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Hair breakage: Things you may be doing wrongly

We are revisiting this hair breakage topic because, hair is very important to women. And there is a continuous search on how best to conquer hair breakage. Few years back, a lecture with a hair specialist, Daniel Komlan, were on reasons many end up with damaged hair even after conditioning and other treatments.


It was a fully packaged lecture about handling natural virgin hair and chemically processed hair. Most of the tips he pointed out were simple daily hair routines many are aware of but end up doing wrongly because of lack of information. Or most times, what your hair stylist forgot to do in a rush.


Tips to consider when washing the hair weekly


  1. First rule is that shampooing the hair does not necessarily translate that the hair was thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the hair properly, shampoo has to be applied and washed off at least three times, with a lot of water before all the residue is completely removed.


Applying shampoo has a professional step to it that helps shampoo get to every root of the hair.

  1. It is wrong to apply hair conditioner on a very wet hair. Here is where many hair saloon personnel get it wrong.


According to Komlan, the water in the hair dilutes the potency of the hair conditioner. You have to towel dry the hair properly before applying the conditioner.


  1. The tip of the hair is the oldest part of your hair and so needs more nourishment than the roots and mid-strands. The oldest because there was a time the tip was the root. So, the right procedure in applying your hair conditioner is from tips to the roots.


  1. The only time to avoid the tip of the hair is when applying relaxer. Applying relaxer to the tip of the hair will make it chemically over processed and breakage sets in.


  1. Many do not know how to comb their hair. Combing the hair from roots to tip causes hair breakage. Comb the tips to loosen the tangle before combing from the roots. This is the reason Komlan gave as to why he said that many do not know how to comb their hair.


  1. Protective hairstyle like wearing a weave, braids or wig help reduce combing but should not be worn more than three weeks.


  1. For people who like tinting their hair different colours, you may be shocked to know that it is one of the reasons your complain of hair breakage has not changed. Hair colour, especially on chemically treated hair makes it to be over processed and this is why breakage sets in.


  1. Just as you do not leave home without applying body lotion to moisturize your skin, do not leave home without moisturizing your natural hair.


  1. The truth about using raw Shea butter directly on hair is that it is too greasy. Shea butter should be one of the ingredients for hair.


Applying Shea butter before flat thonging is wrong. Hair specialists say this process is as good as frying the hair and therefore causing damage to it without knowing.




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