God will remove those behind Nigeria’s problem –Prophet Collins

The General Overseer of Olive Mountain of Praise and Prayer Ministriez, Prophet Collins Timothy speaks on what Nigerians should expect in 2021, among other issues in this interview with TAI ANYANWU


What is the theme of this year’s Thanksgiving and what God has done in your congregation in the outgoing year?


The theme of our Thanks giving is “Fruitfulness of God in man’s life. ” During the cause of COVID- 19 pandemic, many people cried because they had no money; many churches folded up after the lockdown .

However, God increased our members, God establishes them, we also dedicated some houses built by our members who people could not before, but were able to build during and after the pandemic era; and some of our members also dedicated cars, jeeps. It has been good with us.


My members and I always keep awake; we pray earnestly every night; and we told God that we will not put Him to shame. At the peak of the pandemic. We decided form house fellowships, visiting one fellowship center after another. Many people were recovering from infirmities; that is how God heal them, that is how God restore the church.


I see a lot of things God is doing here. How are you able to manage and preserve the souls those that are delivered and those that are not delivered?


If we want to talk about those that are delivered or count them, this auditorium cannot contain them. Some came from different states; some of them were carried into this place by their relations. And the first look, one would be tempted to say carry your load away because they are already at the point of death.


But when l handle the microphone, God will use me and arrest them. They bring all kinds of infirmities here; their leg will be bigger than electric poll, but with only a step, it will dry.


There are some that God will touch their heart they will remain. If we want to count how many God has healed, how many God has delivered, this street will not contain them. What you see is a tip of what God is doing


What must you thank God for this 2020?


We heard that some many lives were lost, even those close to you or far from you; but God was able to preserve our life this 2020. God preserves the lives of our members from A to Z.


How were you able to manage the church during this pandemic?


God arrives with solutions at a time God now said to us to set out revival centers, it became that every minute calls are coming saying this one is sick, there were so many attacks on so many Christians. We now set up a revival centre. People in Abaranje, Ikotun and Ijegun have to create a place; l will visit them.


People at Ijagemo road at times will carry people in wheel chairs, people with stroke and when l prayed, God will heal them. This is the way God helps us to manage the things. Our members are not affected .


We continue to meet them at their fellowship center. There are about five women of different cases doctor said that they are going to give birth through operations, but when God used me to handle their cases, all of them delivered without operations.


What is your prophetic outlook in 2021?


2021 is highly pregnant. It is highly loaded; there is going to be crisis. l remember August, September, and October l told them that in Nigeria, there is going to be crisis which may later end up in bloodshed which is the EndSARS protest.


l told my members if you have money in the bank buy food stuffs, it might make bank not to open , people started running up and down, no food but my members have stored their own food. God tells us what will happen before it happens here, but this 2021 prophecies, there are three prominent men in government who are going to die. Great men of God are going to drop dead.

l saw big crisis that is about leading to war between Niger Delta and the Northerners. There is going to be heavy crisis that will even lead to mini war. l saw blood like water, if it care is not taking between Niger Delta and Northern government over oil exploration in 2021.


There will be war in Edo State, there is going to be a very big crisis, militants from Edo State cultist battle, war upon war, they are fighting; l saw killings, l saw where they are looting even on the streets, on the road, killing people collecting their belongings and taking their body parts for ritual purposes.


I saw crisis between the Yoruba government, Oduduwa, l saw crisis with their leaders, l told them in 2019; suddenly they came out with Oduduwa flag to have a country of their own , what causes crisis is who is going to lead us, because there will be confusion in them; they will start fighting themselves instead of dragging and fighting for the nation; they will start fighting themselves.


There will be open doors in 2021 it will not be at the starting but will be at the middle.


At the starting, things will be so rough, but towards the middle, things will start getting easy. In 2021, l saw a very big crisis in the Northern area, l saw killings, l saw bloodshed, the Easterner should be very careful because l saw crisis between the northerners and the Easterners; so many blood will be shed.


Is there anything to be done to prevent it?


Prayers, the minister of God should come together; let them leave the issues of religion, denominations, churches to pray for this country so that God will remove those who are behind the problems we are passing through, otherwise, this country cannot be in peace. 2021 has a lot, even pregnancies will be aborted, what l see is that ritualistic will go after pregnant women, remove the babies from their stomach if we don’t pray fervently or pray very well.


The road will be very hot for people to go, Delta and Edo people should be very careful because of herdsmen, l see killings, a riot between Edo an Esan, l also saw it in Delta where the herdsmen are coming house to house to kidnap people for killing.


l saw the same thing arise in Imo State, l also saw battle in the Churches , religious crisis, l saw many Pastors who are yet to be exposed will be exposed. They are not of God. These are the things 2021 carries.


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