Dreamy asymmetrical hemlines

Hemlines are always a way to make a statement although seldom used.


This however, doesn’t take away from beauty and dreamy quality that a hemline that is ‘flowy’ and sexy can give you. To achieve this look, you should endeavour to go for fabrics that are light and can give you that ethereal quality. You cannot go wrong in the sexy department with an asymmetrical number.


Remember that the asymmetrical lines are not limited to the dress or skirt hems, even your tops, cut out details, crop tops etc can be asymmetrical. Rock them and be fluid with your accessory choices.


There can hardly be any limit to your style choice as it gives you room to play with just about everything in your wardrobe.


However, choose wisely and consider if the fabric is patterned or not. This style can take you from runway to red carpet and street style, here and beyond.

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