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Due to the pandemic lockdown and limited outdoor activities, I’ve been interested in having indoor plants like never lately. As a wellbeing specialist, I know that plants are very essential to indoor living as they do not only beautify your space but purify the air too. Interestingly, there are certain indoor plants that naturally help you keep calm and aid good night sleep or catnap.

However, due to the regular hustling and bustling of daily activities before now, I only wished I had herbs potted on my kitchen table for easy access to fresh mints, thyme, basil and the likes even though I had a well – maintained lawns and hedgers outside the house.

Reason being that, you need to know the right plants to bring indoors. The purpose must also be well considered aside from aesthetics. For me, air purification is key, so is the toxicity level. Don’t let me go too deep into this today since the real topic of the day is Environmental Wellbeing.

So, how environmentally well are you? Your environmental wellbeing is indicated by your ability to live in harmony with the earth especially by taking necessary actions to protect it. This simply means, environmental wellness involves taking care of your environment (indoors and outdoors); enjoying your environment and protecting your environment.

Our environment influences our behaviour and motivation to act. It likewise affects our mood. Many research studies have also revealed that light depending on their brightness or dimness can affect your mood and as such can improve health outcomes such as depression and anxiety.

These among many others have shown to us how our environment can affect our health in so many ways. Let’s be a bit practical here in order to drive home the message. Simply assess your environmental wellbeing by just answering these few questions on a scale of 1-10. You may consider your life before the pandemic for the purpose of this exercise.

▪How often do you deliberately stay outdoors to enjoy fresh air or green space?

▪Do you take advantage of good weather and seasonal crops?

▪Do you care for the environment you live, work and play in or do you just hope others do it?

▪Are you always well prepared for seasonal changes?

A call to action

The road map to great environmental wellbeing is not cast in stone, however, one need to make a conscious effort to do right by nature and nature will surely reciprocate the kind gesture by giving its best to humans.

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