Greatness beckons Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Thompson A wise man once said that the greatest tragedy in life is not death but a purposeless and irrelevant life! Man is at his best when his potentials are deployed to find relevance in the community.


We, however, observe that highly developed and sophisticated nations are structured in such a way that its citizens find their place with ease while it is a struggle for good men to find relevance in primitive societies.


The fact is that good men who manage to find relevance in primitive and highly disorganized settings deserve gold medals. The political maestro of the Southwest and most prominent Jagaban in Nigeria is such a man. Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) deserves his gold medal and should not be denied the respect that belongs to winners who beat the odds in a land that swallows it best.


The worst of his critics are compelled to celebrate this modernday Robin Hood for the work he did in preserving the political vintage of the Southwest against formidable foes from without and within. Furthermore, his sins, if any, have been easy to forgive because of his uncanny ability to spot, encourage and promote competence in the field of governance. Never a man to rest on his oars, his stature soared skyward when he effectively transformed into a national kingmaker whose support tilted the scales in yet another presidential race.


Destiny has now opened the door for the Jagaban to carve his name in marble on the pages of Nigerian history, but there seems to be a twist in the story. We cannot tell whether it is inordinate ambition, insincere friends or the effect of African jazz but this famous statesman seems to have positioned himself to destroy the great legacy that was built over decades of hard work. It is difficult to accept that BAT’s gift and ability to read the pulse of the nation has deserted him in this crucial hour of national history but he seems to be strolling away from the open door of destiny towards the gates of political extinction.


BAT has what it takes to help Nigeria to the next level but his reported presidential ambitionis a poison pill we can’t understand. Why on earth would a man that has been positioned by God to supply the need that the full combination of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa could not fulfill, walk away from the call to greatness?


Could anyone in his right senses reject the call to become one of the founding fathers of a floundering nation to instead embrace a dubious presidency for an instable nation? Could it be possible that the Jagaban cannot hear the rumble of frustrated millions to foresee the death throes of this colonial contraption?


The day Bola Ahmed Tinubu comes into the public square to announce a presidential ambition will be one of the saddest days in the political history of Africa!


On that day, we would have lostone of the few flexible patriots with a proper democratic grounding whose courage and ability to build consensus could have supplied the national foundation that our liberating fathers could not construct. The destiny of millions of youths is at stake in this hour as the nation slides towards the day of destruction.


Let us admit the fact that Nigeria was designed to fail from the beginning. The regional fathersof old obtained our liberty but were prevented from laying a sure foundation by midwives who programmed centrifugal time bombs of division into us. By experience we have now seen that it is impossible to build a nation without a sure foundation.


How then can we rejoice to see a man who could easily have stayed true to his destiny stray away to answer a dubious call. The greatest friend of Nigeria would be the confidant that will explain to our dearly beloved BAT that all of us know that another presidential election on the present tracks will not save Nigeria.


We need men of courage and wisdom that will hit the reset button and put the right people into place for Nigeria to take its seat as the giant of Africa. We are all praying that the king maker will stay in his lane to promote the kings and nobles that can make the kingdom great.

Rev. Ladi Peter Thompson, consultant (Strategic Thought), writes in from Lagos


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