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From now on, I will wash only plates used by me – Frustrated lastborn

A Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as Mirabelle has shared the notice her youngest sister served the family, stating her new house duties. Emmanuella, the lastborn in the family, was reportedly frustrated over her daily house duties so she printed a list for the family, where she clearly stated the new roles she will play in the house, and the ones she has chosen to neglect. According to Emmanuella, being a lastborn is not a curse, so she should not be forced to do things for family members who can actually carry out the tasks themselves. “My chores in this house are becoming too much.

It is not a curse to be the last born. Simple task like plugging in torch you use everyday, you don’t do”, she wrote. Many twitter users have since shared their experiences growing up as the last child of the house while others commended the young girl for standing up for her rights.


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