my home. I’m not going to any other place,” their mum said.



Now, one could see the genuine joy in Muyi, for he sqeezed his wife tightly and tried to kiss away her tears.




“See daddy is holding mummy again. Daddy will not kill mummy again,” their little son said.


Funny how little children could understand things like this. Of course, with the way the couple were behaving right now, one could wager that there wouldn’t be crisis between them anymore. Most strife in homes were caused by lack of communication.



Ujay’s mind was topsy-turvy. This should be her and her hubby. She should be making up with Dave!


Twice, Dave had called her to ask for a meeting. Twice, she had refused to see him. The shame of her misdemeanor was killing her.


Her roaming mind came back to the present. With the way Muyi and his wife were clinging on to each other, it was obvious they could do with time alone. She gave them a conspiratorial smile, called their children and told them to accompany her to her sister’s apartment. The children shrieked with joy…










Two days later, her sister who returned from her trip to the village about a month ago, called her for a ‘soul talk’.



“My dear sister, you have refused to tell anybody why you left your husband’s home. I’m not going to ask you again, since you chosed not to talk about it. My major concern is that you cannot run out of a man’s house with his unhorn child if there’s no threat to your life. I know that Dave couldn’t have threatened you. Go back to your husband’s house. The more you two are separated, the more chances of him hooking up with another woman. Go back to him and sort out whatever problem you people have to avoid the story that touches the heart,” she told Ujay.



Ujay assured her that she would ‘do’ something about it and stood up to leave for her room.



“Just before you go to bed, know that you ought to have registered for ante-natal. You have to do that immediately. I don’t know why you don’t want to let him know that you’re expecting his child. I’ll soon do that myself if you refuse to tell him. You can’t deny a man the joy of knowing that he has proven to be a man…unless he’s not the father of your baby, then you’ll have to tell the world that you’ve been unfaithful to your man. You took pride in reuniting a warring couple while your own love life is in shambles. Physician, heal yourself!” Her sister told her.

Ujay stared at her for a while and stormed out of the living room.



Later that night, in the visitor’s room where she had been putting up since she moved into her sister’s apartment, she cried and mulled over everything. She could not sleep that night. Her thoughts were with Dave, the father of her baby. It dawned on her that it wouldn’t be possible for her to hold on to this secret forever. She also wouldn’t live with her sister forever. She would have to move soon. Her pregnancy was going to be five months soon. She froze. Five months! She wasn’t even thinking about that. Now, she understood why her sister had been so worried and insistent of late.



Her phone rang and her eyes flew to the wall clock. Who could be calling at 2am? The phone was on the dressing table a few paces away. She allowed it to ring out. When it rang the second time, she knew it must be urgent. She walked towards the table…






Dave couldn’t sleep. The talk he had with his aunt left him disconcerted. Family members could be bad. The same aunt who brought Ujay to him and advised him to wait until she was pregnant before talking marriage with her had now turned around to taunt him, asking him how he expected a woman to live with him for years, faithfully, without a formal engagement.



“You think any right thinking woman will live with you like that forever? You’re lucky that she stayed this long with you. How many modern day girls will have that kind of patience with a man?” She had fired at him.



His aunt said so many things that made his tummy churn. Family members! They would egg you on and when they’d successfully pushed you to the brink, they’d leave you to decide whether to take the plunge or to retrace your steps.


He tossed and turned on his bed. He hadn’t been in church in months, but had attended service that morning. He needed the prayers. Four days to St. Valentine’s Day and the love of his life was no where near home! Yeah, Ujay was everything to him. He loved her and had only been masking his feelings because of his family members who regarded any show of affection as weakness. Time to take charge of his life. They could go for adoption if she couldn’t conceive. He blamed himself for turning back the day he went to look for Ujay in her sister’s house and saw a man hugging her in the compound. He had turned back and left without their seeing him. He knew he had seen the man before. It was after he had driven a distance that he recalled that man was Ujay’s sister’s neighbour. He didn’t turn back. Traffic was bad that day. He would begin to make amend. Good thing it was the season of love. He would reach out to his wife. He didn’t need anybody to help him. It was his problem, he created the crisis that led to this headache. He would sort it out himself. He said a short prayer and picked his phone and dialed her number. It was after it rang out the first time that he checked the time and realised it was 2am. Well, this was a matter of life and death. He dialled the number again and heaved a sigh of relief when she answered.



“My wife, I want you back in my life. Come back to your home. I need you. I’ve never stopped loving you,” he said.



There was no need to beat about the bush anymore. He had to express his feelings.


“Are you there? I want you back. Life has been lonely without you,” he said.



He heard her sigh and waited. He would not relent. Surely, Jove would smile on him because this was the season of love. He would give an arm to have her in his arms on Thursday, Valentine’s Day.



She sighed again…






Let’s continue this journey on Sunday!






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