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Families groan as Hunger, Insecurity and Covid-19 rage

This is not the best of times in Nigeria. Many families are in financial mess as the means to meeting the basic needs: feeding, rent, medicals and children’s school fees, are getting harder by the day. It is not funny at all. Families are caught in the webs of threatening hunger, worsening insecurity and ravaging health challenges as posed by COVID-19 and cholera. More than COVID-19, cholera has claimed far more lives in the last few months. A total of 816 deaths have been recorded in Nigeria due to cholera outbreak since the beginning of the year.

This is according to a statement released during the week by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Simmering COVID-19 third wave is claiming more lives on daily basis as sudden and shocking deaths in recent days were attributed to Covid-19 complications. It was shocking to read in the news that in Lagos alone, the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic has claimed an average of six lives daily in the last one week. Mr. Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has announced; thereby making a total of 42 casualties in Lagos State alone.

This is a grieving development in our public health management. While nobody has been reportedly died solely due to COVID-19 infection, virtually all the casualties were reported to have had underlying health issues. The implication is that families are mourning daily for losing their loved ones to cold hands of death. The trauma and fresh challenges posed by the death of family breadwinners have further plunged some struggling homes into deeper misery. Yet, our medical infrastructure is allowed to depreciate without receiving deserved attention even as more doctors and medical personnel are leaving the country in droves.

No thanks to poor working conditions, insensitive and nonchalant responses from the federal government to their situation and health sector at large. It is convenient for our political leaders and public office holders to junket around the globe patronizing the best medical facilities for their health. This is a luxury many of them could not afford on their own. Even General Muhammdu Buhari, who promised to fix the inadequate and fitful medical infrastructure if elected president in 2015 as a way of discouraging medical tourism abroad has become a regular medical tourist since he assumed office as president six years ago.

Several other privileged people also jet out of the country to get medicare for themselves and their families. As at today, poorly fed, jobless and vulnerable masses are at the mercy of God for their wellbeing as they can’t afford the cost of medical services for themselves and their families. The same thing goes for security.

innocent Nigerians have become endengered in the country. They prayerfully and consciously move around to avoid falling preys to ritualists in their communities, they nurse the fear of falling victims to armed robbers, kidnappers and murderous terrorists who masquerade as herdsmen and bandits on our highways.

Living in palpable fear has now defined the perception and consciousness of an average Nigerian. The effrontery of the daredevil gunmen is becoming more worrisome. Breaching the security structure of military formations as witnessed early this week at the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, Kaduna, further heightens the hopeless situation of security challenges. Even staying at home does not guarantee security as kidnappers have been going into houses and palaces to kidnap people for ransom in parts of the country. And in a situation whereby the family of the victim could not meet up with the kidnappers’ demand, the victim, in most cases, will be killed.

Another sad dimension is the mass abductions of school children and undergraduates in the northern part of the country. The ease of abductions further lend credence to the suspicion that the insecurity is largely an organised crime cum business sponsored by some powerful elements in the country.

Families have coughed out billions of naira as ransom for their loved ones apart from those who unfortunately died in the captivity of kidnappers. A report claimed that over N7 billion had been paid between 2011 and 2020. But in 2021 alone, close to that amount has been paid by pauperised families.

There’s no day in Nigeria since January 1, 2018 till date without a bloodshed. This is obviously a satanic operation going on in the most praying nation in the world. On daily basis, families keep losing their members to assailants needlessly. It is apparent that people’s security lies in the hands of their Creator and the little defence they could build around themselves in the face of compromised national security architecture. Hunger in the land is evident as many families couldn’t feed themselves sufficiently. The level of penury in the land has projected about 20 percent of Nigerians as feeding on less than one dollar per day for more than five years till date.

Gradually, famine is creeping in as the cost of food items is hitting the roofs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of famers across the regions of Nigeria could not work on their farmlands for fear of killer herdsmen, kidnappers and heartless bandits. Food shortage is imminent if the insecurity and threats to life keep scaring farmers away.

Many income earners can scarcely feed twice a day. What obtains in many homes is a situation where one square meal is eaten while light food like crunches, gari, biscuits, bread and refreshments are served pending the time for the main meal for the day. Life does not offer equal opportunities to everyone. Some are born more privileged than the others but good governance should offer the enablement for every citizen to explore their potential to the fullest. Criminality thrive when ill-gotten wealth is flaunted, particularly so when the commonwealth of the people are being siphoned by those elected to hold in trust and administer the resources to the chagrin of the populace.

The recent lavish wedding of the president’s son, Yusuf’, is a reflection of how insensitive and immodest some so-called ‘Puritans’ can be when tested with power and money. Time is running out and people are getting agitated, impatient, hungry and angrier by the day.

The good news that the Gross Domestic Product, GDP, has leaped from 0.51% in the first quarter to 5.01% in the second quarter should be consolidated and be made to reflect on the welfare and standard of living of the citizenry. Though governance is not an easy task but the will power to do the right thing without pandering to parochial sentiments, eschewing ethnic and religious biases or interests would have moved the nation forward than where it is. Muhammadu Buhari-led administration should be told in clear terms that all is not well with many families out there. The trio of insecurity, hunger and health challenges are squeezing the survival instincts out of many frustrated Nigerians. The leadership should please wake up, roll up its sleeves and do the needful.

Please keep hope alive, and do have a restful weekend ahead.

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