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Harrysong, coasting on a new vibe

After Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage name Harrysong, left Five Star music label in 2016 and started his own Alterplate, many believed it was a wrong move. Many of his fans believe he has either gone cold in his music career or lost his fire after leaving the label but that may be mere speculations. The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who has been in the lime light for many of hit songs is presently working hard for his third album unveil. He has spared no cost in making it a grand affair. Including organising giveaways on social media to prepare the ground for the album titled ‘Right About Now’. In a chat with Ifeoma Ononye, Harrysong speaks about lessons learned so far from his career, he also speaks about Ijaw tribe where he comes from and the kind of woman he is attracted to.



Your face and voice has been scarce in the music scene, tell us what has been happening to you?


I have been working on my E.P that will be dropping by next month. It is a project that is so dear to me and the Alterplate team as a whole.


Some of your fans believe that after you left Five Star music label, you have somehow gone cold in your music career, like you lost your fire, is this true? No definitely not.



What lessons did you learn from leaving the record label?


I learned that you can achieve everything you make up your mind to do. No dream is too big. The Alterplate story is an evidence.


Recently, popular female comedian, Real Warri Pikin posted on her social media handle that you are one of the role models in Ijaw tribe, that it is not only fishing your people are known for, tell us about your tribe, are there many music talents there like yourself that we don’t know yet?

Do they see you as a demi god when you travel home?


The ijaw tribe is a minority in the country and even though we contribute a lot to the country’s wealth, we still have a lot of our culture and intellectual wealth that isn’t been recognised because of our size.


But gradually people will get to know us. How soon are we expecting a single or an album from you? We just finished work on a new E.P titled ‘Right About Now’ which will be out next month, hopefully.


Tell us, what kind of woman are you attracted to, the flashy ones with lots of makeup, long nails and expensive wigs or the natural beauty type?


I am attracted to real women. The type with real expectations, hardworking and confident and above all not a feminist who pushes for unexpected agenda. That is not to say I don’t believe in equality.


I am a staunch advocate of that.


Growing up as a young man, did you ever see yourself becoming a musician?


That has been my dream from time and to be totally honest, I knew I was going to make something out of it, but not on this scale.


Sometimes the achievements have been overwhelming, all thanks to my grandma who was the first to believe and support me.


Aside music what other jobs would you have loved doing?


I love business and investment. I see an opportunity with financial prospects and I dive in.


Diversifying one’s income is always very important. It is a necessity.


COVID-19 is affecting every sector seriously, did you start any side business to help cushion the effect of ‘no shows and gigs?


Yes, this pandemic gave me time to broaden my horizon as a person. You know unlearn and re-learn.


That whole process gave me time to organise my businesses and we are launching a new venture soon, that will change the face e-commerce in Nigeria.


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