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Essential Makeup items for your bag

Most women have a problem with carrying their makeup kit at all times. And then, when impromptu night out or girls hang out pops up, they wish they had considered putting a few makeup items in their purse before leaving the house. Whether you have a big bag or just a normal sized purse, theer are essential makeup items you can drop in your bag, for quick touchups on rainy days.


In order not to carry the whole makeup kit around at all times. It is important to make a mental note of the makeup items that makes great changes to your looks. In this list, we have 8 essential items, but depending on yourc hoice, you can pick 5 that are most vital for your quick touchups.


8 Essential makeup items to consider


1) Mascara: Thick, long eyelashes are a beauty must-have. Some women wear fake eyelashes to achieve a sultry, dramatic look. Most women go with the lower maintenance approach, a layer of mascara. Mascara can lengthen, thicken and separate lashes, making your eyes pop. Mascara comes in handy for the quick touchups.


2) Lip stick/lip gloss: No matter your skin tone or style, chances that you wear something on your lips is usually high. Polished lipsc an complete an overall makeup look or stand on their own as attenitons grabbers.


3)Eyeliner:This defines and accentuates the shape of your eyes.I t can add a touch of glamour to an everyday makeup palette.


4)Mini eye shadow: Eye shadow comes in pencil, cream and powder forms, making it very versatile. There are many eye-shadow palettes with few colours that can fit in your purse.


5)Angle brush: Your face is the canvas, and makeup brushes are the tools you need to make it a masterpiece. The angle brush always comes in handy for the perfect eyebrows. Though you may not have the whole brushes for other parts of the face. A perfect eyebrow makes a great change to your look.


6) Eyebrow pencils: This helps to outline and draw your eyebrows. It is used to fill in and define the eyebrows. Before using the angle brush to apply concealer that will eliminate the flawed lines, eyebrow pencil has to draw the brows first. This is why, these two are like inseparable twins.


7) Moisturizers and lotions: These are designed to lock water inside your skin so it doesn’t dry out. Moisturizers is a keepe,r not just for the face but for hands and feet


8) Concealer: Unless you’re uniquely blessed by nature with a perfect spotless face, then you don’t need a concealer. If your face has blemishes and imperfections, like dark spots, scars or dark circles under your eyes, concealer can make those blemishes fade, if not disappear entirely. There are tiny concealers meant for smaller bags.


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