ENOF hosts ‘Family Day’ concert to promote asthma awareness


amily Day In the Park” concert, organised by Elias Nelson Oyedokun Foundation (ENOF) in conjunction with the entertainment industry to create awareness is set to take place on Sunday 17th November, at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island.



Asthma is an ailment suffered by many. It is a chronic disease characterized by breathlessness and wheezing. Fortunately Asthma has a low fatality rate compared to other chronic diseases. However 300 million people are affected by Asthma globally and more than 1000 die per day.



World Asthma Day is an annual event held on the first Tuesday of May, organised by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve Asthma awareness and care around the world



According to the founder of ENOF, Mrs Lola Ilaka, Asthma is one of the health issues in Nigeria that needs to be managed. “There are a lot of triggers that cause an Asthma attack including pollution. It is vital to know the triggers. Mrs Ilaka lost her son to Asthma, hence her desire to ensure no other family has to endure what her family went through. “Award winning ENOF, works with medical experts to educate those with the ailment to manage and control their Asthma and how to spot the symptoms.  It also serves as a source of information.



It is with great pleasure to team up with the entertainment industry as they have not been spared the loss of their own through Asthma including the late Ogbonna Amadi and Tosyn Bucknor and others.  We would like to bring the discussion on Asthma to the forefront; it has no bias as to gender, class or tribe.  “Our long term plan is to set up an Asthma medical centre that would cater for patients,” says Mrs Ilaka.



“I thank the entertainment sector for their support, as well as the media for supporting our noble course. We also thank our sponsors who have been instrumental in making the event a reality.”



According to the project consultant, Mr. Michael Odiong, though a serious matter it is going to be a fun day. The event will feature games, competitions, food, drinks, music and stalls where families can do some early Christmas shopping and taste some of the delights available .  “It will be a family day where families can bond and artistes will entertain the crowd. There will be talks on Asthma prevention and management,” Odiong said.

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