Ensure your lifestyle is positive, cleric enjoins Christians

The husband of popular Evangelist and philantropist, Mother Eastha Ajayi, Rev Ademuyiwa Ajayi, has said that against all odds, Christian should always ensure that their life style reflect the glory of God. His counsel came at such a time that economic hardship,persecution against believers in Christ and nonchalance of those in authority have rendered many hopeless. Speakimg at the thankgiving of the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church Worldwide, Rev Ajayi advised all believers to be mindful to heed the advice pointing out that God had revealed the message to mehim. He said: “It is not by our might or by our power. But it is by the grace of God that He has decided to show his glory among us. “When I received this message, I knew that the it is from God Almighty.



“Now I thank God because he revealed thus message to me; and I want you all to pay attention carefully to this message even if it is for 39 minutes as the Lord leads us.


This message is very important. I pray that God will teach us to understand it properly. want you all to pay attention carefully to this message.” The cleric specifically enjoined all believers to Let people see the glory of God through theirr lives and always be a good sermon to people around. According to him, there are many people in the scriptures whose lives were shining example to other people and drew more souls to God. Rev Ajayi took his text from the book of Zakariah 8:23b; “We have heard that God is with you.”


He. said: “My assignment today is to make you to understand this very text and take this message home. Even if it is only one is two or threw sentences you will pick from me, it is very important for you to understand it.” Giving the background to the text, he explained that Zakaria was one of the minor prophets through whom God had sent many prophetic messages to the people of Israel. “The case we want to explain today is one of the messages though sent to people of Israel actually applies to people of nowaday.



“When the Israelites returned from their captivity from Babylon and returned home before Jesus Christ was born, God says ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the helm of his garment and say let us go with you because we have heard that the Lord is with you.” According to him, the message was talking about Jesus Christ and that people will follow him because was with him, even before he was born.


That is what Zakariah was saying to the children of Israel about what was going to happen when Jesus was not yet born. Rev Ajayi cited many scriptures to point out other people who drew souls to God throught their life styles. “In the Bible there some people that were pagans but because of certain people they decided to follow God. They decided to know God and they made people to follow God. “Let us refer to a story we are very familiar with. I want to use it to buttress my message.



In the book of Daniel 3:28, we all know about King Nebukadinezza. We all remember that he made a decree that people must bow down a golden image of King Nebukadinezza. “When the King made the decree, there were three Hebrew Boys. Shedrack, Meshak and Abednago, who did not deny their faith.


They decided that they would not bow down to the image and because if their decusio. they were cast into fire but God rescued them. “This is my message, when Nebuchadinezza saw what happened, that the God of the Hebrew boys came down to rescue them, the King made another decree. That decree is where I am going to,that through the three Hebrew boys many people decided to follow God including King Nebuchadunezza himself,” Rev Ajayi said.


He continued: “In the same book of Daniel 6, when Daniel himself was cast into Lion’s den under King Darius, God came to rescue Daniel. Similarly, through Daniel,s miraculous deliverance, many people mande a decision to follow God.”

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