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Fundamental study guides on spiritual, marital, academic success

Bishop Joseph Ayeni’s book titled “100 Spiritual Tablets”, is a very attractive potpourri of 100 Bible study series which he classifies as tablets. It is a guide for different churches and personal devotional study that proffers remedy to myriads of problems facing mankind.

The 211-page book is a bilingual scriptural literature written in Yoruba and English languages. It is targeted at both speakers and non-speakers of Yoruba. Hence, each theme which the author refers to as tablet is written in Yoruba and English languages.

This makes it possible for any person not literate in Yoruba to be able to read the English portions placed side by side with the Yoruba translation. At this junction, it is imperative to take a periscope of some of the thematic tablets in the book. It begins with sequentially arranged themes as follows: “Prayer, the royal telephone line”; “Quiet time”; “Spiritual Gifts”; “The Spirits of Error”; “The God of Success – Spiritual”; “The God of Success – Academics”; “The God of Success – Business”; “The God of Success – Marital”; “Biblical Fasting and Prayer”; “Witches, Wizards and Familiar Spirits”; “Evangelism”; “Anger – Reservoir of Sin”; “Temptation”; “Participation in Christ’s Sufferings”; “The Perishable Gods”; “Liars – Descendants of Satan”; “What God cannot do”; “Ministers in Training”; “Appointment into God’s Company”; and so on and so forth to the last one titled “The Enticement of Sinners” in the English language written contents.

Besides that, the 39 books that makes up the Old Testament with their full spellings and abbreviations are also chronologically arranged as a guide to the reader. In the same vein, 27 books of the New Testament are arranged with their full spellings and abbreviations. The first study guide titled “Prayer, the royal telephone line” talks about the way man speaks to God. Quoting various chapters and verses in the Bible which includes but not limited to the following: Psalm 136, 148, Exodus 15:1-21; Psalm 51 verses 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 17; Nehemiah 9:1-end, Philippians 4:6; I Samuel 1:10-13; I Chronicles 4:10; Luke 22:41-44; Exodus 32:30-33; Numbers 12:13; Genesis 18:16-30; Ezekiel 22:30; Psalm 106:23; I Kings 8:12-54 and Isaiah 6:6, the author, Joseph throws light on different types of prayers such as: Prayers of Thanksgiving; Prayer of Confession; Prayer of Petition or request; Prayer of Intercession; and Prayer of Dedication, etc. It should be noted that prayer is an esoteric dialogue or extramundane communication with God even though it is physically voiced out or inwardly communicated to God, whom nobody has ever seen face to face. It is with faith and physical composition of the mind that humans express their feelings to God.

Thoughts are abstract in nature, but are supernaturally visible to God just like the words we say, depending on our state of mind at any period or point in time. Therefore, depending on your state of mind, prayer can be offered in different modes; by kneeling, standing up, prostrating or sitting down. These postures of praying are confirmed by the author through the following chapters and verses: 1 Kings 18:42; Luke 22:41; Nehemiah 9:5; Mark 11:25; 2 Samuel 12:16 and Acts 2:14. While pointing out that prayer can be said anywhere at any time, the author stress the need to be a born-again Christian for one to be sure that his/her prayer can be answered coupled with the acceptance of Jesus as ones Lord and personal saviour.

This reminds the reader about a widely known song thus: “Prayer is the key / Prayer is the key / Prayer is the master key / Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer / Prayer is the master key”. Though the study guide encompasses all the spheres of life contained in the Holy Bible, there are four major areas that the majority of Christians and non- Christians commonly contend with in their life span such as their spiritual, academic, business and marital concerns. Every human with the right sense of reasoning always have the desire to achieve positive things in life. Since the spiritual sphere controls the physical aspect of life, it is imperative to be spiritually successful before physical expectations can manifest.

The ways to build ones’ self to become a successful spiritual soul in order to achieve physical results are the focus of “Study Five” where the author quotes the Bible thus: | “The Bible says “Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 2). The author lavishly quotes various chapters and verses as guides by which any willing person can attain higher spiritual level. Through higher spiritual attainment other concerns of human’s mundane desires such as academic, business and marital success can easily be achieved by the grace of God. The step-by-step approach through which a believer can succeed in line with some biblical verses are stated in “Study Six”; “Study Seven” and “Study Eight”. Nonetheless, it should be noted that nothing comes easily to a lot of people in life. Life is full of challenges, being a born-again Christians does not mean life will be “a bed of roses” for any person all the time.

Everyone has his / her own fair shares of life’s vicissitudes. Some of the challenges or misfortunes people encounter in life are caused by the either wrong choices they made or physical conspiracies by visible or invisible enemies such as witches, wizards and familiar spirits.

Therefore, “Study Ten” is a periscope of how witches, wizards and familiar spirits operate against the disciples or the believers of God. It talks about the operation of the forces of darkness, the greatest power and deliverance of the oppressed. Study Ten therefore, beams on Lucifer’s position and power before his fall and his activities to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). How witches, wizards and familiar spirits operate are also discussed. The saving-grace of God for born-again Christians through His indomitable power is also pin-pointed with reference to John 8:36. By and large, the book is a commendable encyclopedia of study guides that could help new believers / converts and born-again Christians to live a holy and successful life through faith in God and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their persistent Lord and Saviour. But the enticement of sinners which is the focus of “Study Hundred” wraps up the 100 tablets by emphasizing that “When sinners entice, they draw an individual into sin and cause him to do what will make him offend his God…”

The last study therefore encourages Christians to be obedient to God’s words. The overall beauty of the book lies in the ability of any church leaders and the congregation to have individual copies of the book, to be able to study it both collectively and individually to enjoy all the benefits therein. Moreover, the last study (Study Hundred) reminds the reader about some satanic manipulations by a socalled priest in a spiritual expose book titled “Journeyman Wizard (A Magical Mystery)” written by Mary Frances Zambreno, where the stylistics operation of a priest, witches and wizards against the true believers of God are discussed among other scripturally oriented books the reader have read.

This makes the reader and other deep thinking folks not to respect earthly titles but have great regards for those living positive exemplary life, devoid of Lucifer and his agents’ enticements. Joseph Ayeni was consecrated as a Bishop in Jerusalem Church of the Lord International (Ile-Iwe), Ekiti State, Nigeria in 2018. His other books are: “First Class Honours” and “The Perils of Adulterated Spiritual Messages”.


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