Hollandia Evaporated Milk reiterates its nutritional value to consumers


As consumers look for ways to navigate the health impact of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, Nigeria’s leading dairy brand, Hollandia Evaporated Milk is reiterating its nourishment value as a healthy breakfast companion to consumers.
Maintaining good health is top on the minds for many during this period.
One of the best defenses against the pandemic is to maintain a healthy immune system, and adopting a healthy eating pattern can play an important role in achieving this.
Starting the day on the right footing can help set the path toward a successful day. For many, that strong start begins with having breakfast.
Hollandia Evaporated Milk provides the right nutrients for a healthy breakfast which would boost your body’s metabolism and provide optimum energy for the day’s activities.
Hollandia Evaporated Milk is a creamy, tasty and nourishing evaporated milk which contains essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B2, B6, B12 & D and Calcium. Thus, Hollandia Evaporated Milk is a healthy addition to your preferred breakfast meals of cereals, chocolate drinks, coffee, tea, custard, pancakes, and smoothies.
Hollandia Evaporated Milk is a rich source of Calcium and Vitamin D which are needed to build and maintain strong bones, teeth and muscles in the human body.
Atinuke Jegede, a nurse and mother of three children, stated that when it comes to caring for her family’s nutritional needs, she ensures that they consume dairy brands that offer numerous nutritional benefits, to enable the proper long-term development of her kids.
“The need to maintain good health cannot be over-emphasized at this time. Milk is an important part of my family’s breakfast meals. Hollandia Evap Milk comes handy in preparing my family’s breakfast because of its delicious taste, convenience, nourishing value, and reliability. For me, I have found the perfect breakfast companion for my family,” she noted.
Brand Manager, Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi, stated that Hollandia Evaporated Milk will continue to provide the required nourishment that consumers need to stay healthy during this time and beyond.


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