High cost of textbooks: Parents resort to ‘fairly used’ books

With parents and guardians still buying textbooks and other school materials for their children and wards as school just resumed for the new 2017/2018 school year, parents have lamented the high cost of textbooks and other essential school materials.

But some parents, who resorted to patronising “fairly used” or pirated textbooks because of the high cost of new textbooks, described fairly used textbooks as a blessing in disguise for many parents, who ordinarily could not afford new textbooks for their children and wards.

“The fairly used textbooks and the pirated copies were responsible in bringing down the prices of books in some instances” some parents who went to the popular “bend down shop” to get some textbooks for their children told New Telegraph.

According to a businessman, Mr. Femi Orobiyi, school fees in his child’s school remained the same from that of the previous session, but that the prices of textbooks had gone up astronomically.

“I heard that our country’s economy recession has come to end, but it is yet to reflect on the cost of living because things are still expensive. When I went to the market to buy textbooks for my three children, I realised that there is alternative where other parents were buying as well and I had to follow them and I was able to get some of the textbooks on the book list for this session at the bend book shops,” he said.

He added that the cost of the “pirated textbooks” is friendly and reasonable for a parent like me who has three kids in the school with the present economy situation of the country.

Also Mr. Bayo Abiodun, a company worker, said that the cost of textbooks and stationeries was quite high, adding that the bend down bookshop has provided the alternative for many parents to buy their children’s books.

However, bookshop owners, who also lamented the cost of books, ruled out any form of profiteering as being alleged by parents, saying the profit margin on books was quite minimal.

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