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Joyce Adenike Busari is  a London-educated aesthetician and holistic nutritionist. She runs an all-women spa, Biyou Spa in the Lagos capital and she is most passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves in their health, weight and wellness goals. Adenike Busari look many years younger than 30 and she has a 22 years old son. The credit to her youthful look is given to years of great nutrition and and lifestyle. In this interview with Ifeoma Ononye, the ever young health instructor speaks on why Nigerian women should embrace spa, why spa should not be seen as luxury, among other interesting issues.


Biyou spa is one of the very exclusive spas in Lagos, tell us what inspired you to establish it?



My passion to support women led to the establishment of the Spa. I wanted an environment where women can socialise , relax, network and just be themselves so I can have the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and experience in respect to healthy foods, nutrition, attractive-aging  and skin care with them. I believe when one teaches women you teach an entire nation.

Many Nigerians still see going to the spa as a luxury, is it really luxury and where are they missing it with this mindset?



Spa visits prolongs life since stress and food related diseases are leading cause of deaths amongst our people. Luxury is our hand bags and asoebi. Those won’t save lives, but a day in a very good spa can offer life saving teachings and treatments.



As a famous writer said “your body will be around longer than that expensive handbag,invest in yourself.

How often in a year should one visit a spa?


Life is full of ups and downs which raises our stress levels.


It is paramount to make regular visits to a HOLISTIC spa, not just any building claiming to be a one. But a spa that actually addresses the entire body, nutrition and lifestyle. In that case, 2 to 3 times a week should suffice.


Can you give us some of the advantages of visiting spa, body massage and rejuvenation?

There several advantages of going to the spa regularly


The very first and obvious reason is that it helps to destress, calm and relax you, making you more productive. The second is, it helps to relieve any aches and pains that maybe caused by our daily routine. Promotes restful sleep. Helps you socialise and network.


The last time the founder of Fabmum Nigeria on social media encouraged women to visit your spa for a great time out and relaxation, you said mothers should do this often,  many mothers are yet to embrace this, tell them why it is vital for their total well being?


My understanding is that mothers do wish to embrace this self care culture but often neglect themselves because they are busy looking after the family. But we have a lot of mothers that visits our spa daily for those not yet doing so, its important they realise how vital their role is in the household. For example, all knowledge in respect to nutrition and self care can be incorporated in the home by them when they take charge. This would translate into healthy family.


Healthy mother will have more energy to give her very best. She will not be a burden to anyone now or in the future.

Family will always appreciate a mother that looks and feels good in spite of all that she contends with especially hubby (smile).

Did you study the business of spa in school or did you stumble into it?



I grew up mainly in my mother’s  spa which specialise in traditional Japanese weight loss treatments.  I developed my passion for women and the profession while working with her.

Immediately after my first degree I then continued my education in the UK to expand my knowledge on everything spa.



This led me to Europe’s most prestigious Champneys college for my first accreditation in beauty and body aesthetic.

Its been courses after courses from then on to broaden my knowledge and develop the practice.



Earlier you said that you run a women-only spa, any reason for that?


When I was working in the UK, I never liked the idea of working on men, and coming home to Nigeria, for most of my friends, their husbands are very particular about where they go and so I just thought to myself, since this is what I am comfortable doing, I will just continue with it. Because every woman who comes in here is naked and free and that for me is the reason I am sticking to women. We have some Arab women that come here, too, and their husbands are very strict with where they go, sometimes, they call in to know if it is truly a female spa and so they are comfortable. I think all married men are comfortable having their wives here.



What are the advantages of running an all- women Spa? Do women network here? What calibre of women patronise your place?

As an exclusive Spa, our clientele are mostly high-end that love to network with other women. An all-women Spa provides the ideal space for workouts and treatments without the disturbance of being approached or ogled at by men. The Spa is to be treated as a place for doing result-oriented therapies, and not as a dating venue. Most women do not like to mix up the two activities. Husbands, too, are more comfortable and encourage their wives to visit the spa more.



Secondly, when you are not in shape, it is much more embarrassing to do treatments and workouts in the same building with partially naked men. With female-only patrons and therapists, you can do your treatments more comfortably without being self-conscious, and focus on results. Nigeria is an amazing mix of different cultures, and there are women coming from conservative backgrounds. Such women are not free and find it highly inappropriate to be partially naked with men present, and it clashes with their religious beliefs. All-female Spa are specially tailored for a woman’s physique and her specific needs. A woman’s body develops and works, in quite a different way than a male’s one. Only a woman can best understand the problems faced by another woman, whether it is physical or emotional. The women-only Spa provides the best support group you can imagine. You will already be struggling with being out of shape and overweight, and the right support can do wonders to your routines. You immediately start gaining confidence, and know that getting into shape is definitely within your reach. Other members of the Spa would have gone through the same struggles you are facing, and you can always turn to them to clear your doubts and fears.



You own organic body creams and body polish, how did you get into the business?

Having done this for many years, I realise very quickly that manufacturers often put unnecessary ingredients which sometimes can be quite harmful in our cosmetics, coupled with my knowledge of nutrition which tells me that our skin absorbs over 60% of what goes on it. I then decided to take a course in making my own cosmetics without all the nasty stuff.


You are also a fitness coach, how important is working out regularly to every human being?

I am actually a holistic nutritional coach not fitness.



But in respect to your question, we believe exercise is overated. You can not outrun a bad diet.



Nutrition is key. Being fit is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Most times people hurt themselves with regular exercise because they are either malnourished or over nourished.

I have customers with bad knees because their upper body weight is too heavy for the legs and nobody advised them against regular exercise in fact they were told to “jog” daily.




If you are not in the present career, which other business would you say is your second passion?

That is a tough one. Maybe I would be a psychotherapist, I am intrigued by the power of our mind.



Tell us about your growing up, did you grow up in a family that love living and eating healthy?

My upbringing actually formed my love for my profession. I grew in a home where exercise and  healthy eating was our way of life.

Tell us about yourself, name, state of origin…



My name is Joyce Adenike Busari, I am a London educated Aesthetician and Holistic Nutritionist. My father is Yoruba, from Ondo state  and my mother is a Japanese. I am a wife and mother to four beautiful children. My eldest child is 22 years old. I am the Managing Director, Head aesthetician, nutritional coach at Biyou spa (a female only spa in Lagos).


I am also the recipe creator at Health Bistro, a healthy restaurant serving Nigerian and continental foods the healthy way.



I am passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves in their health, weight and wellness goals. my area of expertise is lowering high sugar, cholesterol levels and helping to balance hormones using food, supplements and herbs to reverse these conditions.


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