Holy Ghost overshadows my dreams (1)


his morning, I’m sharing a very deep secret and you will do well to pay close attention.

In Genesis 37, that is where we will take our first scripture. This is secret that is seriously needed in this year 2020, a secret that will connect your life to divine acceleration, a secret that those who know it don’t really share it but it is a secret that will make you rewrite your family history.

Say this loud and clear: Holy Ghost, overshadow my dreams (3ce)!

Genesis 37:5, it was from this dream he (Joseph) had that he began to rewrite his family history and nobody in Israel rewrote the history that Joseph had. Everything started from what we in deliverance called ‘the Joseph dream’. Every man must have his or her own Joseph’s dream.

May you have your Joseph dream in the name of Jesus!

(From the scripture passage) I wished Joseph had kept quiet but he kept talking, (Genesis 37:9).

When we say ‘overshadow’, we are saying almost 14 things:

1. It means to crown

2. It means to dominate

3. To exclude

4. To outweigh a particular thing

5. To rule over completely

6. To govern

7. It means to envelope

8. To have the upper hand

9. To monopolize

10. To over rule

11. To prevail over

12. To sit on top of

13. Or you’re the one running the show.

One powerful prayer you’re going to need this year is this prayer I’ve just given to you and I’ll explain to you later why it is needed.

Every enemy of your Joseph’s dream shall be scattered in the name of Jesus!

When the Holy Ghost overshadows your life, that dream you have changes from those normal dreams people have. It is a great day to stop having dreams of being attacked but you’re the one attacking them and overpowering them and having dominion over them.

Daddy shares His real life experience and story with us:

Many years back, as a student in university of Lagos. We use to have a very difficult course. It’s called ‘organic chemistry’ those days. It’s so large and it is in three large note book; filled with this subject. It was a serious matter. It’s not like the system they have now. First semester, second semester, it was not there in our own days. In our days, we had what they called Almighty formular. When there is upcoming exams, all things are examined from the end. A few days to this exam, I had my lecture bag outside somewhere and by the time I came back, they have stolen two of those books, I felt very bad. From those days, I knew how to pray. I slept and I had a dream. In that dream, I had someone appeared to me in that dream, he hid the two books that had been stolen and he gave me that number three book. on the day of that exam, I took that number three and started concentrating on that one alone, what will happen will happen. When I got to the hall, I understood the dream clearly. There was no question set from book one or two, it was all set from book three. I began to feel sorry for the person who stole that book.

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